Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

What could Hamilton have looked like? Does the ...
A new book shows some of the myriad of ideas that people have come up with for Hamilton over the years, and some of them are pretty off the wall. Guest - Mark Osbalderston The Blue Jays live to fight another day, do they have a shot? And CFL replay is causing some controversy. Guest - Rick Zamperin Hamilton City Council gets a lot of flack but do they deserve it? Guest - Brad Clark
52 min
The panel reconvenes once again.
The smartest panel in Hamilton radio reconvened this week to discuss everything from cigarette packaging to school lunches. You can catch it all here! Guest: Sara Cain, Reporter, AM900 CHML. Guest: Scott Urquhart,
72 min
Should tobacco products be put in plain packaging?
Should tobacco products such as cigarettes be put in plain packaging? Guest: Sara Cain, Reporter, AM900 CHML. Guest: Scott Urquhart,
5 min
Why should we care about the latest hydro bill ...
Changes are coming to your hydro bill..... new fonts and flashy graphics. Are you excited? Reports from all over North America of creepy clowns, should you be worried? Guest - Kevin Bennett And no sports today, instead we're talking real estate with Don Robertson. Guest - Don Robertson
50 min
Explore Hamilton's food scene, The CFL trade de...
Hamilton has a large and diverse food scene that has come onto the scene very recently. Guest - Heather Peter Were you glued to the TV for CFL trade deadline day? No? Probably because no trades happened. Why isn't it a big deal? Guest - Rick Zamperin The Cleveland Indians are about to take on the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS which raises the issue around their name. Is it racist? Many people point to the history of the name to answer that question so find out what it is and make the decision for yourself. Guest - Scott Longert
51 min
A new twist in the Caledonia saga, Hamilton is ...
An Ontario judge recently rebuked the OPP stating that they put the rights of occupiers ahead of other citizens. What does this mean for residents of Caledonia? Guest - Christie Blatchford Hamilton has begun a doctor exchange program with developing countries which will allow these nations to get experience for their physicians. Guest - Alan Sharpe Keith Hampshire is the singer on the now famous OK Blue Jays song. Find out how he is enjoying the fame of the song. Guest - Keith Hampshire
53 min
The roundtable convenes once again. Blue Jays, ...
The Friday roundtable convenes again to prove itself worthy of the title Brightest Panel in Hamilton Radio. This week they discuss everything from carbon pricing, Blue Jays and roadside memorials.  Guest: Jay McQueen, CHML Weather Specialist. Guest: Mike Fortune, Cable 14.
65 min
Blue Jays vs. Rangers this weekend.
Blue Jays vs. Rangers in Toronto this weekend. Are you excited? Guest: Jay McQueen, CHML Weather Specialist. Guest: Mike Fortune, Cable 14.
5 min
A look at this week's carbon pricing announcement.
The panel takes a look at this week's carbon pricing announcement. Guest: Jay McQueen, CHML Weather Specialist. Guest: Mike Fortune, Cable 14.
4 min
Should police have released the picture of the ...
The police released the photo of the suspect in the thrown beer can incident from the wild card win by the Blue Jays and a newspaper identified him. But should the police have done that? The new Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame class is a little less recognizable than usual but no less important. Guest - Brian Lewis A camera in an eagle's nest captured what some are saying is definitive proof of bigfoot. Guest - Dr. Jeff Meldrum
51 min
What do you need to know about the Badgerow mur...
The Robert Badgerow murder trial is off and running, catch up with what's happened so far. Guest - Susan Clairmont Stats seems to indicate that birth control could be making women depressed. Guest - Holly Grigg Spall Talking about the Blue Jays fantastic win last night, the CFL and why people aren't watching the NFL. Guest - Rick Zamperin
55 min
How big is the anti-LRT crowd? Meet Hamilton's ...
An op-ed in the Spectator is raising new questions in the LRT debate. Guest - Margaret Shkimoa Does the title 'Yiddish for Pirates' intrigue you? Because it's author is from Hamilton and he is getting accolades from far and wide. Guest - Gary Barwin The CBC gets a great deal of funding from the federal government, is that stifling private journalism? Guest - Sue Prestedge
50 min
Will the Blue Jays win the wild card game? Shou...
The Blue Jays have decided to start Marcus Stroman tomorrow against the Baltimore Orioles, is that the right move? A new rule would see kids limited to 3 goals per house league game, is that fair? Canad wins the World Cup, ho hum. Is our nation too far ahead of the world at this stage?
33 min
The Friday roundtable convenes again to prove i...
Guest  - Anne Boekma Guest - Mike Fortune
65 min
What is behind the upcoming spike in gas prices?
There doesn't seems to be any single factor behind the price hike that is coming tomorrow so what made the oil industry decide to do it now? Guest - Marvin Ryder
17 min
Should you buy a fallout shelter? Is Kent Austi...
In the last few years shelters have become incresingly popular, why is that? Guest - Mike Peters Kent Austin will watch the next game from upstairs and be fined $10,000 but is that punishment too lenient? Guest - Bubba O'Neil The World Cup has had some disappointing attendance at games but on television the tournament is hit. Guest - Chris Zelkovich
56 min
Is Kent Austin's penalty fair?
The Ticats coach was barred from the sidelines on Saturday but not from the game entirely. He was also fined $10,000. Is that penalty too lenient?
3 min
Did the presidential debate last night change a...
The debate last night drew over 80 million viewers but did it do anything to actually change any minds? Cayden Lapsevich is just 16 years old but he is already a NASCAR champion, despite only being allowed to drive on the roads by himself since June. Guest - Cayden Lapsevich
34 min
Do debates matter at all in the presidential race?
Hillary Clinton was seen as having a strong victory last night but will it have any effect at all when the election rolls around?
4 min
A sad weekend in sports, the World Cup final ki...
Jose Fernandez tragically passed away in a boat accidents, Mylan Hicks of the Calgary Stampeders was gunned down outside a club and Arnold Palmer passed away. The final of the World Cup begins tomorrow as Canada (predictably) takes on Team Europe (shockingly). Is there any intrigue to this matchup or is Canada gonna roll through the Europeans. David Ortiz is currently on the final leg of his retirement tour through baseball, but why should non-Red Sox fans care? Especially this is the third year in a row with one of these tours.
34 min
Starting a new career, controversial medical pr...
Scott and the brightest panel in Hamilton radio discuss how Hamilton students are struggling with math, the Order of Canada, and more. Guests: Sandy Shaw and Jeff Storey
60 min
Has celebrity culture gone over the top?
With so many serious stories occuring around the world and in our own backyards why are we so focused on the split up of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?
16 min
Why are we so obsessed with celebrities?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up and people are freaking out.
4 min
Is Hamilton still the city of waterfalls? And w...
There has not been a lot of good news around Hamilton's waterfalls lately, should they still be used as a selling point for the city? And Scott breaks down the weird and wonderful baby names that he has come across lately.
25 min
How successful was the city of waterfalls campaign
Hamilton's waterfalls have created a rather successful tourism industry but also some problems for the residents near them as well as the people visiting them.
4 min