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Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

Hamilton reaches $1 billion in building permits...
Hamilton has hit the $1 billion mark in building permits and has done so in the fastest time in Hamilton's history, just 9 months into the year! The question we need to start asking now is how sustainable is this? Will we be able to keep doing this every year and grow even more? Guest: Glen Norton, Director of Hamilton Economic Development - The Hudson Bay Company has released what Team Canada will be wearing during the opening ceremony in South Korea for the Winter Olympic Games. Lumberjack jackets and a unisex onesie are just a few of these new releases that have all been designed by Hudson Bay's own in-house design team. Are you going to buy some of the 2018 Team Canada collection?     Also, the NHL season starts up tomorrow and now that they have one of the better coaches in the league, how far do you think the Maple Leafs are going this year? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor at CHCH - It's no secret that Toys "R" Us is in some really deep trouble. Online shopping and e-commerce has had a huge effect on Toys "R" Us which has put them in a position where you can say only one thing, if you can't beat them, join them. An idea to help put them back on stable ground is through augmented reality. Imagine walking through a virtual store and interacting with a virtual product, would you want to buy things this way? Could this be the answer Toys "R" Us is looking for? Guest: Dr. Khaled Hassanein, Director of the McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre
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Ticats trade C.J. Gable to Eskimos, Calgary sig...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys talk about the latest from the world of sports, including the Hamilton Tiger-Cats trading running back C.J. Gable to the Edmonton Eskimos. - Scott discusses the Las Vegas mass shooting and how it seems as though there's no end to the horrific incidents that happen globally these days.
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Should politicians have to step down from their...
Tonight, Scott brings a dynamic duo to the Brightest Panel in Hamilton. Panel: Jen Watson, afternoon anchor at AM900 CHML Jay McQueen, AM/PM Weather for AM900 CHML
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Hamilton's $500,000 bid to host Amazon's new he...
Hamilton is continuing it's effort to land Amazon's second North American headquarters. Guest: Fred Eisenberger, mayor of Hamilton - Researchers are close to a test that could determine if an athlete is beginning to show signs of CTE. Guest: Bubba O'Neill, sports anchor with CHCH - Hugh Hefner passed away today at the age of 91. Scott asks callers whether or not Hefner's legacy has been overwhelmingly negative in its impact on women.
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Are the Golden Knights here to stay? Joining Te...
One of the biggest questions surrounding the Las Vegas Golden Knights is whether or not Vegas is a good market to try and build a hockey franchise especially when you consider the fact that Vegas has never been home to a professional sports team. Could a surge of NHL fans be too much for Vegas and its new franchise to handle? Guest: Gary Lawless, Las Vegas Golden Knights Insider - The Olympics are still 5 months away but if you're on the list to join Team Canada for Women's Ice Hockey, it's right around the corner. Scott catches up with Sarah Nurse to talk about what it's like to have the chance to not only represent Canada on the world stage but to also represent Women's Hockey. Guest: Sarah Nurse, Team Canada Women's Ice Hockey Candidate - Tough Mudder, American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout all have something in common with each other. That one thing they all share is that Spartan blows them out of the water. Dundas teacher, Cynthia Campanaro, will be heading out to Lake Tahoe in Olympic Valley in the United States to compete with Team Canada in the Spartan World Championship this weekend. Have you ever competed in one of these obstacle races before? Guest: Cynthia Campanaro, Spartan Team Canada Athlete
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CHML's 90th birthday, is a renegotiated NAFTA r...
Today is CHML's 90th birthday so Scott thought that he'd celebrate in his own way with the man who runs it all at CHML, Jeff Storey. Jeff recalls some of the great memories he's acquired from the years of working here and what it's like to be catching up with some of CHML's greatest announcers ever. Guest: Jeff Storey, Program Director & News Director at AM900 CHML - NAFTA is something that affects each and every Canadian, American and Mexican whether we want to accept it or not. Marvin Ryder helps us to understand this confusing agreement when it comes to duties and tariffs. Could duties affect whether or not Amazon moves to Hamilton? Guest: Marvin Ryder, Professor of Marketing at DeGroote School of Business - The Pier 8 Promenade is making its way to become a reality. Councillor Jason Farr weighs in with his opinion on this and it's future. With the budget set and the timeline drawn, the question remains, do you think this is a good idea? Should they build something else instead of a park? Guest: Jason Farr, Ward 2 Councillor - There is a huge trend around Hamilton where seemingly everywhere you look, someone is wearing a shirt that says, "Hamilton is Home". To get to the root of this, Scott went straight to the source to talk with the founder of True Hamiltonian apparel, Max Francis, about where he got the idea from, how he designs the shirts and where you can get them from. Guest: Max Francis, Founder of True Hamiltonian apparel
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Is the NFL really all about "free speech"? When...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys discuss the controversy between the NFL and U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as whether or not there ought to be criteria when a team retires a jersey number. - How do you possibly narrow down your choices when you're shopping for a new cell phone? Guest: Adam Oldfield, of Tech Talk with Bill Kelly and President & CEO of FPM Marketing
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How do we define the "Middle Class" and what ar...
