Monday Morning Pastor

Monday Morning Pastor is a weekly podcast to encourage, equip, challenge and resource pastors and church leaders on Monday mornings. Monday is the hardest day of the week for pastors and the day pastors need the most encouragement. We want to tell and hear stories of hope and encouragement in the midst of this unique place in culture where the negative ministry stories seem to get all the airtime. Our hope is that these stories resonate with and remind pastors why we stay in the game. It is a podcast that gives pastors hope and a safe place to take off their collar, robe or tie and be people who need receive the good news on the day we feel most vulnerable. Our podcast will consist of interviews, conversations and resources from pastors and ministry leaders. We’ll have a new episode loaded up each Monday morning throughout the year (but, of course, you can listen on any day you wish). We invite you to join us and listen to the Monday Morning Pastor, where pastors can be people.

Religion & Spirituality
S8E1 - Jim Cymbala: Leading as Faithfulness
41 min
S7E23 - Trevor Hudson: Joy is Our First Line of...
36 min
S7E22 - James Bryan Smith: The Good and Beautif...
37 min
S7E21 - Jennifer M Rosner: repairing the rift.
50 min
S7E20 - Jason Cusick: Can I Stop My Anxiety?
48 min
S7E19 - Doug and J.R. Thoughts on Summer and an...
19 min
S7E18 - Dr. Phil Collins: New Old Ways to Engag...
41 min
S7E17: Darrell E. Hall: Preaching Across Genera...
42 min
S7E16 - Daniel McNaughton: Discipleship and Sab...
36 min
Bonus Episode: Mass Shootings, Living and Heali...
82 min
S7E15 - Paul Hill: Faith, Hope, and Longevity
29 min
S7E14 - Michael Card: Longing to Know Jesus.
35 min
S7E13 - Adam Avery: What Is Your Ultimate Value?
33 min
S7E12 - Jim Pace: Raising and equipping young l...
40 min
S7E11 - Michael MacKenzie: Don’t Blow Up Your M...
39 min
S7E10 - Andrew Peterson: The Gospel According t...
35 min
S7E9 - Alan Noble: Lions, and Culture and Bears
51 min
S7E8 - Developing Relational Rhythms of Grace
40 min
S7E7 - Tish Harrison Warren – Prayer In The Night
65 min
S7E6 - Suzanne Stabile – Enneagram and the Pastor
46 min
S7E5 - David McDonald – What is next?
49 min
S7E4 - Chris Martin – Is Social Media Killing Y...
40 min
S7E3 - Rick McKinley – Is there a way forward?
38 min
S7E2 - Tom Nelson – Can Pastors Flourish?
31 min
S7E1 - Doug and J.R. Kick Off Monday Morning Pa...
25 min
S6E24 - Icons and Offices
14 min
S6E23 - Dave Bindewald - Curiosity driven explo...
73 min
S6E22 - Creating a Thriving Family Culture (Eve...
51 min
S6E21 - Where We Get Discipleship Wrong (and Wh...
42 min
S6E20 - Karen Ellis - Seeing the bigger picture...
43 min
S6E19 - Danielle Strickland – Tattoos, crockpot...
60 min
S6E18: Stephen Redden
43 min
S6E17: Douglas McKelvey
62 min
S6E16: Jeffrey Bilbro: Consuming the News Witho...
38 min
S6E15: Harold Sankbeil: The Deep Pastor.
40 min
S6E14: Doug Moister: Sabbatical Update
40 min
S6E13: J.R. Briggs: Looking For the Healers
33 min
S6E12: Malcolm Guite: Priest and Poet
55 min
S6E11: Dr. Dan Brunner: Will You Be My Friend?
46 min
S6E10 - Ben Malcolmson: Faith and Football
41 min
S6E9 - Tara Beth Leach: When Something Has to G...
51 min
S6E8 - Winn Collier: Eugene Peterson.
49 min
S6E7 - Keith Matthews: It’s Not About Sunday!
50 min
S6E6 - A.J. Swoboda: Is There Faith After Doubt?
57 min
S6E5 - Bethany Dearborn Hiser: Descend, or Die!
47 min
Bonus Episode - Spiritual First Aid Summit Marc...
7 min
S6E4 - Scot McKnight: Can The Church Be Good?
49 min
S6E3 - David Taylor: Can Creatives Save The Chu...
