This podcast brings you in-depth Interviews with leaders and innovators in the tech world. Listen to the stories of entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs about their successes and challenges. We delve into what drives them to succeed, how they overcome failure, and most of all how they build a company from the ground up. This podcast gives you insights into what these entrepreneurs went through to succeed.
Avichay Nissenbaum- Entreprenuer to Leading VC
Avichay Nissenbaum discusses how he turned a career as an serial entrepreneur into a leading VC and paying it forward to other Israeli startups.
46 min
Iri Zohar- The Perennial Founder & CEO
Iri Zohar discusses his secret to success and what keeps him going to start and build amazing companies.
53 min
Eli Hoffman- High School Principal to CEO
Eli Hoffman takes on on his journey from his days in Toronto as a high school principal to moving his family in 2005 and transitioning his career into high tech and eventually becoming CEO of Seeking Alpha.
48 min
Dov Moran- The Grizzled Veteran
Dov Moran the mastermind behind mSystems and it's acquisition by Sandisk goes in depth from his early days in tech, his time at mSystems, and everything in between until today where he is leading Grove Ventures.
48 min
Ofer Fryman- The Egg Breaker
Ofer Fryman discusses his "Breaking Eggs" philosophy and the impact it continues to have on him.
45 min
Gil Dudkiewicz- The Perennial Entrepreneur
Gil Dudkiewicz discusses everything from first job to what he wanted to be at 15. I drill down with Gil to learn about what drives him, why company culture is so important and his management style.
38 min
Meir Morgenstern- How being Lean, Mean, & Focus...
Meir Morgenstern discusses how his focus on customers at CloudOn led to an acquisition by Dropbox
48 min
Gil Eyal- Parlaying a failure into a success
Gil Eyal takes us on his journey from his high flying days at Mobli and his first exposure to the influencer world and how he went on to build HYPR one of the first movers in the Influencer space and how they have adopted to the market over the years.
47 min
Eyal Gura- The Entrepreneur Who Couldn't Stop
Eyal Gura, CEO @ Zebra Medical discusses what drives him to keep on innovating and building companies as he is taking medical imaging and disrupting and revolutionizing the medical imaging space.
31 min
Mike Seiman- CEO @ Digital Remedy- Hustle, Loya...
Mike Seiman takes us on his journey from a college kid hustling to make a dollar into building a leading AdTech company
44 min
Jay Prasad @ VideoAmp- Making the most out of o...
Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy officer of VideoAmp discusses how his winding road of his career has led him to VideoAmp and how he has helped take them to to be one of the leaders in AdTech.
45 min
Eric Berry-CEO @ TripleLift
In episode #20 I sit with Eric Berry of TripleLift a leading native ad platform. We delve into all topics from his first job, getting into adtech, the founding of TripleLift, initial capital raise, management style, why he feels Slack is a net drain...
45 min
Omer Keilaf- From the sideline to the show, the...
In episode #19 I sit down with Omer Keilaf, CEO of Innoviz on of the hottest companies in the autonomous vehicle sector. Omer finally realized his dream of being a CEO after spending years helping 3 different startups succeed to the point where he...
45 min
Ziv Elul- The Ever Evolving CEO
In episode #18 I sit down with Ziv Elul, CEO of Fyber a leading mobile adtech company in Israel and beyond. Ziv's story is pretty amazing from a career in the IDF to an MBA at Hebrew U where he took a thesis project on In-Game Advertising and built it...
51 min
Sarah Hofstetter- Blazing Her Own Path to the T...
In episode 17, I sit with Sarah Hofstetter one of the more accomplished executives in the Digital Media Space. Sarah's story shows what hard work, creativity, perseverance, and good timing can lead to. Sarah is currently President of Comscore but her...
47 min
Dennis Crowley: The long road traveled, his jou...
In episode 16, I sat down with Dennis Crowley, co-founder, former CEO, & Executive chairman of Foursquare to talk about the beginnings of his career in tech and how he took his passion of bringing people together into Foursquare. However, before...
42 min
Avner Halperin-How he turned mining patient dat...
