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Farewell to Sweetness: Chick Boss Cake has anno...
Rebecca Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Chick Boss Cake, joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
7 min
Drawing the Line: Ontario NDP's Bid to Outlaw ...
The Ontario NDP wants to make it illegal for drivers to pass on solid double yellow lines. Many people already assume it's illegalThe Ontario NDP wants to make it illegal for drivers to pass on solid double yellow lines. Many people already assume it's illegal
7 min
Revitalizing Downtown London: A Call to Action
Downtown London is calling for help from city council to create a long-term plan for the downtown to reverse what it says is a downward spiral. Barbara
7 min
Celebrating Four Years: The Return of The Merry...
The Merry Market at 100 Kellogg Lane returns this weekend for its fourth year.
6 min
Navigating the Season: How Companies Adapt to A...
How are companies responding to a projected dip in holiday spending this year by consumers?
8 min
From Data to Dwellings: Understanding Ontario's...
New data from the Alliance for a Liveable Ontario shows there are almost 640,000 households in Ontario that are living in homes that are the wrong size and cost way more than what people can afford.
8 min
Dollars in the Bin: A 2023 Perspective on Canad...
Four years ago a London research found Canadians waste $600 annually on food waste.
8 min
Hope in Action: Barry Travnicek's Legacy in the...
For the past 33 years a London man has been raising money to end MS, after his sister, who lived with MS, was diagnosed with the disease
8 min
Festive Finances: Unwrapping the Canadian Holid...
Joanne McNeish, Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management at TMU, joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
9 min
The CP Holiday Train Brings Cheer and Support t...
The CP Holiday Train will be rolling into London this evening. The Holiday Train supports food banks across the country by raising food, money and awareness about food insecurity. Gl
8 min
Lights for a Cause: Magic of Lights Shines in S...
Magic of Lights is back for another holiday season, offering Londoners 2km worth of holiday lights at the Longwoods Road Conservation Area, in support of Children’s Health Foundation.
7 min
Spreading Holiday Cheer: The Shoebox Project Re...
The Shoebox Project is back in London for another year, running its holiday gift drive until December 15th in support of women in the community.
7 min
Taking a Stand Together: Ontario's Bullying Pre...
Dennis Wright, Superintendent of Student Achievement and Safe Schools and Well-Being at the Thames Valley District School Board, joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
8 min
Teen Tech Trouble: Unraveling the Behavioral an...
There is new research showing the impact social media is having on teenagers. Researchers say teens who spend hours on the phones, scrolling through social media, are showing more aggression, anxiety and depression
7 min
Monday Mornings with Mayor Josh Morgan
On the agenda with Mayor, Josh Morgan will cover the verdict of the London attack trial and seeking help for asylum seekers.
7 min
Hear for the Holidays: Bentley Hearing Services...
Every year, Bentley Hearing Services donates hearing aids to those who cannot afford them through their "Hear for the Holidays" initiative.
5 min
Let's talk winter tires
Jeremy Hanford of Hanford's Tire and Service joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
7 min
Greening London's Future: The Impact of Tree Pl...
Brendon Samuels, PhD candidate at Western University, joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
8 min
Closing arguments begin today in the London att...
Nick Cake, prosecutor turned defence lawyer at Cake Criminal Defence, joins Devon Peacock to discuss
8 min
Home Sweet Home: October's Surge in Available P...
If you're in the market to buy a home, now might be a good time to do it.
6 min
The Art of Commemoration: Western University's ...
History students at Western University have been mailing postcards from soldiers in the First World War back to the addresses in Canada that originally received them as part of an effort to give a glimpse into life during the war.
7 min
WSIB is the title sponsor for NYE in the Park
Marcus Plowright, chairperson of London’s New Year’s in the Park and Jeff Lang President and Chair of the WSIB, join Devon to discuss.
7 min
Daylight Saving ends this weekend when clocks g...
While Londoners will gain an hour of sleep, the time change has also been associated with sleep disruption and health issues.
7 min
Have you picked up your poppy yet?
Nujma Bond, Manager of Communications for The Royal Canadian Legion, joins Devon Peacock to discuss
7 min
London city staff are asking for $1.9 million t...
Kevin Dickins, London's deputy city manager of Social and Health Development, joins Devon Peacock to discuss.
9 min