51 min
S6E2 - Tim Morey: Can Leaders Be Healthy?
48 min
S6E1 - Esau McCaulley: Can Reading Scripture En...
65 min
S5E17 - How to Not Burn Out in 2021
We know this has been one of the hardest years we have faced. All of us are feeling it. In this show Doug and J.R. talk about a few practical ways they will intentionally enter into 2021.
21 min
S5E13 - Brian Sanders: What Your Holding Onto M...
Doug and J.R. have a 30,000 foot conversation with Brain Sanders, the architect of Tampa Underground, about the future of The Church, forest fires, and grace.
63 min
S5E15 - MaryKate Morse: Can you survive without...
Pastors and Leaders, I (Doug) am really excited for this interview to go live. Dr. MaryKate Morse is one of my favorite people. She loves Jesus and has poured her life into equipping leaders of all shapes and sizes. The conversation moves towards making
45 min
S5E14 - Jon Hand Reboot: Signs of a Spiritual S...
Have you ever felt the weight of the mantle of Pastor? Have you ever experienced a spiritual stroke? Have you ever beat yourself up? Doug and J.R. bring back a timely conversation from the vault. Jon has wisdom for those who have experienced the weight
35 min
S5E13 - Is Civility Dead?
Doug and J.R. weigh in on leadership in congregations during high tension seasons. We take a deep dive into convicted civility which is found in J.R.’s book The Sacred Overlap. If you find yourself in the middle of people on opposite sides of the electio
28 min
S5E12 - Happy Thanksgiving: Why are Friendships...
J.R. and Doug take moment the week of Thanksgiving to reflect on the conversations that have shaped, encouraged and challenged them so far over season 5.
32 min
S5E11 - Steve Cuss: The Anxious Pastor, Is Ther...
Have you felt the ambient anxiety that pervades the nooks and crannies of everyday life in the pandemic, polarization, and unrest of our time and space? Everyday ordinary tasks like making decisions, conversations with parishioners, and where to buy your
51 min
S5E10 - Mason King: Deformation, Ambient Anxiet...
J.R. talks with Mason King about calling, formation, deformation, and temptations.
46 min
S5E9 - Dave Eckert: Pastors and Mental Illness.
As the pandemic is spiking both globally and in North America, we continue to hear stories of pastors and leaders experiencing mental health concerns. Doug and J.R. thought it would help bring back an episode from the vault with our good friend Dave Ecke
43 min
S5E8 - Tim Soerens: Kingdom Before Church.
We apologize for the lateness of this week's episode, but we are excited to share a fantastic conversation J.R. had with pastor/author Tim Soerens.
39 min
S5E7 - Jamie Aten: Hurricanes, Cancer and Pande...
Doug has the honor of sitting down with Dr. Jamie Aten to discuss his work with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and leading through the pandemic.
36 min
S5E6 - Jeff and Terra Mattson: Integrity, Leade...
Leadership is hard. In our time you don’t have to look far to find a story of the leader who lacked integrity, broke trust, and fell. The scriptures are full of stories of leaders who disregarded their integrity for temporary gains. What can we do as le
61 min
S5E5 - Chris Backert – Pioneering with the Spirit.
May you feel the love of the father, the life of Christ and the breath of the Spirit with you during Pastors Appreciation Month. We hope you enjoy this conversation J.R. has with Dr. Chris Backert. We love you and appreciate you.
50 min
S5E4 - Pastor Silva: Jesus in the storm, a conv...
Perspective is essential for pastors and kingdom leaders to survive and thrive in this season. Not for the sake of comparison or shaming but to celebrate the work of Christ around the world. This conversation offers a uniquely global and personal reflec
44 min
S5E3 - Sean Palmer – Wine, The Spurs, and Hemmi...
This interview goes deep really quick. Sean is thoughtful, funny, challenging and has important insights to speak to leaders and pastors in this season. There is so much about the internal life of the pastor during the pandemic that this conversation unco
61 min
S5E2 - Patrick Schwenk: Terminal illness, and l...
This week Doug and J.R. talk with Patrick Schwenk about his experience going through cancer as a person, pastor, husband and father. This is a raw conversation about limitations, transformation, community, and grace. We know that this will hit close to h
48 min
S5E1 - Double launch: Season 5 and The Sacred O...
