Coronavirus Crisis Update

Coronavirus Crisis Update is the podcast series of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center (GHPC) focused on the Covid-19 pandemic. In Coronavirus Crisis Update, J. Stephen Morrison, GHPC’s Director, and H. Andrew Schwartz, CSIS Chief Communications Officer, speak to those leading the global response and fighting the pandemic in the United States. These conversations dive deep into how the pandemic is impacting America across economics, national security, foreign policy, and health, and where we go from here.

Health & Fitness
Dr. Deborah Birx: “We Need to Be Testing Strate...
Dr. Birx joined us for an extended conversation on the accelerating changes surrounding us
35 min
Gary Edson: “Nothing of Significance Happens Wi...
Gary Edson, President and founder of The Covid Collaborative, joins us to explore why the international response to Covid-19 has been so radically different from the response two decades ago to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
46 min
Dr. Charity Dean Wrote “It Started” in December...
We’re blessed to sit down with Dr. Charity Dean.
32 min
Yasmeen Abutaleb & Damian Paletta: "Nightmare S...
Washington Post ace reporters Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta take us inside their newly released blockbuster
43 min
Three Angles on January 6
Three angles on what transpired on January 6: the most poignant, vivid, revealing moments, and how to digest the gravity and meaning of the siege and its aftermath.
45 min
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) -- Health Security in Amer...
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), the senior House appropriator and a respected national leader on health security at home and abroad, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation.
61 min
Krishna Udayakumar – Deep Inequities “Baked In...
Krishna Udayakumar explains how he systematically assembled data to make sense of the fast-moving global marketplace in vaccines.
46 min
Philip Zelikow: Why Do We Need a National Commi...
Philip Zelikow has launched an ambitious fast-moving planning effort to scope what a commission on the pandemic in America would look like.
44 min
The Next Phase of Covid-19
CSIS Schieffer Series hosted a high-energy exchange on “The Next Phase Of Covid-19.”
66 min
Dan Diamond “Heady Times”
Dan Diamond has covered health, politics, and the White House for the Washington Post since January 19.
36 min
Dr. Monica Gandhi: Success Comes From “Vaccines...
Dr. Monica Gandhi has thought deeply about the complex transition we have entered, with many vaccinated, and many not.
27 min
Dr. Brian Castrucci: “We Needed to Change the ...
Dr. Castrucci joined us to discuss his evolving collaborations with noted Republican pollster Frank Luntz.
28 min
Mollyann Brodie, KFF: “Accept People Where They...
We sat down this week with the acclaimed survey expert, Mollyann Brodie.
38 min
Dr. Deborah Birx: “Moms Out There, Call Your So...
Dr. Deborah Birx, former Trump White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator and renowned global HIV/AIDS leader, spoke to us about a rich assortment of issues.
48 min
Frances Stead Sellers: Vaccines “Are Not Bulle...
Journalist, writer, editor Frances Stead Sellers returned to share new insights.
30 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Jennifer Kates &...
Dr. Jennifer Kates and Josh Michaud, Kaiser Family Foundation, take us on a tour d’horizon.
45 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. LaQuandra Nesbit...
Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the Washington DC Department of Health, shares her insights into battling the pandemic.
43 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Helen Branswell “Are...
Helen returned to explore with us whether the joy, relief, and gratitude that millions are experiencing through Covid vaccines generate gains in other disease areas.
26 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Peter Hotez- The Une...
Peter Hotez joins us for a Texas-centered conversation.
41 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Ashish Jha “Equity i...
Ashish Jha, a determined optimist, gives the Biden administration an A- for its first six weeks.
47 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Sheryl Gay Stolberg ...
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, the NYT’s health policy correspondent, returned to our podcast to reflect on the first month of the Biden administration.
37 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Chris Murray, IHME “...
Chris Murray kindly returned to the podcast for another round.
30 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Bill Frist – “You Ar...
…if you are fed misinformation from the top of the US government.
46 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Scott Kirby, United ...
This week Steve and Andrew are joined by Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines.
30 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Alisha Kramer, t...
