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WestJet Cancelling flights, why airline industr...
Duncan Dee, former chief operating officer at Air Canada who was appointed as the air transportation lead on the panel that reviewed the Canada Transportation Act in 2016.
10 min
According to recent data, the annual rate of ne...
Taylor Pardy, Senior Specialist, Market Insights for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
10 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 19th, 2024
4 min
Last day of spring and it's been an unusual se...
David Spence, weather specialist at Rural Roots Canada
8 min
Panther Fans loved their visit to Edmonton!!
Rick Lehecka in Fort Lauderdale, he and his son paid our town a visit for Game Four and had a great time!
5 min
Canada Day London 2024: Canada's Largest Intern...
Jeffrey Sundqvist
11 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 17th, 2024
3 min
How AI Can Enhance Farming Efficiency and Susta...
Darrell Petras, CEO of the Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network.
8 min
The Federal Government announced new tool to de...
David Adams, President & CEO Global Automakers of Canada
11 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 13th, 2024
4 min
Can hockey playoffs harm your hearing?
Dr. Bill Hodgetts is an audiologist and professor with the U of A's Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
9 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 12th, 2024
3 min
Moving company data shows a notable trend. BC r...
Addison Parfeniuk, CEO of western Canadian moving company Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving.
9 min
The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is deepl...
Dr. Kathleen Ross, Canadian Medical Association president
9 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 11th, 2024
4 min
Edmonton expands its water bottle-filling progr...
Hani Quan, Director of Affordable Housing and Homelessness
9 min
CTF: Time to end taxpayer-funded bonuses for fa...
Franco Terrazzano, Federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation
9 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 7th, 2024
3 min
Elks Home Opener: Tracy Ham, Former Elks Player
Tracy Ham, Former Elks Player
10 min
As Prime Minister’s promise to stop junk food ...
Manuel Arango, Heart & Stroke’s VP of Policy and Advocacy
9 min
Her body was generating alcohol internally: A C...
Dr. Rahel Zewude, a physician who is an infectious disease and medical microbiology fellow at University of Toronto
9 min
The positive impact of the playoffs on downtown...
Puneeta McBryan, Executive director of the Downtown Business Association
12 min
Derek's Dumb Days- June 5th, 2024
3 min
KPMG Canada survey finds most Canadians rarely ...
Dan Resnick, a Partner in KPMG’s Customer Practice who specializes in financial services
10 min
Mama Stanley, the passionate Edmonton Oilers su...
Mama Stanley
6 min