The CommonHealth

The CommonHealth is the podcast of the CSIS Bipartisan Alliance for Global Health Security. On The CommonHealth, hosts J. Stephen Morrison, Katherine Bliss, and Andrew Schwartz delve deeply into the puzzle that connects pandemic preparedness and response, HIV/AIDS, routine immunization, and primary care, areas of huge import to human and national security. The CommonHealth replaces under a single podcast the Coronavirus Crisis Update, Pandemic Planet and AIDS Existential Moment.

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Joe Grogan: “Worried about the war that we are ...
Joe Grogan shares his insights on several outstanding policy challenges.
38 min
Thomas Bollyky, CFR: The roots of the US Covid ...
Thomas Bollyky led an ambitious, nuanced effort to break down Covid outcomes across 50 states and Washington DC, published in the Lancet in April.
35 min
Professor Heidi Larson, co-founder of The Globa...
As World Immunization Week gets underway, Professor Heidi Larson discusses the importance of closing the gaps in routine immunization coverage that have widened during the Covid-19 pandemic.
24 min
Sachiko Imoto, SVP, Japan International Coopera...
In our conversation with Sachiko Imoto, she illuminates several key dimensions of Japan’s policy.
43 min
Minister Dan Jørgensen of Denmark: “Imagine a P...
Dan Jørgensen reflects on a busy week of spring meetings at the World Bank, the importance of considering gender equality in supporting climate adaptation programs, the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance in the context of climate change, and the role the private sector can play in helping to advance climate mitigation and adaptation projects.
31 min
Prof. Victor Cha: Unpacking North Korea’s isola...
We sit down again with Victor Cha for an update on what we know, suspect, and do not know about a North Korea still in extreme isolation from the rest of the world; the status of its Covid outbreak and response; the heightened risk of famine; and the burgeoning exchange of North Korean weapons and ammunition in return for Russian food and energy.
29 min
Professor Jennifer Nuzzo: “I am glad we are hav...
Professor Jennifer Nuzzo reflects on the recent March 28 hearing that the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic staged on school closures.
35 min
Admiral Raquel Bono (ret.): At the pandemic’s f...
Dr. Raquel Bono, a recently retired, highly accomplished 3-star Admiral as 2020 opened, unexpectedly found herself advising Washington State Governor Inslee at the very advent of the pandemic. What did she experience and learn over the next six and a half months?
43 min
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, NYT: “You cannot keep a r...
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, the iconic health policy/politics reporter at the New York Times, helps us inaugurate The CommonHealth podcast, companion to the newly launched CSIS Bipartisan Alliance for Global Health Security.
34 min
Goodbye, Coronavirus Crisis Update. Hello, The ...
Welcome to The CommonHealth, the podcast of the CSIS Bipartisan Alliance for Global Health Security.
0 min
Sam Radwan, Enhance International “Is this the...
Sam Radwan has worked on health developments inside China for two decades. He shares his insights and raises some difficult questions.
28 min
Dr. Michael Osterholm, CIDRAP, Univ. Minnesota:...
In this newest episode in our series on China, Mike Osterholm reflects.
31 min
Dr. Scott Rivkees, former Florida Secretary of ...
Dr. Scott Rivkees served under Governor DeSantis as Florida’s Surgeon General and Secretary of Health for 27 months during the pandemic, in what became a rocky political experience. Behind the scenes, what was he able to achieve, in serving Florida’s 67 counties, and in particular, in protecting seniors, managing schools, setting early vaccine priorities?
25 min
Dr. Chris Murray, IHME, "…we are in for a harde...
As part of our series on China post-COVID-19, Chris Murray reflects on where things stand, almost two months after President Xi threw off Zero-Covid controls.
22 min
Dr. Scott Kennedy, CSIS -- “Give us our lives b...
In our continued series on China post-Zero Covid, Dr. Scott Kennedy recounts the revelations from his six weeks in Beijing and Shanghai in late 2022, and reflects on what has transpired – societally, politically, medically -- since President Xi suddenly threw off the Zero-Covid controls in early December.
30 min
Dr. Yanzhong Huang: China’s calculations “puzzl...
As 2023 opens, Yanzhong Huang kicks off our new podcast series focused on China.
29 min
Dr. Kristina Box and Dr. Judy Monroe, the Gover...
In this 153rd episode, Doctors Kristina Box and Judy Monroe walk us through the recently concluded Indiana Governor’s Commission on Public Health.
34 min
Dr. Raj Panjabi, National Security Council, on ...
In this episode, listen to the audio of the one-hour conversation J. Stephen Morrison held at CSIS on October 19 with Dr. Raj Panjabi on the new U.S. National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan.
61 min
Dr. Ashish Jha, White House Covid Response Coor...
We bring you the audio of a conversation that J. Stephen Morrison held with Dr. Ashish Jha on September 27. How is the bivalent vaccine launch going? How does the White House navigate the wildly divergent realities of the pandemic?
31 min
Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, White House Deputy Coor...
Dr. Daskalakis, White House Deputy Coordinator of the monkey pox response, has been at his job for six weeks, attempting an urgent turnaround of a response that went very badly initially
27 min
Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Future Outlook for COVID-19
Dr. Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden and Director, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, addresses the challenges that confront us amid COVID-19, as well as historic achievements that give us hope.
17 min
Dr. Krishna Udayakumar: “The world has moved on.”
Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, founding director of the Duke Global Health Innovation Center, shares his trenchant insights into this confusing moment of transition in the global response to Covid-19.
30 min
Dr. Rochelle Walensky: A Fireside Chat, at CSIS
In this fireside chat, held on August 30 at CSIS, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky laid out her newly announced reform agenda.
51 min
Dr. Chris Murray, IHME on Moving Forward Amid U...
On this 146th episode, Dr. Chris Murray, IHME, delivers several sharp messages.
35 min
Dan Diamond, Washington Post, on Monkeypox: ”Th...
Dan Diamond, Washington Post, joins J. Stephen Morrison, CSIS, for a tour d’horizon of rapidly unfolding Monkeypox developments
36 min