Worth Your Time

Faith & culture writer Ericka Andersen hosts "Worth Your Time," a podcast featuring interviews with faithful, fascinating women that you won't hear from on every other program. She features Christian entrepreneurs, political leaders, athletes, authors, faith leaders, activists & more.

Ericka's writing, political and communications background means she talks with Christian from a wide variety of spaces. She doesn't shy away from entertaining controversial topics with grace. Most importantly, you'll find substantive conversation about things that matter -- and inspire.

On "Worth Your Time," you'll hear from people doing important, fascinating work for the Kingdom God and learn what drives them to live out their calling.

Learn more about Ericka, the podcast and her upcoming book at ErickaAndersen.com.

Society & Culture
Religion & Spirituality
Juli Slattery: God, Sex and Your Marriage
Helping women find authentic intimacy within their sexuality as Christians.
34 min
Ericka Andersen: Why I Wrote a Book About Women...
A deep dive interview with Ericka Andersen about her latest book.
36 min
Sarah Butterfield: Cultivating Spiritual Practi...
Every mom needs to start the new year with this.
26 min
Reason to Return Series: Sharon Hodde Miller
A three-time author and church planter, Sharon was one of my favorite guests!
53 min
Paige Rien: A Former HGTV Star & the Sober, Fai...
From abusing alcohol to finding freedom and teaching others.
37 min
Krystal Parker: President of the Christian Chamber
She's a businesswoman with a heart for faith in the workplace.
23 min
Katy Faust: Child Rights Matter More Than Adult...
Society has lost what it means to put the most vulnerable first.
46 min
Elizabeth Rhyno: Finding Joy in All the Things
When God leads you somewhere you don't expect.
39 min
Clarissa Moll: Discovering Grace in Grief
After her husband died unexpectedly, Clarissa was left alone with four children. Here's how she clung to God.
55 min
Melissa Zaldivar: How Jesus Holds Us Together W...
Wisdom, insight and spiritual guidance in the age of loss.
43 min
Monica Ritchie: Lady Theologian For Normal People
She's a mom who just graduated from seminary & she wants everyday people to understand the Bible.
50 min
Overcoming a Church Cult Background: Leah's Story
Leah never knew things could be different, until they were.
54 min
Betsy Painter: A Christian's Guide to Planet Earth
Why how we treat the Earth matters and how to care for it.
37 min
What’s Wrong With Surrogacy? Jennifer Lahl, Cen...
Something most Christians haven't thought enough about.
36 min
Christians of all Kinds Love Sheila Gregoire's ...
A conversation with Sheila Gregoire and Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach
41 min
Tiana Schowe: Talking about Jesus on TikTok
She's built a large following by being bold about Christ.
53 min
Natalie Runion: Why We Choose to Stay in the Ch...
She's a pastor's kid and a pastor herself, but she knows what it's like to want to run.
32 min
Monet Carpenter: Finding Purpose and Spiritual ...
Going where God leads and seeking joy.
28 min
Anne Wilson: Christian Singer and Songwriter
Incredible talent and a beautiful heart -- this was a favorite for me!
29 min
What Does a Post-Roe World Look Like with Lifel...
Chatting with President of Lifeline Herbie Newell.
34 min
Kelly Speck: Hope in the Heartache
When parenthood doesn't look like you expected it too.
51 min
Nancy Pearcey: Christianity and the Human Body
Her incredible book "Love Thy Body" is a must-read for all.
57 min
Chelsey Youman: Pro-life, Holistic, Comprehensi...
The Human Coalition is doing incredible work and they're just getting started.
23 min
Christie Thomas: Developing Deep Faith Roots in...
You have what it takes to disciple your chidren!
24 min
Joni Earekson Tada: Joy, Heaven & Quadriplegia
Decades in a wheelchair weren't part of her plan, but she has embraced this life.
25 min