Doug and J.R are excited to get behind the mic for season 5. After taking August off they are rested and ready to encourage and equip pastors and leaders in this unique time.
30 min
Season 5 Trailer
Join us for Season 5 of MMP!
2 min
S4E8 - Doug and J.R.: Grief, Hope and Rest.
Pastors, we are in this for the long haul. Doug and J.R. finish out season 4 with an honest conversation about losing a friend and colleague in ministry.
29 min
S4E7 - Jonny Radcliff – Digital Formation, Metr...
Doug and J.R. have a great conversation about youth ministry, youth pastors, and formation in the digital world with our good friend Jonny Radcliff.
39 min
S4E6 - Rob Chifokoyo– Passion, Perspective and ...
Doug and J.R. talk with author/speaker/pastor, Rob Cifokoyo. God is writing an unbelievable story with Rob’s life.
58 min
S4E5 - AJ Sherrill - Leadership, health, and En...
This conversation with AJ Sherrill was recorded pre-pandemic and lost in the vault for a few months. We are glad we found it. This conversation is rich and we are glad we have a chance to talk about the Enneagram with him.
34 min
S4E4 - Doug and J.R. – A conversation about Hou...
Doug and J.R. talk about House Church structure in this episode. Both of us have been leading some learning opportunities for churches looking to adapt to the future that might not include gathering in the ways we used to.
47 min
S4E3 - Michael Frost – Mission, Stories, and Pr...
J.R. and I owe a ton of our ecclesiological instincts and convictions to our guest Michael Frost. This episode is like a modern-day epistle that is pastoral, encouraging, equipping, and challenging.
59 min
S4E2 - Skye Jethani – Denial, Quick fixes, or S...
Our first guest we ever had on MMP was Skye Jethani. Many of us have read his books or listened to his podcast and gleamed from his insight and wisdom as he engages culture and the Gospel. We are glad to bring him back this season to talk about what he i
55 min
S4E1 - N.T. Wright – God and The Pandemic
We are excited to begin season 4 with this timely and timeless conversation with N.T. Wright on his new book, God and The Pandemic.
58 min
S3E20 - Jay Y. Kim – Analog and incarnation.
Doug and J.R. end season three with an incredible conversation with author and pastor Jay Y. Kim about his book Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places, and Things in the Digital Age.
56 min
S3E19 - Marty Solomon - Rubbing shoulders with ...
Doug and J.R. have a conversation with Marty Solomon, the co-host of the Bema discipleship podcast. If you are a scripture fan like us, you will love Marty and what he is up to.
67 min
S3E18 - David Hansen – Limitations, Anguish, an...
We are excited to share this timely conversation with retired pastor, and author David Hansen. He brings 40 years of ministry, life experiences, fly-fishing, deep wisdom, and practical thoughts on the inner life of the pastor.
60 min
S3E17 - Phil Monroe –COVID, trauma, Grief, Lame...
Doug and J.R. have a conversation Dr. Phil Monroe about COVID, trauma, grief and lament. Dr, Monroe is the co-leader of the Global Trauma Recovery Institute.
53 min
S3E16 - Cyd and Geoff Holsclaw – Does God Reall...
64 min
S3E15 - Makoto Fujimura – Lament: Kintsugi and ...
Makoto Fujimura – Lament: Kintsugi and the art of mending.Doug and J.R. talk about the progression of emotions that move from anxiety to annoyance to anger during the pandemic. Even as they look at the difficult emotions they also talk about some simple t
59 min
S3E14 - Chuck DeGroat – Narcissism and vulnerab...
Doug and J.R. have an important conversation about leadership and narcissism with Chuck DeGroat. If you lead in any capacity, you need to slowly listen, take notes, and pay attention to the emotions and moves that happen within your own soul. Chuck speak
53 min
S3E13 - A Fireside Encouragement from Doug and ...
Doug and J.R. have a raw, honest, and hopeful conversation about navigating our own emotional spaces, leadership challenges, and life in this new reality. You are loved and you are not alone! If you are struggling and need someone to talk to drop us a lin
26 min
S3E12 - Alan Fadling – Part 2. What does your s...
Our interview this week is part 2 of our conversation with Alan Fadling. He speaks to his newest book What Does Your Soul Love? coauthored by he and his wife, Gem. We know this is going to be an encouragement and invitation to you in this season.  Resourc
34 min
S3E11 - Dave Briggs – Coronavirus and navigatin...