Tonight Scott brings together two of this city's finest broadcasters, for the Brightest Panel in Hamilton. Panel: Jamie West, Radio and TV host, Media and Advertising Consultant Sue Prestedge, Broadcasting legend, recently retired from her positon as Program Coordinator for Journalism, and Pre-Media and Entertainment, at Mohawk College ,
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Is the NFL to blame for Aaron Hernandez? Lee Mu...
Aaron Hernandez was a man who played college football alongside Tim Tebow and then went on to become one of the best players in the NFL until he was arrested for murder. Upon examination, his brain showed a lot of damage from football which must have been the reason for what he did. Do you think Hernandez is a victim and the NFL is to blame for its players' health or since Aaron Hernandez had every option to leave the sport and protect his health, is it his fault and players should be accountable for their own health? - The Hamilton art scene is one that is full of incredible artists, poets and writers but few are able to come close to what local artist Lee Munn can create. His amazing story about his struggle with Epilepsy led to him eventually undergo brain surgery. Hear his story and painting rituals as he chats with Scott. Guest: Lee Munn, Fine Artist and Designer - Waterloo University banned its football program for a year back in 2010 as a result of the biggest steroid scandal in Canadian university history. Ever since then, they would very rarely win or even score points and at one point they didn't win a single game for two years straight. There has been a complete 180 since then with this year's team starting the season with four wins and no losses. Could their success be credited to the recent surge of Hamiltonians joining them? Guest: Jon Behie, Pass Coordinator for the Waterloo Warriors
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Is standing healthier than sitting? Is 2017 the...
There is a report on a study about why standing for too long is no better than sitting for too long. If standing isn't the opposite of sitting, then what is? Dr. Peter Smith joins Scott to talk about the science behind this study and more. Guest: Dr. Peter Smith, Chiropractor - Can we declare 2017 the worst season in Hamilton Tiger-Cats history? The 60-1 game, the Art Briles disaster, the Jones suspension and that's just the surface! There hasn't been much good this year for the Ticats. Rick Zamperin joins Scott today to talk about nearly everything the Ticats have done wrong and answer the question, is this really the worst season in Tiger-Cats history? Guest: Rick Zamperin, Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML - EQAO results are in and it appears that kids these days are in dire need of help with math. Could this new style of teaching called "Discovery Learning" be the reason for such low scores?
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McMaster's new writer-in-residence, should the ...
Gary Barwin is easily one of the best writers in Hamilton. His book, "Yiddish for Pirates", has been nominated for many awards which helps prove this and why he belongs at McMaster University as their writer-in-residence. Scott chats with Gary about the challenges of being a writer, teaching writing and much, much more. Guest: Gary Barwin, Writer and Poet - There is a minefield of rules in the NHL that the players have to navigate. It seems that everyone is trying to fix every sport however Jack Eichel of the Buffalo Sabres brought up an interesting fix, remove offside penalties from the NHL. Scott and Bubba O'Neil debate if the NHL should actually do it. What do you think? Should the NHL remove offsides? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor at CHCH - Apparently the grading system is "broken" but don't worry, there is a solution! The Mastery Transcript Consortium is going to be introduced in some schools in the Bay Area, the most liberal and progressive area of California. Bye, bye letter and number grades, hello long form reviews and pie-charts...
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Should coaches and players publicly criticize r...
Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys talk about some of the latest news in sports, including publicly calling out referees for their officiating decisions, inconsistent judging in boxing and other sports, and the consequences of Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest. - McMaster University has announced that the use of tobacco and all oral smoking devices will be banned from the Hamilton campus and at the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington starting January 1st. Is this fair to smokers?
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Where do we draw the line with vigilantism and ...
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton has been assemble (and is added to, over the course of the night) for their takes on issues close to home, including some prickly topics. Panel: Mike Fortune, Television host, Interviewer and Professional Master of Ceremonies Brad Clarke, Principal Consultant for Maple Leaf Strategies and former Hamilton City Councillor and Ontario's Minister of Labour and Minister of Transportation Rick Zamperin, host of The 5th Quarter, Assistant Program/News/Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML 
72 min
The greatest goal in Canadian hockey history an...
