Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Should Hitler's book be banned? Why aren't the ...
Sales of Mein Kampf are rising in Germany, is this a cause for concern? Guest - Franklin Carter The World Junior Championship is in Toronto and Montreal this year but for some reason the crowds aren't showing up in droves. Guest - Don Robertson Now is the time for New Years resolutions but which ones are you most likely to make. And which ones are you most likely to break?
48 min
Take a quiz to find out if you would have been ...
A quiz frim the 1930s has recently surfaced that shows in a point based system how husbands and wives measure up. Jaromir Jagr tied Mark Messier for second all time in NHL points. Next up Wayne Gretzky as Jagr has a chance to become the first player to notch as many points as the Great One had assists. Does that make him the second best of all time? Guest - Bubba O'Neil
29 min
Are we all racists? And why are TV dads portray...
A new study says that a large portion of Canadians have prejudices. It seems that the last 20 years have featured a trend of fools in the father role on sitcoms, why is this? Guest - Dr. Amanda Lotz
34 min
Wrapping up this year in sports and looking bac...
Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys joins Scott to discuss who he would pick for his hypothetical NHL team if he had the first overall draft pick. They also discuss famous sports figures who died and amazing feats in sports during the past year. This week, Scott is also looking back on the most interesting interviews from the show throughout the year. One of those interviews features Roger Woodward, who survived going over Niagara Falls when he was seven years old.
31 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton Radio is here t...
Jay McQueen and Mike Fortune join Scott to talk about anything and everything including; marijuana legalisation, being offended and new words.
79 min
The Ticats need a new DC, Planting trees on the...
Orlaodo Steinauer is heading to Fresno State to be the defenseive coordinator. That means the Cats need to find a new person to lead the defense. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Now you can buy a tree that will be planted along the highway of heroes. One tree for every Canadian soldier lost in any conflict. Guest - Mark Cullen There's a vault for seeds so why not a similar project for protecting beer. Guest - Dr. Praveen Saxena
43 min
Is door-to-door mail delivery still alive? All ...
It had appeared that the door-to-door mail debate had died but somehow it keeps rearing it's head.  Kevin Rempel is one of the greatest to ever play sledge hockey and now he's retiring but that doesn't mean he's done with the game. Guest - Kevin Rempel Canadians, much like the rest of the world, take to the internet to figure out more about the topics of the year. What ended up on the top of the lists for canucks this year?
49 min
Is marijuana harmful? Meet the man behind a fam...
Canadian doctors believe the age for legal marijuana smoking should be 25 but the government is considering 18. Why the difference in opinions? Guest - Dr. Hans Breiter In the Crease is a famous Canadian painting and now you can find out the goalie that was the subject of the famous work of art. Guest - Dennis Kemp The Lou Marsh award is given every year to Canada's top athlete and this year it's Olympic hero Penny Oleksiak. Guest - Bubba O'Neil
58 min
Will Hamilton ever get an NHL team?
That and more in the world of sports with Don Robertson from the Dundas Real McCoys.
30 min
It's Friday and that means the brightest panel ...
This week the panel takes on bullying, the NHL in the Olympics, naming rights and much much more. Guest - Scot Urquhart Guest - Troy Smith
68 min
Why do public sector employees make so much? Wh...
The numbers keep coming out to support the idea that public sector employees are better compensated than private sector. Why does this happen? When Hollywood needs to film a big city they often choose Hamilton. Why? Guest - Jonathan Matthews 26 years ago John Lennon was murdered, what kind of cultural impact has his death had, and what would have happened if he had survived? Guest - Jamie West
53 min
More proof that the public sector is where the ...
Among the numbers, public sector employees retire two and a half years before private sector employees.
3 min
A police officer disciplined for saving a kitte...
A police officer found a sickly kitten in the house of a drug addict and brought it home with her to save it's life, yet she faces charges for it. How can this happen? The CBL will be setting up shop in Hamilton, why should people care? Guest - Butch Carter 2019 may be the year for Hamilton to host the CFL's big game, but can this city handle it? Guest - Rick Zamperin
52 min
Time to pony up even more money on flights, The...
You now have to start paying for putting bags in the overhead bin. Guest - Brett Snyder The Red Sox just traded for Chris Sale, added a bullpen arm and a first base bat, are the Jays in trouble now? Guest - Bubba O'Neil Many people assume that the more traditional a church is the older the members will be, is that true? Guest - Dr. David Haskell
51 min
Why is Edwin still unsigned? Is the NHL doing a...
These sports topics and more with Don Robertson.
32 min
Is Edwin Encarnacion asking for too much money?
The Jays slugger turned down an $80 million, 4 year offer from Toronto early in the offseason but now seems to be having trouble finding a home.
3 min
The brightest panel in Hamilton radio tackles t...
Matt Holmes and Sue Prestidge join Scott to discuss a myriad of issues including the anger in politics, TFC's impact on Canadian soccer and government audit issues.
78 min
The Badgerow verdict is in, Tiger Woods is back...
A historic fourth murder trial for Robert Badgerow has ended in a guilty verdict. Guest - Lisa Hepfner Tiger Woods is back after over a year away and it didn't go particularly well. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Boris Brott is coming back to Hamilton in the surest sign that Christmas is coming. Guest - Boris Brott
52 min
Hamilton has a new head of Economic Development...
Glen Norton has joined the city staff, what does he bring to the table? Guest - Glen Norton The CBC wants another $400 million from the government. Is it trying to squeeze out private companies? With the Vegas Golden Knights joining the NHL it's time to look back on some of the worst potential names for pro sports teams.
58 min
It was a perfect weekend on the field for Canad...
But in the stands, not quite as much. Also, how can Hamilton produce more NHLers and where would you rank the sports teams in the Southern Ontario area. Guest - Don Robertson
34 min
The Friday Panel convenes to discuss, among oth...
Guest - Brad Clark Guest - Mike Fortune
73 min
Which woman should be on our money? Why do peop...
The list of potential women to be on Canadian money has been narrowed down to five and you may not recognize all of the nominees. Fake news has become more and more prevelant in our society, why do people believe it? Guest - Jim Poling The Vanier Cup is here in Hamilton and the Grey Cup is just down the road in Toronto. Both are suffering from ticket sales issues. Guest - Rick Zamperin
55 min
Is Melissa Tancredi retiring? A local man set a...
Melissa Tancredi has won two bronze medals at the Olympics but at 34 does she have another one in her? Guest - Melissa Tancredi Have ever dreamed about doing an Ironman marathon? How about set a world record? Guest - Lionel Sanders The Vanier Cup is coming up on Saturday, find out why you should be excited. Guest - Graham Brown
54 min
The Art Gallery is featuring an underrated Cana...
With Toronto FC and Montreal Impact playing for the chance to go the MLS Cup is this the moment that soccer breaks through in Canada? Guest - John McGrane With the hockey team in Las Vegas finally named it's time to resurrect the debate about whether or not hockey will work in the desert. Guest - Ryan Christie
49 min
A Hamiltonian has won on the PGA Tour
MacKenzie Hughes finished off his first career victory this morning becoming the first Hamiltonian to win on the tour. Don and Scott talk about this and more on the Scott Radley Show
35 min