Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Are we playing too much in taxes? The CIS had a...
Apparently the percentage of taxes you pay is 42%. Guest - Christine Van Geyn The CIS has produced a number of Olympic medallists, does it deserve more respect? Guest - Neil Lumsden Guest - Glen Grunwald Guest - David Ferguson
55 min
Shona Thorburn is back from the Olympics and ha...
How did Rio compare to London? Is the Olympic Village as non-stop of a party as people say? And what's it like to meet the most famous athletes in the world?
39 min
What is it like to be an Olympic athlete?
Shona Thorburn competed at her second Olympics with the Women's Basketball team.
3 min
Scott is back from vacation and just in time to...
Canada traditionally doesn't fare well at the Summer games but this time around it ended being a rousing success both in terms of medals and feel-good stories.
35 min
The Rio Olympics are over, how would you rate t...
How do you think Canada did?
3 min
What can Canada do to address home-grown terror...
Scott Radley reconvenes the brightest panel in Hamilton, to shed light on stories from this week: terrorism in Canada, what to do with Hamilton's Confederation Park, and prejudices held by Olympic athletes. Panel: Scot Urquhart, Sandy Shaw
61 min
Scott Asks the Panel about the Measure of an Ol...
Scott and the Brightest Panel in Hamilton discuss that validity of comparing Olympic events. Guests: Scot Urquhart - Freelance Writer Sandy Shaw - Hamilton Port Authority and Cable 14
5 min
The Panel Discusses Terrorism in Canada
Scott's brightest panel in Hamilton discusses terrorism in Canada. Guests: Sandy Shaw - Hamilton Port Authority and Cable 14 Scot Urquhart - Freelance Writer
4 min
Ron Foxcroft wins the Gold Whistle award.
Ron Foxcroft wins the Gold Whistle award. Astronaut Clayton Anderson also brough a Fox 40 whistle onto the ISS. Ron Foxcroft reflects.
4 min
Olympics kick off, Supreme Court applications a...
The brightest panel in Hamilton reconvened to discuss the stories from this week. Olympics kick off, Supreme Court applications and Hamilton landmarks.  Panel: Teri Pecoskie, Ron Foxcroft
48 min
Do you want public Wi-Fi in Gage Park?
Do you want public Wi-Fi in Gage Park? Councillor Matthew Green is proposing public Wi-Fi in the area to allow people to play Pokemon Go without using their data plans. 
4 min
Attack in Nice, France, is the national anthem ...
Photo courtesy of Global News (credit: Christophe Petit Tesson/AFP/Getty Images)
54 min
Is Hamilton's infrastructure in good shape?
Guest - Terry Whitehead scottradleyshow
10 min
Hilarious House of Frightenstein is still remem...
One of the creators, Mitch Markowitz is looking to make a documentary about the surprise hit kids show. Guest - Mitch Markowitz scottradleyshow
20 min
Another MMA champion tests positive for steroid...
Jon Jones tested positive, again, are drugs prevalent through the entire sport or just at the top end? Guest - Jeff Joslin scottradleyshow
11 min
McMaster will be running a special event this w...
Guest - Alex Haggerty scottradleyshow
11 min
A famous Canadian painter is experiencing a res...
The works of Lawren Harris are being thrust back into the limelight because of famous comedian Steve Martin. Guest - Bryan Wylie scottradleyshow
14 min
Which Ticats will show up tomorrow night?
Is it the team that thumped Toronto in Week 1 or the team that got demolished by B.C. in the home opener. Guest - Bubba O'Neil scottradleyshow
21 min
Do we spend too much time on our devices?
A new study says we spend 11 hours on devices which is too much. Guest - Dr. Doug Gentile scottradleyshow
19 min
Is Hamilton Place haunted?
At least one Hamilton resident thinks so and is leading a tour. Guest - Steph Lechniak scottradleyshow
14 min
Some new information about a famous photo
Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima is one of the most famous photos in human history and now a local man is providing new information about the people in the photo. Guest - Michael Plaxton scottradleyshow
18 min
The Ticats are 1-0 for the first time since 200...
The Ticats haven't lost a home opener in the Kent Austin era and the BC Lions come to town tomorrow night to try and change that. Guest - Rick Zamperin scottradleyshow
16 min
More athletes are pulling out of the Rio Olympics
Whether due to security or the Zika Virus many people are worried about the upcoming Summer Games. Guest - Michael Heine scottradleyshow
14 min
A crazy afternoon in the world of hockey
Within an hour Taylor Hall, P.K. Subban and Shea Weber were traded while Steven Stamkos signed a new contract in Tampa Bay. Has there ever been a crazier afternoon? Guest - Don Robertson scottradleyshow
15 min
Why are most cars such boring colours?
White, black, grey and silver make up the colour of 75% of North American cars. Is it just because we're boring? Guest - Jane Harrington scottradleyshow
14 min