Newport Live

Newport Live has become the first choice for sporting, leisure and cultural activities in Newport. With a large number of fitness classes, sports and live performances on offer, this new podcast takes you behind the scenes to learn from health experts, hear inspirational stories from gym members and discover all of the cultural events that Newport has to offer. Newport Live - helping you to take that step in feeling happier and healthier.

Health & Fitness
Active Giving: Transforming Lives with Every Vi...
28 min
Lead & Inspire: Newport Live's Young Ambassador...
29 min
Revolutionise Your Commute!
27 min
The Healing Power of Theatre: Elevate Your Well...
22 min
Improve your Health and Wellbeing - starting today
This time, Rae Carpenter uncovers how we can improve our mental and physical well-being - starting today. We'll hear from Newport Live's experts, Bryony Gurmin and Ellis Redman, who both have actionable tips and helpful insights.
39 min
Theatre & Arts in Newport - and panto is back!
Rae Carpenter chats to actor Richard Ellis and Danielle Rowlands, Education & Participation Officer at Newport Live.   Today, you’ll hear about why theatre could change your life. Plus, we’ll get a taste of this year’s Riverfront...
26 min
Creativity & Arts in Newport
Sports TV presenter Michelle Owen explores the jam-packed creative arts scene in Newport and finds out how it can enrich all our lives.  
21 min
Cycle Fitness
Sports TV presenter Michelle Owen takes us to the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales. She also discusses the Wheels For All initiative, which helps make cycling more accessible. 
15 min
Gym Fitness
Sports TV presenter Michelle Owen takes us to one of Newport Live’s four gyms across the city. You'll get useful fitness tips from one of the experts, and also hear from someone with an incredible story about her fitness journey...  
24 min
Newport Live - Trailer
Coming soon... a new podcast from Newport Live.  In this series, Michelle Owen will be letting you know about the sporting, leisure, and cultural activities you can get involved with throughout Newport to support your health and wellbeing....
0 min