Scott Radley Show

Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Is Hamilton picturesque? Is replay killing hock...
A ranking by expedia has Hamilton 6th in all of North America. Instand replay challenges are proving to be a time sink in hockey. Guest - Don Robertson You may recognize the voice of announcements at Canada's Wonderland as Darren Laidman of our sister station Fresh 95.3 Guest - Darren Laidman  
50 min
Will council delay an LRT vote yet again? Shoul...
Another marathon council session today and we may be no closer to a vote from council. Guest - Ken Mann The Roughriders cut Justin Cox after he was arrested for domestic assault. The CFL made it clear that no team may sign him, is this the right move considering he hasn't been convicted? Guest - Bubba O'Neil Ten years ago Rachel Dendekker was nearly killed in a car crash and left with serious injuries. Now she stands as an inspiring tale. Guest - Rachel Dendekker
49 min
The results are in on the LRT poll, A somber an...
What do the results mean, are they surprising? 25 years ago Sunday Kristen French went missing. Guest - David McLean The Leafs are up in their series 2 games to 1 and everyone is pretty jacked up about it. Guest - Johnny Bower
50 min
Why have gas prices skyrocketed? Is something w...
Gas prices seem pretty ridiculous right now, what is the reason for that? Guest - Marvin Ryder The Blue Jays are off to a historically bad start, how worried should the fans be. Guest - Bubba O'Neil The CBC doesn't do anything small and a new documentary series is no exception.
49 min
Is a second opinion more effective? Is the Worl...
9 out of 10 people leave a second opinion with a new or refined diagnosis. Why is that? Guest - Dr. James Naesson Canada is a part of a joint bid with the US and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup. Guest - John McGrane CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge will be stepping away this summer. Who should replace him? Guest - Rick Zamperin
57 min
Meeting adopted parents and the Stanley Cup pla...
Should adopted children track down their birth parents? Does this usually end up well? Guest: Laura Eggertson. Director, Adoption Council of Canada. The Stanley Cup playoffs begin tomorrow! Guest: Chris Zelkovich. Sports Media Critic. 
32 min
The Leafs are in the playoffs! And probably som...
Don Robertson joins Scott to talk about all of the important things in sports.  
32 min
Scott assembles the brightest panel in Hamilton
The brightest panel in Hamilton has reconvened for lively and, at times, hilarious discussion. Guest - Mike Fortune, of Cable 14 Guest - Cadillac Bill, host of the Cadillac Bill Show on Cable 14
62 min
Another development in the LRT saga, horses inc...
In the latest in the LRT saga, Councillor Judi Partridge writes that she no longer supports the project. - Scott and CHCH’s Bubba O’Neil chat about a variety of the latest big sports stories. Guest: Bubba O’Neil, CHCH - On Saturday, a documentary called Over18 – about underage viewers of pornography – will be airing at Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton. Guest: Mike Milewski, local pastor
46 min
Fixing FirstOntario Centre, A secret jazz singe...
The report is finally out about how to upgrade FirstOntario Centre, what juciy nuggets are waiting in there. Guest - Jasper Kujovsky A teacher a Westdale has a second thriving career as a Juno award winning musician. Guest - Diana Panton Everyone knows the name Laura Fortino but she will be joined on Canada's blueline by another local product, Renata Fast. Guest - Renata Fast
53 min
The LRT discussion at council will never end, A...
More than 50 speakers and a seemingly endless timeline for the LRT discussions at city council. Guest - Billy Kelly People in Canada often complain about how long it can take to see a doctor at emerg. Guest - Jennifer D'Souza The CFL is trying to build around the annual combine to make it a true event. Guest - Rick Zamperin
50 min
Is the dominance of the UConn women's basketbal...
This topic and many more with Don Robertson  
33 min
LRT, term limits, NHL suspensions and much more...
Loren Lieberman and Luke Vermeer join Scott to discuss all the important issues of the day.  
70 min
City council wants to balance the budget, Famil...
