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Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Why are different treatments needed for differe...
A research team has figured out why some treatments for cancer work for some but not others. Guest: Dr. Mick Bhatia, Scientific Director of McMaster's Stem Cell an Cancer Research Institute - What does the average employee really want? - Randy Ambrosie has been named the new commissioner of the CFL. Scott talks to Rick Zamperin about what this means for the league. Guest: Rick Zamperin, Host of The 5th Quarter, and Assistant Program/News/Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML
50 min
How is the financial worth of a professional at...
Is Connor McDavid, arguably the best hockey player in the world who is currently in the game, being paid enough in his new contract with the Edmonton Oilers? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor for CHCH News - The results of a recent study seem to contradict the long-held belief that adding a sexual aspect to an advertisement will increase sales of the featured product. Guest: Dr. John Wirtz,  lead author of the study, from the University of Illinois - McMaster University will soon offer a course in Golf Management. Guest: Grant Fraser, Founder of the Golf Management Institute of Canada
49 min
Trudeau forgets about Alberta, Burlington is On...
During his Canada Day speech, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listed off all of Canada's provinces and territories - except for Alberta. - MoneySense came out with their 2017 list of Canada's best places to live. Burlington was the number 2 city in all of Ontario, and number 9 out of all the cities in Canada. Guest: Rick Goldring, Mayor of the City of Burlington - What if a computer could create art? Scientists have created an artificial intelligence that is creating unique and new styles of art that have never been seen before. Guest: Shelley Falconer, pPesident and CEO of the Art Gallery of Hamilton
45 min
Tonight, the Brightest Panel in Hamilton consis...
Scott welcomes three of Hamilton's brightest high school valedictorians to the show, for their perspectives on the future, politics, mediaand more.  The Panel: Ryan Clarke Nicole Graziano Tony Wong
72 min
What can be expected following a highly suspici...
Weeks ago, Angelo Musitano was murdered. Days ago, Pat Musitano's home was shot at repeatedly. Scott asks James Dubro what this might mean and what will likely happen next. Guest: James Dubro, award-winning Crime Writer - Nowadays, computer programs are capable of buying up large amounts of tickets online, so that they can be sold second-hand at a higher price. Should Ontario's government interfere with this practice? - In honour of the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation, Scott talks discusses the greatest moments in the history of Canadian sports. Guest: Rick Zamperin, Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML
52 min
Why was there a low turnout of Argos fans last ...
Next Wednesday, the inaugural Air Guitar Hamilton Championships will take place at This Ain't Hollywood. Do you know the history of Air Guitar competitions, or how to judge an Air Guitarist's performance? Guest: Tim Evans, organizer and Chief Executive "Air-ficer" of Air Guitar Canada - Scott finds out what a statistical analysis of creative writing can reveal about our favourite authors, and what "classic" works literature have in common. Guest: Ben Blatt, author of 'Nabokov's Favorite Word Is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal About the Classics, Bestsellers, and Our Own Writing' - Should the Toronto Argonauts and the CFL be concerned by the turnout for last Sunday's game against the Hamilton Tiger-cats? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor for CHCH News - How many common Canadian words make no sense to Americans? 
70 min
What should be done to stop people falling into...
It seems as though there's a rope rescue at a Hamilton waterfall every weekend. What needs to be done to stop this from happening? - The world may be facing the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. According to the United Nations, 20 million people in South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia will be facing famine in the upcoming months, with hundreds of thousands of children potentially dying of starvation. Guest: Brian Stewart, longtime senior correspondent for The National - Canada's 150th birthday is this weekend. What's the story behind the Canadian national anthem and how has it changed over the years?
53 min
Dave Andreychuk to be inducted into the Hockey ...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys chat sports, including Dave Andreychuk headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame and the opening weekend of the CFL. - The province of Ontario is looking to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2019. The city of Seattle already has a minimum wage of $15/hour and recently, the University of Washington published a study saying the average low wage worker in Seattle lost an average of $125 dollars a month. What does this mean for Ontario's low wage workers? Guest: Marvin Ryder, Business Professor at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University - It's been announced that Hamilton's own Dave Andreychuk will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Guest: Dave Andreychuk
57 min
Are Canadian prisons too accommodating to priso...
