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Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Residents are fighting an apartment building in...
A developer is hoping to put in an apartment building in Stoney Creek but residents don't want it, and they have some interesting reasoning. After the shooting at the Quebec mosque there has been 14 reported hate crimes in Montreal, what's behing this? Guest - Raquel Fletcher Some court cases can be graphic and brutal yet up until now no thought has been paid to the jurors who have to sift through the evidence. Now Ontario is stepping up to provide counselling. Guest - Gary Direnfeld
40 min
Updating the Quebec mosque shooting, Picking ou...
Anthony Urciuoli steps into the chair with Scott off on vacation and he's got some opinions.
51 min
Do the libraries deserve a budget increase?, Ho...
Councillor Donna Skelly believes that every department should be questioned when they ask for a budget increase, and that extends to the library. Guest - Donna Skelly Vince Carter is turning 40 today. His reputation in Canada is mixed but his impact is deniable. Guest - Bubba O'Neil There's a hackathon going on at McMaster, find out what that is and how you can watch it. Guest - Graeme Crawley
52 min
Could the Memorial Cup come to Hamilton? Why is...
The Hamilton Bulldogs made their pitch to host the 2018 Memorial Cup today. They're up against Regina and Oshawa to host the 100th edition of the cup. Guest - Michael Andlauer Apparently if you're looking for a deal the best time to find one is in January. What's the reason for that? Guest - Rob Golfi Scientific studies are more and more prevelant these days, which makes sense because of the advance of technology. But it's also due to numerous scientific journals popping up that may be less than legitimate. Guest - Tim Caulfield
55 min
New pipelines in the US, What is wine tasting r...
Donald Trump is pushing for some pipeline projects to get started, how does this affect Canada? Guest - Marvin Ryder Wine tasting is seen by some as snooty and pretentious. But is it? Guest - Tony Aspler A new study seems to show that at least in football screaming at the ref can help you get a call. Guest - Michael Lopez
51 min
Why do people hate the Patriots? Why is the NHL...
All this and more with Don Robertson on the Scott Radley Show.
33 min
It's Friday! Time for the Brightest Panel in Ha...
Mike Fortune and Brad Clark drop by to discuss the inaguration of Donald Trump, the impact that the new president will have on Canada, and who Canada's Trump could be. Guest - Brad Clark Guest - Mike Fortune
72 min
The Canadian dollar is strong, A Bulldog could ...
It seems like the message is different depending on the day. One day the Canadian dollar is strong, the next it's headed towards a cliff. Which one is it? Guest - Marvin Ryder The NHL's Central Scouting released their midseason rankings and sitting at #19 is Matthew Strome of the Hamilton Bulldogs. Guest - Matthew Strome Video has emerged of a young lady screaming obscenities at an older lady on a bus in York Region. Notably, no one steps in, was this the wrong move by the people on the bus?
53 min
What should be done with the buildings around G...
The buildings around Gore Park could use some restoration but how can it be done to satisfy all interested parties? Guest - Diane Deat A city councillor believes that it is a serious problem for people attending events at  Tim Horton's Field. Guest - Bubba O'Neil  
53 min
The Leafs are actually good, Hayley Wickenheise...
Every single Leafs fan in the area is excited right now because their team looks like the real deal. Don Robertson stops by to talk about this and much more with Scott.  
36 min
The panel convenes once again.
Scott Urquhart and Mark Hepshire join Scott to talk about anything and everything including; carbon tax, LRT and Trudeau's vacation.
70 min
What can Hamilton learn about LRT from Kitchene...
KW is nearly done their LRT and Hamilton could take some hints from them. Guest - Paige Desmond Christopher Ward was on the air when Much Music began and he has some stories. Guest - Christopher Ward Scott has a favorite mug that he must use, does that make him weird?
51 min
What does reporting look like in the age of soc...