Tomorrow will be the 30th anniversary of a goal that will forever go down in Canadian hockey history. Mention 'Gretzky to Lemieux' to someone and there's a good chance that they'll remember the 1987 Canada Cup where Wayne Gretzky passed the puck to Mario Lemieux who then scored the game winning goal against the Soviets. Scott catches up with Ron Reusch, the colour commentator of that game, to recall the goal that went down in history. Guest: Ron Reusch, Legendary Hockey Commentator - The Ticats might hire Johnny Manzeil, the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and has been a first round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns as a quarterback. He seemingly did everything but succeed in the NFL. Since then, he's gotten into trouble with the law which has made him a very controversial figure. Should the Ticats hire Manzeil despite flaming out in the NFL? Could he bring some much needed talent to the Ticats? Guest: Rick Zamperin, Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML
41 min
Nothing wrong with adoption, CFL ends full-cont...
A statistic from the census has shown that those in living in a household with a single parent are three and a half times more likely to live in poverty. Despite this, single parenthood is being normalized and is even being chosen over other options like adoption. In fact, adoption is being seen a horrible thing to do! Why is that?   -   The CFL has announced that teams will no longer be allowed to have full contact practices as well as the addition of an extra week to the season. This is all being done in an attempt to cut down the number of concussions and exposure to potential injuries for the players. Do you think this is a good idea? Is it actually going to cut down on injuries and concussions? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor at CHCH - If someone comes to your front door and asks to come into your home to shoot a movie or use it in a shoot, what should you say? Having someone pay you thousands of dollars for every day they use it, maybe a newly painted wall or two and many other things makes this sound like a deal that might be too good to be true. That begs the question, is it too good to be true? You might be suprised by the answer. Guest: Jonathan Matthews, Location Manager at the Director's Guild of Canada
53 min
Why do ultra-low cost airlines keep coming? Can...
Ultra-low cost airlines that fly out of Hamilton's airport have come and gone. Yet another one has been announced that will be flying out of Hamilton International Airport despite the lack of success that past ultra-low cost airlines have had in the past. This begs the question, why do they keep coming if they never succeed? Guest: Marvin Ryder, Professor of Marketing at the DeGroote School of Business - Although the Toronto Maple Leafs have been unable to win a Stanley Cup for many years, this may be their year according to articles from both the Toronto Sun and the National Post. What do you think, are the Leafs going all the way this year? - What is it with bad drivers?! Sometimes they are just plain dangerous and know it! The worse part is that they don't care and show no remorse for anyone else. Scott has had his fair share of run-ins with bad drivers but this one, this one takes the cake.
56 min
Are we taking Hurricanes seriously enough? Shou...
The Brightest Panel in Hamilton has been assembled for a look back at this week, and a look forward at the days to come.   Panel: Sandy Shaw, Director of the Hamilton Port Authority, Co-host and expert municipal commentator for City Matters on Hamilton Cable 14 Jeff Mahoney, Columnist with the Hamilton Spectator
71 min
How are cruises going to work around Hurricane ...
How is Hurricane Irma going to affect Florida's major tourism industry? The potential for ports to be destroyed will result in many cruises being re-routed or even cancelled for weeks. Guest: Chris - Gray-Faust, Senior Editor at Cruise Critic - Is the future of Canada really going to benefit from the government changing report cards? Dr. Don Klinger is back to talk with Scott about what this could mean for soon-to-be post-secondary students, what this is teaching today's youth and whether or not this is a good idea. Guest: Dr. Don Klinger, Associate Dean of Education at Queen's University - It seems that there is a new norm in today's society. Overprotective parenting is becoming more and more normal and this is worrying Scott. What happened to kids being allowed to go for bike rides with their friends?
53 min
Close debate in City Hall over Hamilton hosting...
The debate over whether or not Hamilton should host the 2030 Commonwealth Games is one that has nearly split City Hall down the middle. Councillor Sam Merulla is against Hamilton hosting of the Commonwealth Games and talks with Scott about why he feels that way. What do you think, should Hamilton host the 2030 Commonwealth Games? Guest: Sam Merulla, Ward 4 Councillor - Vince Carter inspired a whole generation of basketball players when he played on the Toronto Raptors. Sean Menard decided to make a documentary about this called "The Carter Effect" that will be showing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Scott interviews Sean about the creation of the documentary and documentary creation as a whole. Guest: Sean Menard, Director of The Carter Effect - The very man that brought Vince Carter to the Toronto Raptors, Glen Grunwald, made the decision to have Carter traded to the Raptors in 1998 for Antawn Jamison. Scott chats with Glen about the decisions that led up to this trade and what it's like seeing the positive impact it has made. Guest: Glen Grunwald, Director of McMaster Athletics and Recreation
48 min
Why do Hamilton gas prices go up because of wha...
