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Talking water safety with the LHSC
This week is National Drowning Prevention Week, it comes on the heels of a number of high profile drownings and near-drowings in the region. Ashley Stephen, Injury Prevention Specialist at the London Health Sciences Centre, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Mayor Josh Morgan on London's pride parade, pol...
London's pride parade, protecting politicians from hate and finding municipal savings are on the agenda for the weekly interview with Mayor Josh Morgan.
8 min
A few of the American election from Canada
The Republican National Convention wrapped in Milwaukee last night with the Democratic convention in Chicago still weeks away. Don Abelson, professor of political science at McMaster University, joins The Morning Show.
9 min
The film biz is thriving in London
A new report recommends making funding for Film London permanent after it has been revealed it has created 300 jobs and generated $1 million for the local economy since it was created three years ago. Andrew Dodd, director of Film London, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
The impact of the LCBO strike
Today marks two weeks since workers at the LCBO went on strike. How is the strike impacting local breweries? Dave Reed, co-founder of Forked River Brewing Company, joins The Morning Show.
5 min
Are Londoners buying into the green bin program?
City stats show more and more Londoners are using their green bin, how is it going six months in? Jay Stanford, London's director of waste management, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
London won't be bringing in a vacant home tax
London is looking for ways to generate new revenue but it doesn't look like it will bring in a vacant home tax. Ward 7 Councillor Corrine Rahman joins The Morning Show.
6 min
Premier Doug Ford calls Mayor Josh Morgan
Road construction, home building, affordable housing and office to residential conversions are all on the agenda for Mayor Josh Morgan's weekly interview.
7 min
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault
Londoners will receive another instalment of the 2024 Canada Carbon Rebate in their bank accounts or in the mail today. Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault joins The Morning Show.
7 min
Cutting down on food waste
New research from Ivey Business School has found Canadians could save up to $1,800 annually by employing simple tactics to prevent avoidable food waste. Paul van der Werf, adjunct assistant professor at the Ivey Business School, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
The return of the Home County festival (sort of)
The Home County Folk League and London Brewing are teaming up for a one day event in August to replace the Home County Music & Art Festival, which was cancelled for 2024 due to finances. Darin Addison, Artistic Director of the Home County Folk League, joins The Morning Show.
5 min
Did Facebook change their algorithm (again)?
Has Facebook changed the amount of notifications we get on a daily basis? How relevant is the social media giant in this day and age? Carmi Levy, London-based tech analyst, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Speed limits rise for some Ontario highways
Speed limits on some highways in Ontario are set to increase today, including large portions of the 401. Brian Patterson, President and CEO of the Ontario Safety League, joins The Morning Show.
9 min
Colours on the Beach
If you're looking for something to do this weekend you may want to check out the Colours on the Beach festival in Port Stanley. Bhavin Patel, President of Indian Culture of Southwestern Ontario, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
London's booming tourism sector
Summer festival season has arrived in London. How big is it for tourism and what sort of economic impact does it have? Cheryl Finn, General Manager of Tourism London, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Mayor Josh Morgan talks summer tourism
Summer tourism in London and Canada's men's soccer team at the Copa America are on the agenda for the weekly interview with Mayor Josh Morgan.
7 min
Local family shares their story on why you shou...
A local family is speaking out on the importance of wearing your seatbelt on National Injury Prevention Day. Jessica and Layla Mitchell join The Morning Show.
8 min
The U.K. has a new PM
After more than a decade in power, Britain's Conservatives have been voted out. The Labour Party has won the general election with a sizeable majority. Catherine Ellis, Professor in the Department of History at Toronto Metropolitan University, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
A historic day in the NHL
The Seattle Kraken hired Jessica Campbell to be an assistant coach on Dan Bylsma's staff on Wednesday, making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the NHL. Alison Doherty, professor of Sport Management at Western University, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
TVDSB board chair calls on province to pay up
School board officials are calling on the Ford government to fulfill their budget obligations for education to keep them out of deficit. Beth Mai, chair of the board for the Thames Valley District School Board, joins The Morning Show.
6 min
Punching out MS
A London woman who was diagnosed with MS last year will be stepping into a boxing ring this Sunday to raise awareness about the disease. Julia Campbell joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Will nurses bear the brunt of the deficit at th...
A major budget deficit at the London Health Sciences Centre has many wondering what happens next. Doris Grinspun, CEO of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Office vacancy in London hits new all-time high
Office vacancies in downtown London hit an all-time high in the second quarter of this year according to CBRE, but there's reason for optimism. Greg Harris, associate vice-president of CBRE London, joins The Morning Show.
6 min
London MP Peter Fragiskatos on Liberals byelect...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is showing no hints that he'll step down, after a byelection loss to the Conservatives in a longtime Liberal stronghold. Liberal MP for London North Centre Peter Fragiskatos joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Does London need improved transit in the west e...
Is London prepared for the traffic pressure a new development in the Cherryhill area will provide? Ward 6 Councillor Sam Trosow joins The Morning Show to discuss the development and London's proposed renoviction bylaw.
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