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Richard grew up in Winnipeg, moved away and then came back home with a renewed appreciation for the quality of Manitoba life. Julie, an ‘air force brat’, was born in Trenton, Ontario and returned to her Mom’s hometown of Rapid City, Manitoba at the age of 10. After leaving for college and starting a family of her own, she has also returned, to calling Winnipeg home.  As hosts, we have our finger on the pulse of our community. Please join us weekday afternoons as we discuss the issues important to you. Your voice is an essential element to the show. Join the conversation by phone at 204-780-6868 or toll free at 1-844-686-6868.
Real 911 Call to WFPS
8 min
Theresa Oswald on the Election Campaign
4 min
Not Enough Beds for Hip and Knee Surgery
1 min
Cataract Surgery Wait Times on the Rise
1 min
Federal Finance Minister Discusses the Budget
4 min
Finding Missing Persons in Winnipeg
14 min