When the southern US got hit by Hurricane Harvey, Hamilton gas prices went up by a lot! The other part to this problem is that these prices haven't shown any signs of going down any time soon despite the fact that we haven't been directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. Why is this? Guest: Marvin Ryder, Professor at the DeGroote School Of Business - Cheating is something that happens in every sport and baseball is no different. How the Boston Red Sox cheated, is. The Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal signs from their rivals, the New York Yankees. Though the act of sign stealing isn't prohibited, using an electronic device to do so is. So are people just blowing this out of the water? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor at CHCH - A highschool in Caledon is going to be starting a pilot project that will allow students to negotiate their final grade with their teacher. Something that people haven't considered, is that this negotiation would almost always end up with a higher mark for the student, making it less of a negotiation and more of a protest. Should a lower mark be allowed just the same as a higher one? Should students be allowed to negotiate their final mark at all? Guest: Dr. Don Klinger, Associate Dean and Professor of Education at Queen's University
53 min
How do Hamiltonians feel about the Tiger-cats n...
Scott has reassembled the brightest panel in Hamilton. Tonight he is joined by Doug Farraway and a seemingly incognito Mike Fotrune. Guest: Doug Farraway, former Director of Development at Neighbour to Neighbour Centre, broadcaster, writer, and host of City Matters on Cable 14. Guest: Mike Fortune, television host and professional Master of Ceremonies
66 min
$1 billion dollars to host the 2030 Commonwealt...
Is it really a good idea for Hamilton to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games? Consider what the rest of the world does with their Olympic stadiums... Should Hamilton follow suit or would $800 million dollars perhaps even more be better spent somewhere else? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor with CHCH News - Steve Buist, a Hamilton Spectator reporter, is the author of the Spectator's investigation into concussions and football. Steve talks with Scott about what this investigation is uncovering and why everyone needs to know its findings. Guest: Steve Buist, Reporter at The Hamilton Spectator
35 min
Tuning out the news isn't a good idea and how c...
As more and more videos and pictures of Houston emerging left, right and centre, we see people in need everywhere we look. Sometimes people tune out the news and what's going on in the world and Scott has an opinion, what's yours? - In the midst of a massive losing streak, the Ticats made a controversial decision in the hiring of Art Briles as their new assistant offensive head coach which has since been overturned. No one was happy about the decision to hire Briles including Scott and guest Rick Zamperin. Scott and Rick discuss this mistake and how this could have gotten as far as it did. Guest: Rick Zamperin, Assistant Program/News/Senior Sports Director at AM900 CHML - One of the Hamilton Spectator's editorial cartoonists, Graeme MacKay, steps out of the shadows and joins Scott to talk about his new book that captures nearly every Hamilton stereotype in the perfect way. He pulls back the curtain and helps explain his inspirations and some memories as an editorial cartoonist. Guest: Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist at the Hamilton Spectator
46 min
Controversy surrounding Ticats' hiring of Art B...
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats' hiring of Art Briles as an assistant offensive head coach has drawn a great deal of criticism. Briles was fired last year as the head football coach at Baylor University in Texas in the wake of a sexual assault scandal within his program. Guest: Paula Lavigne, ESPN Outside the Lines reporter, data analyst, and co-author of "Violated: Exposing Rape at Baylor University Amid College Football's Sexual Assault Crisis" - It's Monday, so that means Scott and Don Robertson of the Dundas Real McCoys are here to chat about the world of sports. Scott and Don talk about the hiring of Art Briles and the results of the Mayweather vs. McGregor match-up.
38 min
Will Kent Austin's departure turn things around...
Kent Austin has "fired himself" as coach of the Hamilton Tiger-cats, promoting June Jones to the position of Head Coach. Is this a shake-up in the right direction, or will this add instability? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor with CHCH News - This Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather will fight Conor McGregor. Scott thinks that the sport of boxing has a lot to lose if Mayweather is beaten by McGregor. What will happen after this Saturday? Guest: Vinnie Ryan, veteran boxing coach -  Scott discusses the revival of the Westdale Theatre. Graham crawfdord, host of The Graham Crawford Show podcast
55 min