Dr. Alisha Kramer, a CSIS alum and young doctor, rejoins us for a second podcast.
27 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Céline Gounder “Fata...
Dr. Céline Gounder, a member of the Biden-Harris Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board, takes a look at where we are, less than one week after President Biden assumed power.
31 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Chef Jose Andres “Th...
Chef Jose Andres sat down with us to reflect on his life, the organizations he has founded, and his unique, powerful vision for using food to transform communities, battle inequities, advance unity and strengthen economies.
38 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Luciana Borio – “It’...
Dr. Luciana Borio, a member of President-elect Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Group and the transition team, scanned the horizon.
24 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Chris Murray, Americ...
Chris Murray, the renowned modeler, joined us to share his year-end reflections.
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Artist Suzanne First...
Steve and Andrew had the good fortune to catch Suzanne Firstenberg shortly after the recent conclusion of her stunning public art installation, ‘In America…. How could this happen?,’ a dramatic tribute to those lost to Covid-19.
26 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Carissa Etienne ...
Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), joined Steve Morrison and CSIS Senior Fellow Katherine Bliss for an extended conversation.
47 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Leana Wen – We a...
A renowned medical and public health voice of compassion, personal advice, pragmatism and vision, Dr. Leana Wen joined us for a tour d’horizon of the pandemic.
27 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Sir Andrew Witty- Th...
Steve and CSIS Senior Fellow Katherine Bliss enjoined Sir Andrew Witty to help us answer a few fundamental questions about the ACT Accelerator.
37 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Mike Osterholm – Ame...
We sat down with Mike Osterholm, a member of President-Elect Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Task Force.
31 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: US Ambassador to Leb...
In this episode, we are joined by Dorothy Shea, the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, along with Jon Alterman, SVP/Director of the CSIS Middle East Program.
27 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Jonathan (Jono) ...
In this episode, Jono Quick gives a sweeping overview of the history of faulty responses to pandemics and the Rockefeller Foundation's initiatives to press for a national approach on test and trace in the United States and to catalyze a more equitable green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.
39 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Helene Gayle – How t...
Helene Gayle sat down with us to reflect on the expert committee that she and Dr. Bill Foege led recently to map out – in record time – a framework and strategy for the phased introduction of a Covid-19 vaccine in America.
28 min
Delivering Vaccines to Americans: Cause for Alarm?
Jennifer Kates and Josh Michaud, Kaiser Family Foundation, joined us to discuss their new analysis, ‘Distributing a Covid-19 Vaccine Across the United States – A Look at Key Issues.’
42 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: America- Two Differe...
Mollyann Brodie, America’s premier health survey researcher, explores the widening bifurcation of America along partisan and ideological grounds.
40 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Tom Bollyky – The Ne...
Tom Bollyky of the Council on Foreign Relations talks with Steve and Andrew about the newly released bipartisan CFR Independent Task Force on pandemic preparedness and the response to Covid-19,
28 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: U Wis-Madison Chance...
As UW-Madison opened in early September, it faced a sudden explosion of Covid-19 cases. Hear from Chancellor Rebecca Blank why this happened, the steps taken to re-stabilize the university, amid multiple, deep political divisions across Wisconsin, a very public showdown between the university and county authorities, and a runaway Covid-19 outbreak in the state.
35 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK)...
Steve and Andrew crossed much sensitive and difficult ground in their extended conversation with Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK).
40 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: The Bumpy Ride of U....
Our longstanding friend and ally Judyth Twigg joins us to survey the rather bumpy ride that America’s colleges and universities are experiencing as they navigate the pandemic.
34 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: The U.S. “Heading in...
We sat with Chris Murray for an intense conversation on IHME’s recent, startling (and controversial) forecast that the United States would experience a dramatic surge in Covid-19 infections and deaths by year’s end that will exceed the peak moments of April.
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: CSIS’s Rick Rossow—I...
In this episode, we learn about the recent Covid-19 surge in India from Richard Rossow, CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies.
25 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Heidi Larson – Time ...