Convicted murderer Luka Magnotta is reportedly getting married to another innmate.  - Half of Grade Six students in Hamilton are meeting the provincial standard in math, why is this and what needs to change? Guest: Dr. Robert Craigen, Associate Professor of Math, University of Manitoba. Cofounder of the Western Initiative for Strengthening Education in Math - The NHL draft is about to get underway in Chicago, and a number of Hamilton Bulldogs players are up for grabs. Guest Teri Pecoskie, journalist with The Hamilton Spectator
49 min
The NHL Awards and Expansion Draft, how is this...
Scott and CHCH's Bubba O'Neil discuss the NHL Awards and the NHL Expansion Draft. Guest: Bubba O'Neil, sports anchor for CHCH - Nearly 18 years ago, Steve Staios was among those selected during the Atlanta Thrashers during their expansion draft. Guest: Steve Staios, former NHL player and current president of the Hamilton Bulldogs, - A report came out that says half of all Canadians expect to receive an inheritance, with many of those people expecting to use that money for their retirement. Guest: Don Fox of Investors Group and Planning Your Financial Future on AM900 CHML
52 min
Should newspapers get a federal grant? and Calg...
Several Canadian newspaper publishers are asking the federal government for a grant to help fund print media, which has been facing increasing challenges as most people now opt to consume their news online. Guest: Paul Berton, editor-in-chief of The Hamilton Spectator - Calgary is bidding to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. They already have the facilities, having hosted already in 1988, but renovations and updates to existing facilities would require at least $2.4 billion in funding. Is it worth it? Guest: Michael Heine, Director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at Western University
40 min
The U.S. Open and parity in the world of golf, ...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys talk about the latest news in sports, including how the playing field in golf is relatively even right now, the combination of the NHL Awards and the expansion draft, and how "hype" is an integral component of sports.
35 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton gathers for in-...
How will Hamilton's future be affected by the City of Hamilton's new noise bylaws? Do police have a place in highschools? How should Father's Day be celebrated? Scott brings together the Brightest Panel in Hamilton, and asks them these questions and more. Guests: Loren Leiberman, co-host of The O Show on Cable 14 Scott Urquhart, journalist
62 min
What makes a daredevil's stunt interesting? And...
What is it that grabs out attention about some risky acts of daring-do but not others? Were you enthralled by Erendira Wallenda's aerialist performance over Niagara Falls, during which she hung by her teeth at one point, this morning? - Over the last weekend, the PIttsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. 50 years ago, around now, the NHL expansion launched, leading to the formation of the first team of Penguins. Guest: Kevin Shea, Hockey Historian - A new study that took place across 95 Countries, over 25 years, found that more than 10 percent of the world's population is obese. Guest: Dr. Ashkan Afshin, assistant professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and lead author of the study  
51 min
Should parents let their children learn from th...
Dr. Marcia Sirota has written a number of articles about “helicopter parenting” and why it can be harmful for children. Guest: Dr. Marcia Sirota, psychiatrist and founder of the Ruthless Compassion Institute, frequent contributor to Huffington Post Canada - The Golden State Warriors are the 2017 NBA champions, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120. Guest: Bubba O’Neil, sports anchor with CHCH - What are the best Beatles songs of all time? Everyone has their own opinions, but a writer for went through every single song from the Beatles’ studio albums and ranked them from best to worst. Beatles superfan Jamie West joins Scott to weigh in on the top ten picks from the comprehensive list. The list is available here: Guest: Jamie West
57 min
The Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2017 Stanley Cu...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys discuss the Stanley Cup final and more.
34 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton reassembles to ...
