Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

There could be some local content in the MLB draft
Austin Shields is ranked #177 by Baseball America. Guest - Austin Shields scottradleyshow
12 min
Why does it seem like Hamilton City Council is ...
No matter the issue it sometimes feels like the city council can't get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. Guest - Jason Farr scottradleyshow
11 min
More troubles from Tim Horton's Field
A 200 pound speaker fell into the stands today causing concerns about how safe the stadium is. Guest - Lloyd Ferguson scottradleyshow
6 min
A new report has bad news for Hamilton's cancer...
Apparently Hamilton has longer than normal wait times for cancer patients. Guest - Joanna Friketich scottradleyshow
11 min
The Hamilton Bulldogs have a new coach
John Gruden comes over from the Flint Firebirds stepping in as the second head coach in this franchise's history. Guest - John Gruden scottradleyshow
14 min
Why is every celebrity death treated with such ...
David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali it seems that there is a rush to declare the deceased celebrity as the greatest ever in their field. Why is that? Guest - Scott Henderson scottradleyshow
16 min
A busy weekend in the world of sports
Steve Clark joins Scott to talk about everything. Guest - Steve Clark scottradleyshow
33 min
Tomorrow morning the Hamilton Bulldogs name a n...
No official word yet but the rumor is that former Flint head coach John Gruden will be taking over the team. Guest - Teri Pecoskie scottradleyshow
13 min
A fight at Ticats training camp today is making...
Shoving matches are not uncommon at training camp but they are when they involve a quarterback. Guest - Rick Zamperin scottradleyshow
14 min
Should Hamilton's ward boundaries be redrawn?
The topic is a popular one among councillors and residents alike. Guest - Terry Whitehead scottradleyshow
16 min
Meet Hamilton's best new artist
Jennifer Budd recently won the award at the Hamilton Music Awards Guest - Jennifer Budd scottradleyshow
17 min
What is the appeal of modern art?
Some high school students recently pranked a bunch of gallery patrons, a trend that has become somewhat common. Guest - Robert Florczak scottradleyshow
17 min
How can scalpers be stopped?
With the Tragically Hip announcing their final tour many fans found themselves unable to acquire tickets due to scalpers. What can be done to combat them? Guest - Scott Warren scottradleyshow
19 min
What is with the seemingly recent spike in road...
A video went viral showing an all out brawl in a parking lot. Guest - Dr. Leon James scottradleyshow
13 min
Closing arguments have begun at the Tim Bosma m...
First up was the lawyer for Dellen Millard. Guest - Alex PIerson scottradleyshow
15 min
The inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver used it f...
Dr. Henry Heimlich has demonstrated his famous maneuver many many times over the course of his life but last week was the first time he ever had to use it on an actual person. Guest - Dr. Henry Heimlich scottradleyshow
16 min
What does is take to be a professional jouster
A band of professional jousters are coming to Ancaster. Guest - Shane Adams scottradleyshow
15 min
Could similarity cause attraction?
The common phrase is that opposites attract but is that true? Guest - Dr. Angela Bahns scottradleyshow
11 min
Ticats training camp opens this weekend
The great unknown is the QB position but what else should Cats fans be focused on? Guest - Drew Edwards scottradleyshow
15 min
The London Knights are currently steamrolling t...
They are often considered the gold standard of the OHL, what can the Hamilton Bulldogs learn from them? Guest - Josh Brown scottradleyshow
14 min
The Tim Bosma murder trial is finally in the ho...
The testimony of Mark Smich finished today and from here on out the jury will be tasked with determining what is the truth. Guest - Molly Hayes scottradleyshow
19 min
Is the world ready for Jane Bond?
Daniel Craig may not be back as James Bond so the conversation has begun for his replacement. Some are calling for a woman to take on the role. Guest - Murray Gillespie scottradleyshow
12 min
Is the new Liberal plan for going green a good ...
Guest - Marvin Ryder scottradleyshow
16 min
Are the Raptors finally gaining a foothold with...
Winning solves everything and apparently the recent victories by the Raps have caused the bandwagon to swell. Guest - Bubba O'Neal scottradleyshow
16 min
A recognizable face will be leaving Hamilton te...
Nick Dixon is leaving CHCH to take a position with CP24 in Toronto. Guest - Nick Dixon scottradleyshow
15 min