We gather to discuss with Dr. Heidi Larson about her new book, 'Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start – and Why they Don’t Go Away,' a wake-up call and appeal to re-think what drives popular distrust in science and rising levels of vaccine refusal and hesitancy.
40 min
The Pandemic Tale of Two Conventions
Both the Democratic and Republican Conventions had to give a central prominence to the pandemic, but chose radically different approaches, story lines, and messages. Listen as Steve and Andrew work through these divergences and what they presage as we head towards November 3.
23 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Can COVAX Change the...
In this episode, Steve is joined by Nikolaj Gilbert, President and CEO at PATH; Peggy Hamburg, former Commissioner of the FDA; Kendall Hoyt, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth University's Giesel School of Medicine; and Nicole Lurie, Strategic Advisor to the CEO at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) for a discussion about COVAX and its prospects for success.
46 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Putin’s Sputnik V Va...
Steve joined with CSIS Senior Vice President Heather Conley and Professor Judyth Twigg, Virginia Commonwealth University, to discuss Russia's announcement that it had registered the first Covid-19 vaccine.
27 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Is it Possible to Av...
Steve is joined by two members of the global health team to discuss their new commentary on the race for a Covid-19 vaccine: Katherine Bliss, GHPC Senior Fellow and Anna Carroll, GHPC Associate Fellow.
43 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Rep. Peter Welch on ...
Steve sat with Rep. Peter Welch to discuss how Vermont became such a dramatic outlier, in its quick and effective control of the coronavirus, and the actions taken to preserve those gains.
34 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Beth Cameron, “Nothi...
Dr. Beth Cameron, Vice President at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, talks through what the accelerating race for vaccines for Covid-19 means.
36 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Marc Daalder from Au...
Steve Morrison asks Marc Daalder: how and why did New Zealand succeed in locking down the country, winning public support, and eliminating the virus?
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Anthony Fauci on...
J. Stephen Morrison sits down with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss various issues that America is facing as its runaway crisis continues to unfold.
29 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: David Sanger, NYT, H...
Andrew and Steve gathered with David Sanger to discuss the NYT's recent investigative team’s efforts, which chronicled the momentous White House decisions taken in early April to step back and push lead responsibility on to the states.
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Peter Hotez on A...
How did Texas and many other wildfire states run so out of control? Dr. Peter Hotez joins us from Houston.
31 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-...
Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA), a renowned leader in Congress on racial justice and global health, discusses her proposed Commission on Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the awakening across America, this historic moment for elected Black women leaders, and this week’s virtual ‘AIDS 2020’ International AIDS Conference.
32 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Frances Stead Seller...
In this episode, Steve and Andrew invite Frances Stead Sellers (Washington Post) to discuss what makes America what it is, in these days of a pandemic, economic pain and racial injustice.
26 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Senator Patty Murray...
In this episode, Steve and Andrew speak with Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) on the most pressing health issues before America.
15 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Julie Gerberding on ...
In this episode, the hosts are joined by Julie Gerberding (Merck) to discuss her Senate hearing testimonies on the hard lessons of the past months of the coronavirus pandemic in America and what needs to happen right now.
29 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Sheryl Gay Stolberg ...
Sheryl Gay Stolberg discusses the controversy around hydroxychloroquine, a saga that starkly revealed the collision between science and politics in the midst of the pandemic.
24 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Renee DiResta on Pse...
Renee DiResta, a prominent expert who studies malign narratives across social networks, dives into some provocative questions on the different conspiracies surrounding Covid-19.
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Haiti's "Perfect Storm"
Steve speaks with Dr. Jean William Pape, a renowned public health professor and practitioner appointed in late April by Haitian President Moïse to co-chair the country’s Covid-19 response commission.
35 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: South Africa’s Diffi...
We speak with Professor Salim Abdool Karim (Slim), a preeminent HIV scientist based in Durban to discuss South Africa’s successes and achievements, the acute vulnerabilities of those living with HIV and TB, tough controversies, major constraints, and mistakes that required correction.
31 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: A Covid-19 Survivor’...