Scott brings together the brightest panel in Hamilton in-depth talk about poilitics, education and pizza. Guests: Sandy Shaw, Organizational Strategist, and Director with the Hamilton Port Authority Brad Clark, former Hamilton City Councillor and Ontario's Minister of Labour and Minister of Transportation
60 min
The City of Hamilton has plans to honour retir...
Scott is joined by Russ Jackson to talk about his career, football in Canada and the plans that City Hall has for Russ Jackson Field. Guest: Russ Jackson, Hamiltonian and three-time Grey Cup champion - Scott asks what he considers to be the biggest question of the day, and gets input on current sporting events from Bubba O'Neil. Guest: Bubba O'Neil, sports anchor with CHCH News - Scott shares his takeaway from Former FBI Director James Comey's testimony. - Google has released the list of words that Canadians in each province most often have difficulty spelling. Can you spell all of these words without trouble?
47 min
Which food best represents the city of Hamilton...
Emma Reilly has 10 finalists, voted on by the people of Hamilton, for the title of Hamilton's City Dish. Do you agree with this of finalists? Which dish is iconic for our city? Guest: Emma Reilly, reporter with The Hamilton Spectator - 10 years ago tonight, The Hamilton Bulldogs won their first Calder Cup. This was the last time Hamilton earned a professional hockey championship. Guest: Ajay Baines, the former Hamilton Bulldog who scored the Calder Cup-winning goal against the Hershey Bears - Are the Liberals stealing the NDP's ideas, and is this a bad thing? Henry Jacek: Political Science Professor at McMaster University
58 min
Windsor Spitfires' Cristiano DiGiacinto on the ...
Scott speaks with Windsor Spitfires forward Cristiano DiGiacinto about his career path so far and the Spitfires' recent Memorial Cup win. Guest: Cristiano DiGiacinto, Windsor Spitfires - What is the world of an opera singer like? Scott chats with Mia Lennox, an opera singer who lives in Hamilton. Guest: Mia Lennox, mezzo-soprano and renowned opera singer
40 min
Catfish thrown on the ice in Nashville, what ma...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoy’s discuss catfish being thrown onto the ice during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup final and more recent news in the world of sports.
34 min
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton discusses stran...
Scott reconvenes the Brightest Panel in Hamilton, welcoming back Mike Fortune and Cadillac Bill. for their perspectives on world events.
51 min
Is Hamilton trying too hard to impress Toronto?...
How far should Hamilton go to impress the people of Toronton, and to what ends? - What can be learned from the dashcam video of the arrest of Tiger Woods? How will people's opinions change once they have seen the footage? And more from the world of sports. Guest: Rick Zamperin, Assistant Program/News/Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML - What made Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band such a memorable, influential album? And what does it take to translate the music of the album into a one-man band performance? Guest: Christopher Clause, musician and "Hamilton's Beatles Guy"
50 min
How should the CFL handle players charged with ...
The Scott Radley Show Podcast   Former Saskatchewan Roughrider Justin Cox was found not guilty of assault causing bodily harm. When he was initially charged, the Saskatchewan Roughriders cut him and the Canadian Football League barred him from signing with any other team. Now, CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge has reaffirmed his stance that Cox is barred the league, Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor for CHCH News - Amateur art detectives and orienteers Jim and Sue Woddington have spent decades tracking down the locations that inspired the Group of Seven's paintings. Scott talks to them about the skills and determination needed for taking on such a challenge. Guests: Sue Waddington and Jim Waddington, authors of In The Footsteps of The Group of Seven - Prepare to play along. Which word do the people of Michigan have the most difficulty spelling? How about the residents of New York State, or Wisconsin? Google has released a list of the most googled words from each state. Can you spell all of them?
55 min
The science of athletes connecting with a ball ...
What's the science behind athletes being able to time their movements to hit a ball in mid-air? Guest: Dr. William Warren, Chancellor's Professor in Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences at Brown University - A study is being conducted to determine whether or not it's true that elderly people are worse drivers. Guest: Dr. Brenda Vrkljan, the lead investigator of the McMaster University Candrive team, a Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)-funded initiative
35 min