Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

The brightest panel in Hamilton radio tackles t...
Matt Holmes and Sue Prestidge join Scott to discuss a myriad of issues including the anger in politics, TFC's impact on Canadian soccer and government audit issues.
78 min
The Badgerow verdict is in, Tiger Woods is back...
A historic fourth murder trial for Robert Badgerow has ended in a guilty verdict. Guest - Lisa Hepfner Tiger Woods is back after over a year away and it didn't go particularly well. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Boris Brott is coming back to Hamilton in the surest sign that Christmas is coming. Guest - Boris Brott
52 min
Hamilton has a new head of Economic Development...
Glen Norton has joined the city staff, what does he bring to the table? Guest - Glen Norton The CBC wants another $400 million from the government. Is it trying to squeeze out private companies? With the Vegas Golden Knights joining the NHL it's time to look back on some of the worst potential names for pro sports teams.
58 min
It was a perfect weekend on the field for Canad...
But in the stands, not quite as much. Also, how can Hamilton produce more NHLers and where would you rank the sports teams in the Southern Ontario area. Guest - Don Robertson
34 min
The Friday Panel convenes to discuss, among oth...
Guest - Brad Clark Guest - Mike Fortune
73 min
Which woman should be on our money? Why do peop...
The list of potential women to be on Canadian money has been narrowed down to five and you may not recognize all of the nominees. Fake news has become more and more prevelant in our society, why do people believe it? Guest - Jim Poling The Vanier Cup is here in Hamilton and the Grey Cup is just down the road in Toronto. Both are suffering from ticket sales issues. Guest - Rick Zamperin
55 min
Is Melissa Tancredi retiring? A local man set a...
Melissa Tancredi has won two bronze medals at the Olympics but at 34 does she have another one in her? Guest - Melissa Tancredi Have ever dreamed about doing an Ironman marathon? How about set a world record? Guest - Lionel Sanders The Vanier Cup is coming up on Saturday, find out why you should be excited. Guest - Graham Brown
54 min
The Art Gallery is featuring an underrated Cana...
With Toronto FC and Montreal Impact playing for the chance to go the MLS Cup is this the moment that soccer breaks through in Canada? Guest - John McGrane With the hockey team in Las Vegas finally named it's time to resurrect the debate about whether or not hockey will work in the desert. Guest - Ryan Christie
49 min
A Hamiltonian has won on the PGA Tour
MacKenzie Hughes finished off his first career victory this morning becoming the first Hamiltonian to win on the tour. Don and Scott talk about this and more on the Scott Radley Show
35 min
Is fart a bad word? Are kids obese? And a Hamil...
Elizabeth May took exception to a conservative MP using the word fart during an impassioned speech. Everyone hears that kids these days are not as fit as they should be but how bad is it? Guest - Dr. Allana Leblanc Mackenzie Hughes is in his first PGA season and already he's getting some attention for his play. Guest - Mackenzie Hughes
51 min
Would you live in a luxury bunker? Meet the sta...
A luxury bunker is being built to house the rich people of the world during any apocalypse scenario. Guest - Richie Whitt Hoosiers came out 30 years ago this week, meet the man who starred in that movie. Guest - Maris Valainis One of Hamilton's last remaining video stores is being sold, sort of.  Guest - Mohammad Dirani
52 min
Do we need licenses for cats? Are there more de...
Every dog has a license in the city of Hamilton but cats don't. Should that chance? Guest - Sam Merulla Guest - Donna Skelly The dead sea scrolls are known the world over but is that all there is to find? Guest - Dr. Andrew Perrin A recent court case from BC has people debating who owns an engagement ring after it is given. Guest - Jamie West
59 min
With Eric Lindros entering the HHOF how will he...
Don Robertson joins Scott to discuss all these topics and more.
32 min
Trump's win, new benches in Gore Park, furnitur...
Scott and the brightest panel in Hamilton radio discuss Trump's victory, new benches in Gore Park, building furniture, the city's overtime spending, and the CFL's finalists for Player Of The Year. Guests: CHML's Jen Watson and Jay McQueen
56 min
Are safe spaces out of control? Is the Memorial...
Colleges today were setting up rooms for students who were traumatized by the election. Is this ridiculous? The Hamilton Bulldogs are one of three teams remaining in the bidding for the 100th Memorial Cup. How do their chances stack up against Regina and Oshawa? Guest - Steve Staios Donald Trump won the election and editorial cartoonists celebrated. Hear what the Hamliton Spectator's resident cartoonist has to say. Guest - Graeme Mackay
52 min
Recapping the US election, Is Hamilton a music ...
Donald Trump claimed a shocking victory last night in the US presidential election. Why did it happen? Hamilton has a vibrant and thriving arts scene but can it truly be called a music city? Guest - Tim Potocic Toblerone has announced that they are changing the iconic shape of their chocolate bar. What else in the food world can Scott find to complain about.
50 min
Is the CFL's system of playoffs broken?
The 7-11 Ticats are hosting a playoff game on Sunday against the 10-8 Eskimos, is that fair? Should the system be overhauled? That topic and more with Don Robertson.
32 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton Radio tackles a...
Among them are Remembrance Day, Mel Gibson and daylight savings time. Guests - Scott Urqhart, Mike Fortune
54 min
It's time for the Indians to change their name ...
The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in game 7 of the World Series, which means it could be the perfect time for a switch. At times this year Hamilton has had one single ambulance able to answer emergency calls. How does this happen? Guest - Joanna Frketich The World Series is over so how did it fair on television? Guest - Chris Zelkovich
46 min
Novemburger is here and we have your essential ...
Scott is joined by Peter Dyakowski, Chanry Thach and Martinus Geleynse to sample some of the offerings from this year.
45 min
Can football be made safer? Where should you tr...
Cam Newton is publicly criticizing his treatment at the hands of the officials and his opponents. How can football be made safer for quarterbacks or any other position. Guest - Mike Morreale The winter is supposed to be a nasty one and people may be looking to escape if even for a weekend. Where should you head? Guest - Shawna Curtin-Weatherall A website has Hamilton's top tourist spots ranked, and you may not agree with them.
45 min
A busy weekend in sports featuring the Ticats, ...
Don Robertson joins Scott to discuss all of it.
35 min
The U.S. presidential election, criticizing yog...
Scott is joined by the brightest panel in Hamilton radio to discuss the latest development in the U.S. presidential election campaign, whether or not men should be criticizing women's fashion, funding for youth sports and recreation, and wine being available in grocery stores.
52 min
Hamilton's overvalued housing market, city cou...
The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) reports that most of Canada's housing markets - including Hamilton - are overheated. Guest: Marvin Ryder, Business Professor at McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business - Scott rants about city council’s decision regarding redrawing Hamilton’s ward boundaries after hiring a consultant for $270,000. - The Ticats will take on the Edmonton Eskimos at Tim Hortons Field tomorrow night - and the pressure is on. Guest: Rick Zamperin, senior sports director and assistant program/news director at AM900 CHML
49 min
How can we avoid the case in Woodstock happenin...
The case of the nurse in Woodstock who killed eight residents at a long term care facility has shocked Southern Ontario, how can we make sure something similar never happens again. Guest - Dr. Carolyne Byrne People have always assumed that to make it in hockey you needed to have money, but now we have real proof of that. Guest - Teri Pecoskie Are television shows too gory. Is it really necessary or are they just doing it for the eyeballs.
55 min