In episode #15 I sit with Avner Halperin, CEO of EarlySense a medtech company that is at the forefront of Digital health. EarlySense developed a software and sensor that remotely monitors patients’ sleep and movement when placed under a mattress....
44 min
Yosef (Gary) Levitt- The Unlikely Path to Succe...
In episode #14 I sit down with Yosef "Gary" Levitt, former CEO & Founder of MadMimi which was acquired by GoDaddy for $45M. The road to success was anything but easy as Yosef's journey started on a farm in South Africa to becoming a pro-skateboarder...
41 min
Yoni Assia- The Unicorn No One Saw Coming, How ...
In episode #13, I sit down with Yoni Assia, CEO & Founder of eToro, the worlds leading social trading platform. So how did Yoni take his passion for finance from his teenage years and build a company that in 2018 had 1 Trillion in trading and 1...
41 min
Yaron Samid- How Getting Fired from his first j...
In episode 12, I sit down with Yaron Samid, a serial entrepreneur who already built 2 successful startups on Pando & Desksite took an idea he had after finding a weird credit card charge which led him to create BillGuard a “collective brain” of credit...
49 min
Sagi Schliesser- How 13 yrs in B2B Led Sagi to ...
In episode 11, I sit down with Sagi Schliesser CEO & Co-founder of TabTale one of the largest mobile gaming companies in the world with over 2 Billion downloads. Years of experience from 8 years in the army, 10 years in B2B led Sagi to follow his...
45 min
Shaul Olmert-How A Journey From Within Has Led ...
In episode 10 I sit down with Shaul Olmert Co-founder & CEO of Playbuzz and learn how a deep introspective look at his career had him start Playbuzz. So how does a kid from Jerusalem who started out as a teacher end up creating and running one of...
45 min
Yali Saar-Talk About A Journey-Child Actor to F...
In episode 9, I sit down with Yali Saar former child actor and now CEO of one of the hottest creative companies around. His story is fascinating as there are many things that led up to him creating Tailor Brands with two of his best friends and how...
44 min
Ouriel Ohayon- From France to Israel, From Buil...
I had the privilege of sitting down with Ouriel Ohayon- entrepreneur, angel investor, VC, and founder who has accomplished all this in his 20 or so years in the space. We discussed a variety of topics spanning past, present, and future including his...
51 min
Dennis Mortensen- How hard work as a teenager a...
In episode 7, I interview Dennis Mortensen, CEO & Founder of X.AI and a serial entrepreneur who had 3 exits prior to X.AI. It’s hard to believe Dennis started in the fur trade back in Denmark building cages and saving his money to buy his first...
45 min
Eric Franchi- The journey from salesman to Co-f...
In episode 6 I sit down with Eric Franchi who co-founded Undertone which was acquired by Perion on how he started out in the Adtech industry and how he came to be an angel investor and partner in MathCapital an aggressive early-stage VC in the...
45 min
Hillel Fuld- the advisor every Israeli startup ...
In episode 5, we take a bit of a detour and instead of a founder, CEO, or angel investor I interview Hillel Fuld a premier influencer in tech and specifically the Israel startup ecosystem. From how he started blogging which lead to vlogging, his pay...
45 min
Chris Cunningham - Founder to Angel Investor
In this Pluggedin Podcast we go deep with Chris Cunningham the early adopter on FB advertising and how AppSavvy came to be. Chris takes us on his journey from being a founder and on top of the advertising world for a number of years to being forced to...
34 min
Rooly Eliezerov- Following Ones Passion to Success
Rooly was an architect by trade but soon realized that he really wanted to build products more than buildings. In this interview Rooly tells us how he met his co-founders at Gigya, how they worked so well together, how they built Gigya (which was sold...
32 min
Guy Gamzu - The Humble & Accessible Angel Investor
How exactly did Guy Gamzu become one of the more successful angel investors in Israel? Guy goes into detail from his first investment and why he wears the title of Angel Investor proudly. Learn from his successes and failures, what he does to overcome...
43 min
Steven Glanz- How a first time Founder & CEO so...
42 min