City council has been making some tough decisions lately. Guest - Larry DiIanni Many people are forced to represent themselves in family court because they've run out of money already. Guest - Omar Ha-Redeye The city of Hamilton hasn't seen playoff hockey in years but the Bulldogs kick off their series with Kingston on Friday. Guest - Steve Staios
54 min
The new federal budget is out, Replay is being ...
The new budget has some aspects that could hit you in the pocketbook. Guest - Marvin Ryder Endless CFL replay was a frustrating thing for fans last season yet the CFL thinks that more may be needed. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Apparently Canadians spend more than 24 hours a week online. Guest - Dr. Michael van Ameringen
48 min
A new poll will be conducted about LRT, Canadia...
A cross section of Hamilton city councillors will be conducting a poll to determine if Hamiltonians want LRT. Guest - Donna Skelly A report states that Canadians could be drowning in debt. Guest - David Gowling Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III have been added to the Ticats neg list, but why should we care? Guest - Rick Zamperin
56 min
Why don't people care about the World Baseball ...
These topics and more with Don Roberston.
31 min
Are you sick of talking about LRT? Because the ...
This and many other topics on with the Brightest Panel in Hamilton Radio. Guest - Brad Clark Guest - Sandy Shaw  
72 min
How safe are you online, Diabetes is more commo...
With the recent arrests made in the Yahoo hack people are concerned about how safe their information is online. Guest - Allen Mendelsohn Some people could have diabetes and not even know it. Guest - Dr. Hertzel Gerstein Women's sports don't tend to fare very well on TV, is that an argument against equal pay in sports? Guest - Chris Zelkovich
53 min
Are companies properly compensating for overtim...
Turns out the majority of Canadian companies aren't doing right by their employees when it comes to overtime. Guest - Lior Samfiru Rougned Odor was the face of the enemy after Jose Bautista flipped his bat and then yesterday he flipped his bat.... on a single. Guest - Bubba O'Neil A local man is charged with participatng in the hack of millions of Yahoo accounts. Guest - Daniel Tobok
55 min
The snow-pocalypse is here but the bike lanes a...
Apparently while the roads were covered in snow bikers had nothing to worry about as their lanes were clear. Would you watch a live streamed colonoscopy? Guest - Dr. Barry Lamb Mohawk College is offering a coarse to help you learn more about your alchohol. Guest - Scott Boyle
45 min
Golden State Warriors' disappointing lineup aga...
This past weekend, the Golden State Warriors sent out a lineup without their five superstar players. Guest: Rick Zamperin, CHML news and sports - The Toronto Maple Leafs are raising ticket prices in efforts to make more tickets available to fans and to cut down on re-sellers’ profit. Guest: Rick Zamperin, CHML news and sports - Carleton University is facing backlash after removing a weight scale from its gym. - Scott asks – should a 98-year-old man in Minnesota who is allegedly a former Nazi commander go to trial for his crimes?
54 min
Scott assempbles the brightest panel in Hamilton
Scott is joined by Mike Fortune and Tracy Lynn for this week's panel.
58 min
Comparing giving water to pigs to Holocaust vic...
The lawyer for the Toronto woman who is on trial for giving water to pigs on a truck headed to slaughter compared her actions to giving water to Jews transported on cattle trains during the Holocaust. - Hamilton will host the 2018 Canadian Country Music Awards. It’s the city’s sixth time hosting the awards. Guest: Tim Potocic, founder of Supercrawl and co-owner and operater of Sonic Unyon Records - A McMaster athlete has been named the best female basketball player in all of Canada. Guest: Danielle Boiago Tomorrow night, the Ontario Men’s Provincial Volleyball Championship semi-finals will be held at McMaster. For five years in a row, McMaster has finished in first place in the championship Guest: Dave Preston, Men's Volleyball Head Coach at McMaster University
48 min
How much is Snapchat worth? Why is the NHL fina...
Snapchat doesn't make any money yet somehow it was valued at $29 billion. Guest - Marvin Ryder Gary Bettman sent a letter to the Arizona Legislature stating that there was no way the Coyotes could stay in Glendale. Guest - Bubba O'Neil Lisa Thomaidis was named one of the most influential women in Canada. Guest - Lisa Thomaidis
49 min