The Simple Life Chat

Through conversations with real residents, the Simple Life team, and our partners, The Simple Life Chat looks to readdress the balance in the way renting is perceived, showing what a positive and engaging experience it can be. Whether as a temporary pit-stop, a long-term lifestyle choice, or an opportunity to try something new, there’s more to renting than just a property or a landlord. Get under the skin of what it means to rent, the community it builds, and discover more along the way.

Home & Garden
Society & Culture
Resident Take-Over
22 min
Talking Homelessness with Embassy
49 min
Organise and Sort with dot.
42 min
New Chapters
24 min
Styling Made Simple
33 min
Inspire, Engage and Educate
At Simple Life, we’re on a mission to improve educational facilities for our communities and we believe there are a million ways to reach pupils. In today’s society, with a higher demand for self-awareness, developing outside of the classroom is...
37 min
The London Rental Market
This week, we’re delving into the rental market around the capital, as we are joined on-location by some of the Simple Life London team. Recording within one of the showhomes at Beam Park, we discuss how renting has – and is – changing in...
31 min
Communicating Quality
The conversation around renting is – slowly – starting to shift, with people coming to see it as a viable alternative lifestyle option, not second class to owning a home. How Build to Rent providers speak to their customers is vital, showcasing...
21 min
Giving Renters Choice
For those looking to rent – whether by choice or in response to the housing market – finding a home you can feel secure in, from a landlord you can trust, can feel impossible. But with the rise in Build to Rent providers giving more choice, there...
19 min
Peace of Mind In Emergencies
Finding peace of mind at home comes from more than the lock on your door or the neighbourhood that surrounds you. Having the confidence of what to do in an emergency situation can be the difference in someone surviving – from knowing how to spot a...
28 min
Meet The Property Team
A day in the life of the property team. We’re revealing the tips and tricks to help renters get the best out of their tenancy, right up until the end. From how to ensure you get your deposit back, to our team’s insights into the best rental...
20 min
Sustainability and Collaboration
It’s been a buzzword for many years now but sustainability remains fundamental and of real significance to the survival of the planet and human race, not to mention the businesses and lives we lead. But what does it mean in reality?  What...
48 min
The Future of Renting
In 2020, Simple Life conducted an important piece of market research, the first of its kind, to delve into the rental market and find out who renters really are. From demographics, ages and lifestyles, to motivations to rent and aspirations for their...
33 min
Giving Peace of Mind
It’s the little things that can make a real difference to bringing residents peace of mind when they rent a home. But it’s about more than just practical processes – giving back to customers is a key to Simple Life’s success, and in this...
24 min
The Mental Pressures Of Finding A Home
Life throws up all sorts of challenges along the way, from the stresses of finding a new home, to anxiety around global issues. The way we approach, deal with, and accept these stresses can help turn every situation into a positive experience. This...
27 min
A Place to Call Home
Hear from real Simple Life residents as we’re joined by Brittany, a 21-year-old renter from the Midlands, and Amber & Dan, a newly engaged couple renting a 3 bedroom home in Merseyside. There is no such thing as a typical renter, and every...
22 min
Meet The Team
The first episode speaks with three members of the Simple Life team, introducing listeners to who we are as a brand from the perspective of marketing, lettings and ongoing maintenance and management. When you hear the word ‘renting’, do you...
19 min