The way things are looking for school and church closures is not good. It's not good at all. The economy, we all know, will be impacted in some way. And this certainly will directly impact churches, giving, tithing, the budget, etc. We want to help pastor
36 min
S3E10 - Dave Briggs - Coronavirus and the new e...
The way things are looking for school and church closures is not good. It's not good at all. The economy, we all know, will be impacted in some way. And this certainly will directly impact churches, giving, tithing, the budget, etc. We want to help pastor
80 min
S3E9 - Alan Fadling - The spiritual practice of...
This week many of our listeners had to make some tough leadership decisions regarding Covid-19. We love you, and we know that nothing has prepared us well for this moment. We spend a few moments, in the beginning, talking about some thoughts we have as we
44 min
S3E8 - Keisha Polonio – Lost daughters, fightin...
Doug and J.R. begin this episode with an honest conversation about our first parish, the home. Specifically, we talk about being parents, some of our practices, and thoughts. We are not perfect parents, so we don't have all the answers. We are trying to w
68 min
S3E7 - Stephen Roach – certainty and mystery, b...
Doug and J.R. Start the conversation about the way scripture has been forming them recently, and they end the argument for the ages on which translation is the best… just kidding. However, we do talk about the translations, specifically which one(s) we us
60 min
S3E6 - Carolyn Moore – Resignation letters and ...
What is the best way to battle the February blues? Do something new! Doug and J.R. talk about calligraphy, Catskill dry flies, and the importance of learning new things. Speaking of new things, J.R. has a big announcement. Kairos Partnerships is launchi
59 min
S3E5 - Danielle Strickland – Tattoos, crockpots...
We hope you are ready for a fun and encouraging show this week. Doug and J.R. discuss some books they have been reading, and they share some laughs over some headlines from the Babylon Bee. Now on to the good stuff. This week we have the privilege of in
59 min
S3E4 - Confronting pastoral overwhelm - Alan Br...
Doug and J.R. talk about the February blues, disdain for Valentine’s day, groundhogs, and cheap chocolate deals. In short, February is hard, this is the season to return to your life giving list(check out the Steve Cuss season 2 episode 1 and 2). Our inte
53 min
S3E3 - Bob Hyatt: Conversations of resilience
This episode with Bob Hyatt was recorded back in December, so some of the things we talk about in the intro make you think we found a time machine and went back to Advent. The interview itself is current, fresh and AMAZING! Doug and J.R. talk about the i
56 min
S3E2 - Glenn Paauw – immersing yourself in the ...
2:55 pm…. Doug and J.R. jump into a conversation about circadian rhythms and the importance of understanding your daily and weekly rhythms. They share practical advice about planning out your schedule, thinking about your energy level that helps you stay
121 min
S3E1 - Tom Bennardo – Experiencing love in your...
Doug and J.R. are excited to be back behind the mics for the 3rd season of the Monday Morning Pastor. A huge shout out to Jennie from VA for encouragement and helpful feedback, thanks for making Monday Morning Pastor better! On to the show, two words… W
55 min
S2E17 - Last 2019 podcast: setting realistic goals
Doug and J.R. finish 2019 with an episode on how to enter into 2020 with focus and purpose through setting goals. Don’t miss this last episode of 2019! This is not about productivity—but owning your growth for 2020. Be warned, you will hear the disdain fo
34 min
S2E16 - Rich Villodas: The 1 thing that will ge...
What do you do for the Holidays? Doug and J.R. talk about the how they plan to rest in the week of Christmas. Also, we are excited to share a conversation with Rich Villodas. From following in the footsteps of Pete Scazzaro (well-known pastor and author o
65 min
S2E15 - Glenn Packiam: Purpose will not sustain...
Naming it has a way of taming it. With Christmas approaching quickly, Doug and J.R. name and discuss the pressure, internal conflict, and otherness most pastors experience during Christmas Eve and the other “Super Bowl” Sundays of the church calendar yea
50 min
S2E14 - Dennae Pierre: Collaborative networks o...
Dallas Willard was asked, “what is the most important thing for a pastor to do?” His reply, Pray for the flourishing of other churches in your city.” This about sums up the work and calling of Dennae Pierre with Surge Network. There is so much about heal
52 min