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Universities bowing to anti-Israel mobs by bar...
Universities bowing to anti-Israel mobs by barring opposing voices: activists
14 min
Double standard for campus protests?; Parks Can...
Rob speaks with CMAA's Mohammed Rizwan, MLI's Patrice Dutil, ethicist Jill Fellows, CPA's Steve Joordens, and MEO's Sara Parker
65 min
In conversation with Canadian comedy icon Ron J...
Rob chats with Canadian comedian, author, and actor Ron James
22 min
Jeff Rubin, "A Map of the New Normal"; Major ne...
Rob chats with author Jeff Rubin, economist Trevor Tombe, food policy expert Sylvain Charlebois, and marine mammal expert Dr. Andrew Trites
49 min
Calgary city council approves blanket citywide ...
Rob chats with city councillor Jasmine Mian, MIL's Peter Menzies, MRU's Doug King, and CD Howe's Bob Baldwin
51 min
A critical look at Canada’s EV mandate; Warning...
Rob chats with MLI's Jerome Gessaroli, CFIB's Dan Kelly, S&P Global's Kevin Birn, and ABMuni's Tyler Gandam
41 min
What Israel needs to accomplish before leaving ...
Rob chats with MLI's Casey Babb, Carleton University's Ian Lee, and former CSIS official Andrew Kirsch
40 min
Paull Wells, "Trudeau on the Ropes"; Impact of ...
Rob chats with author & journalist Paul Wells, Cardston County Reeve Randy Bullock, U of O's Stephane Serafin, and Munk School's Jack Cunningham
42 min
Antisemitism reaches new heights in Canada; For...
Rob chats with B'nai Brith's Abe Silverman, U of O's Michael Kempa. Global's Stewart Bell, and author Robert Sawyer
50 min
US approves military aid for Ukraine; Concern o...
Rob chats with analyst Molly McKew, CCF's Joanna Baron; historian/author James Fell, CIBC's Andrew Grantham, and infectious disease expert Dr. Jason Kindrachuk
59 min
Israel responds to Iran attack; Why Canada's li...
Rob chats with Winston Wilmont's Joe Roberts, CD Howe's William Robson, U of C's Trevor Tombe, and Scottish filmmaker John MacLaverty
48 min
Federal budget misses the mark on growth & prod...
Rob chats with columnist Andrew Coyne, constitutional law expert Phillipe Lagasse, CCES's Jeremy Luke, and the directors and star of "The Last Video Store"
45 min
Municipal affairs minister on Bill 18; Analysis...
Rob chats with Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, political scientist Jared Wesley, journalist Sam Cooper, and CFIB's Andrew Sennyah
45 min
Bank of Canada holds rate steady; Jane Philpott...
Rob chats with economist Steve Ambler, author & former cabinet minister Jane Philpott, CSAAA's Wes Winkel, and music writer Alan Cross
45 min
Ottawa taken to court over UNWRA funding; Why w...
Rob speaks with CIJA's Richard Marceau, Carleton U's Jim Mitchell, and U of C addictions expert Dr. Monty Ghosh
38 min
Canada's stagnant wage growth; Balancing low el...
Rob chats with economist Trevor Tombe, EDC Associate's Duane Reid-Carlson, and Concordia's Ian Irvine
39 min
Why we need both recovery and harm-reduction; G...
Rob chats with addictions expert Guy Felicella, CCPA's David Macdonald, and astrophysicist Dr. Paul Tiede
37 min
"Love To Hate: Nickleback" - Leigh Brooks
Rob chats with Leigh Brooks, British Filmmaker and Director of "Love To Hate: Nickleback - the Nickleback Documentary"
13 min
Tough talk from Ottawa on nicotine pouches; Com...
Rob chats with CCC's David Clement, Climate Institute's Dale Beugin, McGill Prof. Chris Barrington-Leigh, and finance expert Rubina Ahmed-Haq
46 min
Free the hostages; Carbon Tax election?; How Bi...
Rob chats with Ashley Waxman Bakshi (cousin of an Israeli hostage), Runnymeade Society's Kristopher Kinsinger, and Outlaw Ocean Project's Ian Urbina
44 min
Disappointment over Parliament's vote on Israel...
Rob chats with CJF's Adam Silver, journalist Justin Ling, School of Public Policy's Richard Masson & Kevin McQuillan, and MLI's Andrew Evans
55 min
The problems with the NDP's Israel-Hamas motion...
Rob chats with Winston WIlmont's Joe Roberts and U of C resource law prof. Martin Olszynski
25 min
Rob Harvilla, "60 Songs That Explain the 90s
Rob chats with writer & podcaster Rob Harvilla about his new book "60 Songs That Explain the 90s"
20 min
How History and Reality will inevitably catch-u...
Angela Kokott, in for Rob, speaks with a professor about the reality of Putin's rule, and the war in Ukraine
10 min
500 Days in the Wild - An epic trek across the ...
Angela Kokott, in for Rob, speaks with a filmmaker who made the over 20,000km journy across the Trans Canada Trail
10 min