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Grain Growers of Canada Kyle Larkin on Senate's...
Bill sought to exempt propane and natural gas from carbon pricing for on-farm activities
14 min
Calgary mayor pulls out of menorah lighting cer...
Ariella Kimmel, VP, Strategic Communications and Development for Winston Wilmont. Former senior staffer in Alberta government and a volunteer within the Jewish community
11 min
Canada’s emissions reduction goal
Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources
7 min
Oil and gas emissions cap
Theo Argitis, managing director at Compass Rose Group
9 min
Eroding housing affordability in Alberta; Decli...
Rob chats with ICBA's Mike Martens, math prof. Anna Stokke, journalism expert Christopher Waddell
37 min
"Without Leaving Anyone Behind"; Remembering My...
Rob chats with U of C's Harrie Vredenburg, writer/publicist Eric Alper, doctor/researcher Tara Kiran, and auto expert Brian Turner
50 min
Canada's got a great story to share at COP 28:;...
Rob chats with Canada Action's Cody Battershill, digital law expert Michael Geist, city councillor Raj Dhaliwal, and CUI's Mary Rowe
43 min
Dr. Paul Parks, president Alberta Medical Assoc...
13 min
Unpacking the Real Sources of Rising Food Price...
Rob chats with business prof. Werner Antweiller, auto analyst Karl Brauer, pollster Sean Simpson, and journalist prof. John Affleck
45 min
Alberta invokes the Sovereignty Act: What it me...
Rob chats with energy economist Andrew Leach as well as Calgary Sun columnist Rick Bell
32 min
First Israeli hostages released; Canada's enorm...
Rob chats with former Israeli prosecutor and justice advisor Dotan Rousso as well as economist Craig Alexander
33 min
"The Mosaic Effect" - Ina Mitchell & Scott McGr...
Rob chats with authors Ina Mitchell and Scott McGregor about their new book "The Mosaic Effect"
15 min
Preventing a Criminal Record from Becoming Auto...
9 min
JFK & conspiracy theories; Israel-Hamas hostage...
Rob chats with author and researcher Michel Gagne, FDD's Jonathan Schantzer, MLI's Jonathan Berkshire Miller, and filmmaker David Curtis
50 min
Netanyahu rebukes Trudeau; "Dominion: The Railw...
Rob chats with CIJA's Richard Marceau, author Stephen Bown, and York U's Carlo Fanelli
42 min
Garry Clement, "Under Cover"; Canada's refining...
Rob chats with author Garry Clement, commodity analyst Rory Johnston, and Rob Cunningham with the Canadian Cancer Society
37 min
Jewish union members file rights claim against ...
Rob chats with CUPE member Carrie Silverberg, health policy expert Dr. Tom Noseworth, economist Blake Shaffer
36 min
RH Thomson, "By the Ghost Light"; Lt-Gen (ret.)...
Rob chats with actor and author RH Thomson, Lt-Gen (ret.) Michael Hood, CIJA's Richard Marceau, and Alberta Municipalities president Tyler Gandam
47 min
Hamas/ Israel and the rules of war
Richard Marceau, vice-president and general counsel of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), a former member of Parliament and a member of the Quebec and Ontario bars
9 min
Concern over fate of Israeli hostages; Why Hama...
Rob chats with a relative of 4 hostages being held by Hamas, Muslim activist Raheel Raza, and journalist Paul Wells
40 min
Israel steps up campaign against Hamas; "Does C...
Rob chats with former British Colonel Richard Kemp, author and scientist Dr. Christopher Labos, and privacy expert Sharon Polsky
37 min
Wither the carbon tax?; Alberta legislature res...
Rob chats with economist Trevor Tombe, political watcher Dave Cournoyer, lawyer Tim Danson, policy analyst Matthew Lau, CCFR's Rod Giltaca
62 min
Is Canada Systemically Racist?
Rob chats with Aristotle Foundation senior fellow Matthew Lau
12 min
Are winter tires worth it?
9 min
New numbers on medical assistance in dying
15 min