Holy Curiosity with Kat Armstrong

Holy Curiosity is a podcast from Christianity Today highlighting the genius storytelling of God. In every episode, we'll explore storied connections threaded throughout scripture from the Old Testament to the New. My hope is that these stories will spark a holy curiosity in your own faith because once you see these connections, you can't unsee them. God wastes no person, place, or thing.

Religion & Spirituality
Shechem BONUS: Historical Interpretation with D...
Kat welcomes Biblical scholars Dr. Beth Allison Barr and Dr. Sandra Glahn to process the interpretations of the earliest theologians.
44 min
Shechem Part 5: Shechem Redeemed with Cheryl Luke
27 min
Shechem Part 4: The Other Woman from Shechem w...
This week’s conversation brings a new perspective to one of Jesus’s most misunderstood disciples, the woman at the well.
39 min
Shechem Part 3: Shechem in the Bible with Dr. T...
44 min
Shechem Part 2: The Bible and Abuse with Dr. Di...
This week’s episode dives into the conversation of abuse in Scripture and the church’s responsibility to address the topic.
35 min
Shechem Part 1: Dinah’s Story with Rev. Dr. Ja...
25 min
Holy Curiosity Trailer
3 min