The Workplace Briefcase
Mapien’s Workplace Briefcase provides exclusive insight into the complexities surrounding the Australian workplace. This Podcast series presents a range of unique views and expertise covering a variety of topics which impact the way we work and the way we create people strategies in an ever evolving environment. We’ve interviewed some of the brightest and informative specialists to give you access to updates, thoughts, news, and views on the modern workplace in Australia.
The Gender Divide of the Global Pandemic
Danielle Wood is the CEO of the Grattan Institute, and she joins me to dissect the "Women’s work: The impact of the COVID crisis on Australian women" Gratton report and what needs to be done at a corporate and government level to help women transition back into the work place beyond Covid.
28 min
Industrial Relations, Frustrations and Bargaini...
We talk to the Hon Graeme Watson about the architecture of IR Reform and the political wheels which drive new legislation through the federal government, the future (or lack of!) for enterprise bargaining in Australia and how businesses need to consider their EA bargaining strategies more than ever!
45 min
The Father of Modern HR
We speak to the Father of Modern HR, Dave Ulrich, about ‘harnessing uncertainty’ and what a worldwide pandemic means for HR in Australia. We get personal with Dave and find out how the most recognisable global HR facilitator and presenter pivots when he’s confined to his home office as he offers up some of his most valuable advice yet. As LinkedIn creates a breeding ground for a new wave of HR philosophers, Dave shares he’s candid response to those who have recently challenged his HR concepts, theories and models on LinkedIn.
38 min