Everyone heard about the latest Trump scandel. Or percieved scandel as it turns out it may not be true. Who is responsible for fact checking things like this. Guest - Paul Berton Alexander Ovechkin is certainly one of the best goal scorers of this era but is he one of the best of all time? Guest - Bubba O'Neil The iPhone was released 10 years ago and our culture hasn't been the same. Guest - Adam Oldfield
57 min
Are we too harsh or too soft on prisoners, Meet...
Dylan Roof was sentenced to death today in a very quick deliberation by the jury, but is the death penalty too harsh? You can find Cadillac Bill on Cable 14 and he is currently putting on a production of Downton Abbey using taxidermied rats and a live guinea pig. Guest - Cadillac Bill The World Cup is expanding to 48 teams, and just in time for Canada who is rumoured to be hosting in 2026. Guest - John McGrane
56 min
What can be done to fix attendance at the World...
Don Robertson drops by to chat about all these topics with Scott.  
28 min
The Brightest Panel discusses the relative meri...
Also on the show, who should get statues? And why do people still take naked pictures and save them on their phone? Guest - Mike Fortune Guest - Sandy Shaw
61 min
The federal deficit could keep climbing for the...
The Finance Department released a statement saying that without policy change the federal government will continue to run shortfalls until 2050. Guest - Marvin Ryder You paid tons of money for your college textbooks but now don't know what to do with them. How about donating them to developing countries? Guest - Chris Janssen Vinyl is coming back in a huge way. Why is that? Guest - Mark Panapolous
49 min
What is hacking in the context of the US electi...
Everyone has heard about the Russians hacking influencing the US election but what does hacking even mean in this context. Guest - Daniel Tobok Are parents babying their children? Guest - Jamie West Lacrosse is the sport of this area apparently, yet nobody seems to watch it. Guest - Joey Cupido
52 min
Should Hitler's book be banned? Why aren't the ...
Sales of Mein Kampf are rising in Germany, is this a cause for concern? Guest - Franklin Carter The World Junior Championship is in Toronto and Montreal this year but for some reason the crowds aren't showing up in droves. Guest - Don Robertson Now is the time for New Years resolutions but which ones are you most likely to make. And which ones are you most likely to break?
48 min
Take a quiz to find out if you would have been ...
A quiz frim the 1930s has recently surfaced that shows in a point based system how husbands and wives measure up. Jaromir Jagr tied Mark Messier for second all time in NHL points. Next up Wayne Gretzky as Jagr has a chance to become the first player to notch as many points as the Great One had assists. Does that make him the second best of all time? Guest - Bubba O'Neil
29 min
Are we all racists? And why are TV dads portray...
A new study says that a large portion of Canadians have prejudices. It seems that the last 20 years have featured a trend of fools in the father role on sitcoms, why is this? Guest - Dr. Amanda Lotz
34 min
Wrapping up this year in sports and looking bac...
Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys joins Scott to discuss who he would pick for his hypothetical NHL team if he had the first overall draft pick. They also discuss famous sports figures who died and amazing feats in sports during the past year. This week, Scott is also looking back on the most interesting interviews from the show throughout the year. One of those interviews features Roger Woodward, who survived going over Niagara Falls when he was seven years old.
31 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton Radio is here t...
Jay McQueen and Mike Fortune join Scott to talk about anything and everything including; marijuana legalisation, being offended and new words.
79 min
The Ticats need a new DC, Planting trees on the...
Orlaodo Steinauer is heading to Fresno State to be the defenseive coordinator. That means the Cats need to find a new person to lead the defense. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Now you can buy a tree that will be planted along the highway of heroes. One tree for every Canadian soldier lost in any conflict. Guest - Mark Cullen There's a vault for seeds so why not a similar project for protecting beer. Guest - Dr. Praveen Saxena
43 min
Is door-to-door mail delivery still alive? All ...
It had appeared that the door-to-door mail debate had died but somehow it keeps rearing it's head.  Kevin Rempel is one of the greatest to ever play sledge hockey and now he's retiring but that doesn't mean he's done with the game. Guest - Kevin Rempel Canadians, much like the rest of the world, take to the internet to figure out more about the topics of the year. What ended up on the top of the lists for canucks this year?
49 min