Eustace and Carol Theodore describe the uncertain, extended process in discovering Eustace had been infected with Covid-19, after vacationing in England in the first half of March.
26 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Advice for Us All Fr...
In this episode, we are joined by Julien, a wonderfully insightful 13-year-old from Berkeley, California, to talk about his experience of over two months of shelter-in-place.
16 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Sen. Chris Van Holle...
In this episode, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland joins us to talk about what Congress can do to respond to Covid-19 right now, including ensuring access and affordability for new treatments and a vaccine, and building stimulus packages for every level of government.
27 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: John Barry, Eminent ...
Tulane University professor and historian John Barry, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Great Influenza," discusses the lessons gleaned from the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that speak to today’s coronavirus pandemic sweeping America and the world.
28 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Can Africa CDC Stem ...
We are joined by Director of the Africa CDC Dr. John Nkengasong and U.S. Ambassador to the African Union Jessica Lapenn. Africa CDC is advancing a continental plan to address the dire, burgeoning threat Covid-19 poses to Africa.
41 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: CSIS Alum Alisha Kra...
In this episode, we bring in CSIS alum Alisha Kramer, who is now practicing obstetrics and gynecology in Atlanta hospitals, to discuss how she assists young pregnant women in navigating the new realities of Covid-19.
24 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Reviewing the World ...
​In this episode, the conversation takes off from a recent piece published by Steve and Anna Carroll, Global Health Policy Center’s Associate Fellow, that examines President Trump’s decision to suspend U.S. assistance to the World Health Organization.
22 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Scott Dowell of the ...
In this episode, the hosts are joined by Scott Dowell, coronavirus response leader at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to discuss how successful the global response has been in saving so many lives, as well as Dr. Dowell's thoughts on which response strategy is best.
23 min
Immunization and Universal Health Coverage: A L...
As this week marks World Immunization Week, Senior Fellow Katherine Bliss talks to two immunization experts, Angela Shen and Lora Shimp, about the difference between universal health care and coverage, and how including immunizations under a larger package of preventative services means more people benefit for a cheaper cost.
22 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Congressman Ami Bera...
In this episode, Steve and Andrew are joined by Congressman Ami Bera (D-CA07) to talk about his work on the CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security and his impressions of Covid-19, as both a doctor and an elected representative.
22 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Former Senator Kelly...
Former Senator Kelly Ayotte, co-chair of the CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security, joins Steve and Andrew in explaining how the Commission’s November 2019 core recommendations remain compelling and essential in the midst of the pandemic, if we are to, once and for all, break the cycle of crisis and complacency.
28 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Peter Sands, the Glo...
Peter Sands, executive director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, joins Steve and Andrew in exploring the chasm separating the world of finance and economists from that of public health, the extraordinary threats the pandemic poses to historical gains in development and global health, and the rapidly evolving role of the Global Fund in racing to support partner countries in their response to the coronavirus.
34 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Guidelines to Reopen...
In this episode, Andrew asks Steve to interpret the guidelines issued by President Trump yesterday in a three-phase process of reopening.
16 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Christopher Murr...
Dr. Christopher Murray joins Steve Morrison and Andrew Schwartz to discuss the “Murray Model,” what a rolling reopening of the economy would look like and what that would do to the Murray Model projections, which states may be ready to reopen, and what hotspots he’s worried about most.
26 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Susan Glasser, The N...
In this episode, Susan Glasser, staff writer at The New Yorker, joins Steve and Andrew to discuss the full range of rapidly evolving issues surrounding President Trump and the White House’s engagement with the coronavirus pandemic and the companion economic crisis.
32 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: "Hunker Down Hoosier...
Steve and Andrew are joined by Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN05) to talk about her work on the CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security and her experience working through Covid-19.
33 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Ron Klain - What Thi...
Ron Klain, former Ebola response coordinator in the Obama Administration, discusses the deep structural changes that are required post-pandemic for America to resume as a global leader, what future observers might conclude on how we reached this treacherous moment, and what gives Ron confidence and hope.
32 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Helen Branswell - "W...
