Inside Holiday Letting
Welcome to the podcast series from Sykes Holiday Cottages. Listen to all you need to know about holiday letting in the UK, from how to set up your holiday let business to where to buy a holiday home for great returns. We’ll help explain how to maximise your income with advice from experts in holiday lets and interiors. Why not join the growing band of holiday cottage owners, earning income from your holiday home and enjoying breaks in your own slice of the great British property market?
Location, Location, Location
Owning a holiday let is not all chocolate-box cottages and barn conversions. There’s a wide range of property types and locations across the UK. Our experts discuss the differences in value between those summer holiday hotspots and year-round income...
35 min
How to maximise your holiday let income
Ever wondered how some holiday homes can command high rental rates and are booked out for months in advance? Our experts will share their tips on how to maximise your holiday let income, from layout to paint finishes, hot tubs to fixtures and décor,...
38 min
The practical steps to getting a Holiday Let bu...
With so many things to consider, in this episode we make it easy to understand the steps to take to start your holiday let business. Research is king, and we explain why taking some time to plan the setting up of your holiday home will reap rewards....
33 min
What is holiday letting?
Why now is a good time to invest and build a business
38 min