Coronavirus Crisis Update

A weekly discussion with those leading the Covid-19 global response and fighting the pandemic in the United States.

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Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg on Her Memorial to ...
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg created the largest participatory art installation on the Washington National Mall since the AIDS quilt of 1996, entitled ‘In America: Remember,’ composed of 700,000 white flags, in the shadow of the Washington Monument.
35 min
Dr. Richard Brennan, WHO Emergency Operations: ...
Dr. Richard Brennan, WHO Emergency Operations, sat down this week with Steve and Professor Leonard Rubenstein, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
45 min
Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo: An Inbox Full of Dangerous ...
Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo has emerged as a forceful expert voice making sense of the complex and times confusing, shifting shoals of the pandemic.
38 min
Prof. Larry Gostin: “It’s No Secret. America is...
On October 7, Andrew and Steve sat down with a close friend, Georgetown’s Prof. Larry Gostin, for a lively live-cast conversation about his new book.
55 min
Dr. Leana Wen: “The End of the Pandemic is in S...
Dr. Leana Wen joined us this week to explore her personal history and its revelations, laid out in remarkably candid detail in her newly released memoir.
26 min
Carmen Paun, Year One of POLITICO Global Pulse ...
Carmen Paun, a dynamic, fresh media voice on global health in Washington, shares her personal and career journey to launch POLITICO Global Pulse.
37 min
Susan Glasser, The New Yorker: “It’s Never Too ...
In a recent New Yorker ‘Letter from Biden’s Washington,’ Susan Glasser delivers a stark indictment: Trumpists and Republican leadership are consciously keeping enough people resisting the Biden administration’s efforts to control the virus “to keep the disease wreaking havoc.”
31 min
Dr. Monica Gandhi: Californians Cast a "Referen...
Dr. Monica Gandhi toured the landscape with us.
36 min
Dr. LaQuandra S. Nesbitt: “Vaccine Requirements...
Dr. LaQuandra S. Nesbitt, Director of the DC Department of Health, returned as our guest to share her reflections.
34 min
Tom Bollyky: “We Don’t Know How This Started”
Tom Bollyky joined us on the occasion of our 100th episode.
40 min
Larry Gostin – “Mandates May Be The Only Way Ou...
Professor Larry Gostin joined us for a spirited conversation of where America as a country stands today
38 min
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Tour d’Horizon Aug 3, 2021
In conversation with Steve Morrison on August 3, Dr. Fauci began by laying out the $3.2b Antiviral Program for Pandemics.
53 min
Chris Murray, IHME: “A Very Awkward Situation”
Chris Murray, director of IHME, joined our podcast once again, at this major moment of reset of expectations
30 min
Dr. Deborah Birx: “We Need to Be Testing Strate...
Dr. Birx joined us for an extended conversation on the accelerating changes surrounding us
35 min
Gary Edson: “Nothing of Significance Happens Wi...
Gary Edson, President and founder of The Covid Collaborative, joins us to explore why the international response to Covid-19 has been so radically different from the response two decades ago to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
46 min
Dr. Charity Dean Wrote “It Started” in December...
We’re blessed to sit down with Dr. Charity Dean.
32 min
Yasmeen Abutaleb & Damian Paletta: "Nightmare S...
Washington Post ace reporters Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta take us inside their newly released blockbuster
43 min
Three Angles on January 6
Three angles on what transpired on January 6: the most poignant, vivid, revealing moments, and how to digest the gravity and meaning of the siege and its aftermath.
45 min
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) -- Health Security in Amer...
Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), the senior House appropriator and a respected national leader on health security at home and abroad, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation.
61 min
Krishna Udayakumar – Deep Inequities “Baked In...
Krishna Udayakumar explains how he systematically assembled data to make sense of the fast-moving global marketplace in vaccines.
46 min
Philip Zelikow: Why Do We Need a National Commi...
Philip Zelikow has launched an ambitious fast-moving planning effort to scope what a commission on the pandemic in America would look like.
44 min
The Next Phase of Covid-19
CSIS Schieffer Series hosted a high-energy exchange on “The Next Phase Of Covid-19.”
66 min
Dan Diamond “Heady Times”
Dan Diamond has covered health, politics, and the White House for the Washington Post since January 19.
36 min
Dr. Monica Gandhi: Success Comes From “Vaccines...
Dr. Monica Gandhi has thought deeply about the complex transition we have entered, with many vaccinated, and many not.
27 min
Dr. Brian Castrucci: “We Needed to Change the ...
Dr. Castrucci joined us to discuss his evolving collaborations with noted Republican pollster Frank Luntz.
28 min