Steve and Andrew speak with Helen Branswell, a premiere journalist and one of the world’s leading experts on dangerous infectious disease outbreaks, based for the past five years at STAT.
25 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Dr. Tom Frieden - "T...
Andrew and Steve talk to Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives and former CDC Director, about the infections and deaths in New York and the risk to healthcare workers, the need for clear federal guidance, and how we can organize to minimize the harm from this pandemic.
21 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Washington's Secreta...
Andrew and Steve talk to Secretary John Wiesman on the testing and hospital capacity in Washington state, the scramble for resources that states are finding themselves in and how Washington is working with the private sector to develop these products, and when social distancing might end.
17 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Live from Munich wit...
Steve speaks with Paul Stoffels, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer at Johnson & Johnson, about the unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the Chinese response, and the role J&J is playing in developing a vaccine.
17 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Live from Munich wit...
Steve speaks with Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, about his experience with SARS in Vietnam, the number of unknowns surrounding the coronavirus, China's unprecedented response and its impacts, and the role Wellcome is playing.
15 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: U.S.-China Dueling C...
Andrew and Steve are joined by Jude Blanchette to discuss how the U.S. and China are dealing with the pandemic in their own countries.
23 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Fmr. FDA Commissione...
Andrew and Steve talk to Fmr. FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret "Peggy" Hamburg about what’s happened with testing in the U.S., the ‘global arms race’ to develop a vaccine, and how the U.S. and the world can develop, produce, and distribute any potential vaccine in an equitable way.
32 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Military in the Mix
Steve and Andrew invite CSIS's Kathleen Hicks to discuss how the military can respond to COVID-19, and to what extent that can be done.
22 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: What's Next
Steve and Andrew discuss what’s happening with the U.S. response: the wholesale suspension of work and cultural events, the mixed messages coming from the Administration, and the unknown period we’re currently in as we wait for the worst part of the pandemic.
18 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Economic Troubles
Steve and Andrew invite Stephanie Segal to discuss the economic shocks COVID-19 is causing, the so-far inadequate policy response, and the possible prolonged economic crisis to come.
23 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: An Act of Desperation
Steve and Andrew speak with Heather Conley on the quarantine of 16 million people in northern Italy; how it came about, what it will mean for Italy’s economy and politics, and how Italy’s neighbors are responding.
18 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Julie Gerberding, Merck
Steve Morrison speaks with Dr. Julie Gerberding on the current mood in Congress, the transition in the United States from a phase of containment to one of managing the spread COVID-19, and her outstanding concerns and reasons for hope.
16 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Shared Threats
CSIS’s Steve Morrison and Andrew Schwartz discuss newly concentrated hotspots and the politicization of COVID-19, and how an adequate response to the outbreak requires more leadership, clarity and trust.
18 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Live from Munich wit...
Steve speaks with Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO's Health Emergencies Programme about what dynamics are driving this outbreak, why it should be seen as a security risk as well as a health risk, and what the WHO is doing.
34 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: Live from Munich wit...
Steve speaks with Orin Levine, director of Vaccine Delivery at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation about the investments the Foundation is making into the epidemic response, the urgent need for diagnostics and treatments, and how this infection might play out over the next year.
24 min
Coronavirus Crisis Update: More Than We Realized
As knowledge on COVID-19 evolves, Take as Directed will bring you the latest updates in this miniseries Coronavirus Crisis Update.
16 min
Health Security Miniseries: CDC Director Rebecc...
Rebecca Martin discusses the CDC’s work on training field disease detectives and laboratory workers worldwide, how the CDC works across the world to respond to outbreaks, and the Commission’s recommendation that the US re-invest in Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).
31 min
Health Security Miniseries: Ambassador Jimmy Ko...
Ambassador Jimmy Kolker and Carolyn Reynolds discuss trends in global investment in health security, and the Commission's recommendations to invest in pandemic preparedness measures.
27 min
Health Security Miniseries: CEPI CEO Richard Ha...
Dr. Richard Hatchett discusses CEPI's role in developing technologies to fight against high priority public health threats and emerging infectious diseases.
39 min