Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

McMaster has found their new football coach
It's a familiar name to fans of the Marauders. Greg Knox, the defensive coordinator for all three of Mac's trips to the Vanier Cup will be back as the head coach. Guest - Greg Knox scottradleyshow
12 min
The CHCH building is up for sale
The expected price tag for the building is quite high. Guest - Scott Urqhart scottradleyshow
13 min
Hamilton has a fun gift for entertainment acts ...
A glass hammer has many big acts buzzing about the city. Guest - Scott Warren scottradleyshow
16 min
40 years ago tonight the Hamilton Fincups won t...
Joe Contini still holds a record for most goals in a game from the Mem Cup triumph. Guest - Joe Contini scottradleyshow
14 min
Surprise, surprise city council is still divide...
A vote was recently held on LRT and the the split was almost entirely on the boundary between the old and new city. Guest - Bill Kelly scottradleyshow
18 min
Mark Smich took the stand today at the Tim Bosm...
The co-accused gave a graphic and detailed account of what happened the night Bosma disappeared. Guest - Alex Pierson scottradleyshow
16 min
The Arizona Coyotes have a new, local, GM
John Chaykra grew up in the area and at the young age of 26 has ascended to the role of GM with the Arizona Coyotes. Guest - John Chaykra scottradleyshow
16 min
What is eSports?
It is a fast rising industry and recently a bar dedicated to fans of eSports opened up in Toronto. Guest - Pavel Kabargine scottradleyshow
13 min
A Hamilton football legend will finally have so...
Russ Jackson was voted the best Canadian CFL player ever back in 2006 and he was born and raised right here in Hamilton. Guest - Russ Jackson scottradleyshow
14 min
The newest Hamilton Tiger-Cat has many local ties
Mercer Timmis played for the Calgary Dinos but was born in Burlington and has famous Hamilton football lineage. Guest - Mercer Timmis scottradleyshow
5 min
The CFL Draft is tonight
What did the Ticats do? More importantly, how can the league make the event more interesting for the viewer. Guest - Rick Zamperin scottradleyshow
11 min
Media were taken on a tour of Fort McMurray today
What did they see while they were there. How complete is the devastation? Guest - Brad Wisker scottradleyshow
9 min
With the crown resting it's case here's a refre...
With the crown now done what's in store for the defense? Guest - Molly Hayes scottradleyshow
15 min
Are You Looking For A New Sport To Play?
Scott discusses the world of professional Disc Golf, with Hamilton's Chris Ozolins, and finds out how the sport evolved over the years of its existence. Guest - Chris Ozolins, professional Disc Golf player scottradleyshow
11 min
Did You Know That Today Is International Cartoo...
What is it like to be a cartoonist in Canada, these days? What does a cartoonist look for in a world leader? How do you celebrate International Cartoonists Day? Scott talks with Graeme MacKay, to find out the answers to these questions and more. Guest – Graeme MacKay, political cartoonist for the Hamilton Spectator scottradlleyshow
15 min
What Is It Like For Mothers In Developing Nations?
Scott talks with Dr. Jean Chamberlain about Women’s Health in developing nations, how people can bring about change in a society, and the upcoming Mother’s Day charity walks for Save the Mothers. Guest – Dr. Jean Chamberlain, author of The Game Changers scottradleyshow
16 min
A local mink farm is the latest target of activ...
A hole was cut into the fence and around 500 of the animals were able to escape. Guest - Gary Hazlewood scottradleyshow
10 min
The Tiger-Cats will reportadley hire McMaster c...
What does this hire mean for the Cats, and what does it mean for the Marauders? Guest - Mike Morreale scottradleyshow
14 min
Is university the right path for every student?
In today's society there is a lot of pressure on kids to go to university, but should every kid take that path? Guest - Dr. Anton Allahar scottradleyshow
14 min
What words make you cringe?
Word aversion is actually a thing, you may even know someone who has it. Guest - Dr. Paul Thibodeau scottradleyshow
15 min
The most magical story in the history of sports...
Leicester City has won the English Premier League, after being 5000-1 underdogs at the start of the season. There truly is no comparable in the world of sports, find out why? Guest - John McGrane scottradleyshow
14 min
Lots of goings on in the world of the Ticats
Eric Norwood has been released and Kent Austin ended up in the hospital, all a week before the CFL draft. Guest - Rick Zamperin scottradleyshow
14 min
The Hamilton Bulldogs search for a new coach co...
Apparently the team has already received upwards of 50 resumes. Guest - Steve Staios scottradleyshow
17 min
The CFL will have a new concussion protocol thi...
The protocol mirrors similar ones in the NFL and NHL. Guest - Dr. David Robinson scottradleyshow
14 min
Are high school kids prepared for university?
A new study says they are not. Guest - Dr. Anton Allahar scottradleyshow
14 min