The Church Lobby

Karl Vaters interviews church leaders about the important issues of faith and ministry.

It's called The Church Lobby because:

  • The church lobby is where the church meets and does ministry.
  • The church lobby moves conversations from the stage to the floor.
  • The church lobby is a good place to take the temperature of a church’s health.

Karl Vaters is the author of several books, including Small Church Essentials and The Grasshopper Myth. Formerly known as Can This Work In a Small Church?, this podcast primarily looks at church leadership from a small church perspective.

Religion & Spirituality
Ep 055: What I Learned By Taking A Sabbatical, ...
Should all pastors take a sabbatical? If so, what should you do on yours, and what should be avoided?
31 min
Ep 054: 10 Surprising Stats That Prove Church S...
A fascinating conversation based on a report from a 20-year-long study about church trends and church size.
61 min
Ep 053: The Secret Power of Kindness, with Greg...
Kindness may be the least-appreciated of the Fruit of the Spirit, but it's one of the most important for our witness to the world.
53 min
Ep 052: The Power of Forgiveness, with Dr. Bruc...
We all want to be forgiven, but we have a hard time forgiving. This conversation will help.
48 min
Ep 051: Unlock Your Bible, with Dianne Finkelde
A how-to study guide for everyday Christians
32 min
Ep 050: How To Plan A Sabbatical, with Karl Vaters
Pastors don't get work breaks unless we take them. And our brains and hearts don't get a rest unless it's a long break.
23 min
Ep 049: YouTube Strategy for Churches, with Sal...
A practical guide for your church to reach more people through YouTube
48 min
Ep 048: Post-Pandemic Trends In Small Church Mi...
The expected post-pandemic wave of pastoral resignations hasn’t happened, but pastoral exhaustion has. Why? And what do we do now?
39 min
Ep 047: Overcoming The Dangers of Elitist Chris...
For anyone who's ever found themselves looking down on other pastors – or anyone who's been looked down on.
42 min
Ep 046: Team Leadership: Lessons from the Apost...
Managing conflict, coordinating a team, handing leadership to the NextGen. Pauls' life and ministry keep teaching us so much.
49 min
Ep 045: Dealing With Burnout In Ministry, with ...
For pastors who are wondering if they're dealing with with burnout. (Hint: if you think you are, you probably are.)
43 min
Ep 044: Ministry in Today’s Rural Church, with ...
Sipping a mocha in Harvard Square somehow seems more consequential than having coffee at the small-town gas station. But it’s not.
48 min
Ep 043 : Church Metrics that Really Matter, wit...
In this conversation, Karl and Craig talk about the subjects addressed in his recent book, Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics that Really Matter.
52 min
Ep 042: Making Space for Ministry and Life In a...
Karl Vaters talks to Daniel Sih about his recent book, Spacemaker: How to Unplug, Unwind and Think Clearly in the Digital Age.
50 min
Ep 041: Ministry as a Solo Pastor, with Gary L....
An interview with Gary L. McIntosh about the principles in his new book, The Solo Pastor: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Leading a Church Alone.
54 min
Ep 040: How Excellence Looks Different In Small...
Trying to imitate a big church is lame. Yes, lame. There's a better way forward.
40 min
Ep 039: Polycentric Leadership: Church as a Dis...
Karl Vaters interviews Dan White Jr.. the coauthor (w JR Woodward) of The Church as Movement: Starting and Sustaining Missional-Incarnational Communities.
63 min
Introducing The Church Lobby Podcast! (A Bonus ...
Welcome to the first episode of The Church Lobby: Conversations on Faith & Ministry.
15 min
Our Final CTWIASC Podcast! And What’s Next (Spe...
Yes, you read that title right. This is the last episode of “Can This Work in a Small Church?”
15 min
Ep 038: A Discipleship Strategy Small Churches ...
Darrell and Karl talk about the importance of discipleship in the life of the church – and as a central role in our calling as pastors.
50 min
Ep 037: Seculosity: Ministry In The Era Of Secu...
Karl Vaters interviews David Zahl, author of Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It.
57 min
Ep 036: Why Proximity and Longevity Matter in P...
Karl interviews Alan Briggs, a pastor, the author of Staying is the New Going, the host of the Right Side Up Leadership podcast and
43 min
Ep 035: Should You Start a Podcast? And Positiv...
Karl Vaters interviews Aron Utecht, a pastor and the host of the Good Ideas for Churches podcast
45 min
Ep 034: Technology, Ministry, and Keeping Peopl...
Church Growth Movement, technology and how it has affected the way we approach pastoring
45 min
Ep 033: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small ...
Ron Klassen talks about seeing the unique nature of the small church, not as a problem to be solved, but as a strength to leverage.
48 min