Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

A sad weekend in sports, the World Cup final ki...
Jose Fernandez tragically passed away in a boat accidents, Mylan Hicks of the Calgary Stampeders was gunned down outside a club and Arnold Palmer passed away. The final of the World Cup begins tomorrow as Canada (predictably) takes on Team Europe (shockingly). Is there any intrigue to this matchup or is Canada gonna roll through the Europeans. David Ortiz is currently on the final leg of his retirement tour through baseball, but why should non-Red Sox fans care? Especially this is the third year in a row with one of these tours.
34 min
Starting a new career, controversial medical pr...
Scott and the brightest panel in Hamilton radio discuss how Hamilton students are struggling with math, the Order of Canada, and more. Guests: Sandy Shaw and Jeff Storey
60 min
Has celebrity culture gone over the top?
With so many serious stories occuring around the world and in our own backyards why are we so focused on the split up of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
16 min
Why are we so obsessed with celebrities?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up and people are freaking out.
4 min
Is Hamilton still the city of waterfalls? And w...
There has not been a lot of good news around Hamilton's waterfalls lately, should they still be used as a selling point for the city? And Scott breaks down the weird and wonderful baby names that he has come across lately.
25 min
How successful was the city of waterfalls campaign
Hamilton's waterfalls have created a rather successful tourism industry but also some problems for the residents near them as well as the people visiting them.
4 min
An odd new treatment is gaining some exposure, ...
A new treatment for gastro-intestinal problems is gaining some steam in Hamilton. Guest - Dr. Nikhil Pai Justin Trudeau said at the UN that fear has never created jobs, is that true?
30 min
Friday is here, time for the brightest panel in...
Tonight's panel features Scott Urquhart and Sara Cain.
72 min
Robert Badgerow is on trial for murder for a fo...
Robert Badgerow was convicted of murder in his first trial but both of his appeals have ended in hung juries leading to this fourth trial. Guest - Susan Clairmont Many great sports movies have had legendary athletes, but until now they had no hall of fame of their own. Guest - Kirk Buchner The Hamilton Tiger-Cast look to rebound from a disappointing loss to the Argonauts with a home date against the Montreal Alouettes. The perfect remedy or another chance for a slip up. Guest - Rick Zamperin
47 min
Who would be in your fictional athlete hall of ...
There have been many great sports movies about fictional athletes and one local man thinks that it's time they had their own hall of fame.
4 min
Is there truth in the five second rule? Catchin...
Everyone has heard about the five second rule but does the science back it up? Guest - Dr. Dan Schaffner Ferguson Jenkins is the greatest pitcher to ever come out of Canada and is the only Canadian member of the baseball hall of fame. Guest - Fergie Jenkins This summer has been a weak one for blockbusters at the movies, why is that? Guest - John Campea
53 min
Is the five second rule true?
Everyone and their mother has heard of the five second rule but how much truth does it hold?
4 min
Will Canada Post deliver weed? Visit a new art ...
Canada Post is looking for new ways to increase revenue and one of those ways may be delivering marijuana should it be legalized. The Hamilton Spectator has had many great photos in it over the years, now a new art exhibition has opened to show off some of the best ones. Guest - Cathie Coward Guest - Mike Hanley The CFL Hall of Fame is moved to Tim Horton's Field but it isn't open yet. This despite the fact that the hall of fame game is on Friday. Guest - Mark DeNobile
47 min
Does the NFL care about the long-term health of...
Cam Newton took a beating on Thursday night with numerous shots straight to his head that went uncalled. After everything that has happened regarding concussions how is this acceptable?
32 min
The brightest panel in Hamilton radio reconvene...
Is criticism of Hillary Clinton sexist? Should schools be wrapper free? Do kids need more education about sexuality in this new technological age? These topics and more with Teri Pecoskie and Connie Smith
70 min
Supercrawl is this weekend, Will Tim Tebow be a...
Supercrawl is one of the best events in the city and this year's incarnation looks to be a good one. Guest - Tim Potocic Tim Tebow was signed to a minor league contract by the New York Mets, will he succeed? Guest - Bubba O'Neil This week's countdown is on the top 10 songs with their own dance.
48 min
Should we screen immigrants? How can analytics ...
A PC leadership candidate wants to screen immigrants. Guest - Matt Gurney With the World Cup of Hockey coming up what can we learn about hockey from advanced stats. Guest - Rob Vollman The CFL and NFL have partnered to give officials experience in each league. Guest - Dave Foxcroft
57 min
How should kids be learning math? Is match fixi...
53 min
It's Friday! Time for the brightest panel in Ha...
Today Jen Watson and Mike Fortune join Scott to talk about many different topics.
74 min
When are people most concerned about the econom...
It seems like people are more concerned about economic news when the economy is in a downswing. Guest - Marvin Ryder On Monday McMaster and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will take on Toronto opponents in their Labour Day matchups. Guest - Mike Morreale What are the top ten sing-along songs. 
51 min
What allows humans to hit a 100mph fastball? Me...
Some scientists say that it should be impossible to hit a ball going that fast. But then why can Josh Donaldson hit the ball as much as he does? Guest - Jason Sherwin Hamilton has just one single person with a PGA Tour card, and that is Mackenzie Hughes. Guest - Mackenzie Hughes Sources say that 50% of college students are experiencing mental health issues. Guest - Dr. Gene Beresin
55 min
Are millennials taking over Hamilton? Did you k...
Millennials now make up a large percentage of the city, what does that mean for Hamilton? Guest - Leah Swartz If you have a vintage car sometimes you may want a vintage road legal license plate to go with it. Guest - Eric Vettoretti How has getting ready to go back to school changed since the 70s. Guest - Jamie West
54 min
Was Colin Kaepernick right to sit during the na...
Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem of a preseason game this past weekend as a form of protest. Was what he did too much?
31 min
The Panel convenes to discuss various issues ar...
Are we spending enough on our Olympic athletes? Should there be a tax for stupidity? Are the Ticats the class of the CFL? And what makes a person classy?
73 min
Do we in Southern Ontario have and accent? What...
Obviously people know about accents from around the world but what about us, do we have one? Guest - Michael Iannozzi McMaster opens their season on Sunday night, what can we expect this year? Guest - Asher Hastings Guest - Danny Vandervoort
54 min