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Episode 229 | What We Make of It All, with Kare...
27 min
Episode 228 | What We Make of Destiny
35 min
Episode 227 | What We Make Of Our Mistakes
37 min
Episode 226 | What We Make of Our Stories
38 min
Episode 225 | What We Make Of Others
38 min
Episode 224 | What We Make of Our Suffering
37 min
Episode 223 | What We Make of Our Time
36 min
Episode 222 | What We Make of Ourselves: A Read...
36 min
Episode 221 | Imposter Syndrome
27 min
Episode 220 | Rebuilding Community, with Adam G...
32 min
Episode 219 | Real Conversations with Rebecca M...
35 min
Episode 218 | Real Relationships, with Rachel P...
28 min
Episode 217 | Showing Up
29 min
Episode 216 | Nature is Healing
34 min
Episode 215 | Sustainable Living
34 min
Episode 214 | Interlude
9 min
Episode 213 | Survival Instinct
32 min
Episode 212 | Garden Variety, with Sarah Pabody
30 min
Episode 211 | Universal Language, with James Bi...
33 min
Episode 210 | Dust to Dust
32 min
Episode 209 | Finding Common Ground
37 min
Episode 208 | People People, with Chris and Eli...
32 min
Episode 207 | Thankful People, with Dustin Crowe
29 min
Episode 206 | Happy People, with Barnabas Piper
31 min
Episode 205 | Don't Waste Your Vote
36 min
Episode 204 | Don't Be So Political, with Kathr...
39 min
Episode 203 | Just Preach the Gospel
38 min
Episode 202 | Toeing the Party Line
36 min
Episode 201 Bonus | Interview with Sam Perry
30 min
Episode 201 | Taking America Back for God
40 min
Episode 200 | For God and Country? with Kaitlyn...
37 min
Episode 199 | Getting By... with Luke T. Harrin...
40 min
Episode 198 | Getting By... with Gina Dalfonzo
41 min
Episode 197 | Getting By... with Wendy Alsup
46 min
Episode 196 | Just Getting By
31 min
Episode 195 | Looking Ahead in a Viral Age
30 min
Episode 194 | Finding Goodness in a Viral Age
27 min
Episode 193 | Releasing Control in a Viral Age
28 min
Episode 192 | Seeking Justice in a Viral Age
30 min
Episode 191 | Practicing Lament in a Viral Age,...
34 min
Episode 190 | Pursuing Wholeness in a Viral Age
33 min
Episode 189 | Finally Home
39 min
Episode 188 | Family Ties, with Aundi Kolber
30 min
Episode 187 | Home + Work, with Rachel Anderson
49 min
Episode 186 | The Missional Home, with Laura Fa...
38 min
Episode 185 | Family Values
37 min
Episode 184 | Home Bodies, with Wesley Hill
42 min
Episode 183 | Home Making
37 min
Episode 182 | The Road Home
36 min
Episode 181 | A Charlie Brown Christmas
31 min
Episode 180 | A Die Hard Christmas
30 min
Episode 179 | A Hallmark Christmas
29 min
Episode 178 | Processing Creative Tensions
37 min
Episode 177 | Processing Reach & Impact, with E...
Erik Lokkesmoe talks about marketing reach and impact in creative work.
41 min
Episode 176 | Processing Productivity, with Mik...
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson continue their series called The Creative Process by inviting Mike Cosper to a conversation about productivity in creative work. Mike is a writer, speaker, and podcaster who has been quite...
38 min
Episode 173 | Processing Art's Temporal Nature,...
Erin and Hannah continue their new series called The Creative Process by inviting baker and theologian (and Christ and Pop Culture staff writer!) Kendall Vanderslice to a conversation about art’s temporal nature. Kendall shares about her work that...
31 min
Episode 171 | The Creative Process
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson kick off a new series called The Creative Process, exploring how the emergence of the gig economy is shaping our creative pursuits. For example, digital platforms allow anyone to become...
32 min
Episode 170 | A Titanic Season Finale
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson wrap their Never Seen series with a thorough discussion of Titanic—a film on Hannah’s Never Seen list and one that Erin saw on the big screen almost 22 years ago. They offer gut...
43 min
Episode 169 | Podcasts of Fire
Erin and Hannah discuss Chariots of Fire, a film on the Never Seen list for them both. Erin was familiar with the film due to her background in running, while Hannah knew of it from the faith community angle. Both were surprised by its gentle, quiet...
37 min
Episode 168 | Describing The Breakfast Club Ruckus
Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson pack the Persuasion house with two guests to discuss The Breakfast Club: Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan, who host the Christ and Pop Culture film podcast Seeing and Believing. Only Erin had seen The Breakfast Club...
46 min
Episode 167 | Podcastin' in the Rain, with Gina...
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson discuss Singin’ in the Rain after watching it for the first time ever. To help with the analysis, classic movie enthusiast and Christ and Pop Culture staff writer Gina Dalfonzo joins the...
33 min
Episode 166 | Get in, Losers. We're Talking Mea...
Erin and Hannah continue their Never Seen series with Mean Girls—a film never seen by either. After watching this 2004 film for the first time, conversation begins with gut reactions, favorite lines, and memorable scenes (some quite cringeworthy!)....
35 min
Episode 165 | Here’s Looking at You, Casablanca
Erin and Hannah discuss Casablanca in all its silver screen glory. With its memorable lines and Hollywood glam, Casablanca has shaped our cultural narrative in countless ways. Casablanca is responsible—at least in part—for why we associate Paris...
37 min
Episode 164 | Behind the Silver Screen, with Al...
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson kick off a new series titled Never Seen, exploring a collection of key movies that you might be surprised to learn have never been seen by your Persuasion hosts. To help with the series...
35 min
Episode 163 | Holy Week 101, with Anne Kennedy
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite Anne Kennedy for a Holy Week Primer. Anne is a writer and serves in an Anglican church in New York with her husband who is the rector. First Anne gives an overview of Holy Week...
37 min
Episode 162 | Renewed Thinking
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson wrap-up their Ready, Set, Think! series with a conversation about the way our brains can grow and change. And this is good news considering the frustration we can...
35 min
Episode 161 | Hopeful Thinking
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson continue their Ready, Set, Think! series by inviting Laura Turner to the conversation. Laura is a freelance journalist covering religion and politics for outlets such...
39 min
Episode 160 | Group Think
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson continue their Ready, Set, Think! series looking at the way our mental frames are shaped by the groups and systems we live within. Despite the way independent thinking is favored in our...
39 min
Episode 159 | Thinking Creatively
In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson continue their Ready, Set, Think! series with a conversation about taking a fresh look at how the status quo shapes our thinking. Things that have always been a certain way become the...
38 min
Episode 158 | Good Thinking
Good thinking can be hard to come by in the world today. Between the troubles we endure and the frustrations we face, the negative things loom large in our hearts and minds. Some say we should just choose joy and see the glass as gloriously half full....
35 min
Episode 157 | Thinking Twice, with Jen Pollock ...
For all the thinking we do, we usually don’t think twice about the preconceived notions we use to keep life simple. We like to place ideas into categories and give everyone a label according to their personality type or their social leanings. It’s...
37 min
Episode 156 | Thinking It Through
It’s a rare person who’s willing to engage in thoughtful dialogue to consider the possibility that his or her own view is flawed. Because really, we all stick to our opinions because we believe them to be correct. Not every idea can be correct,...
34 min
Episode 155 | Silent Night
For most of us, Christmas delivers us everything but the Silent Night we sing about in that iconic carol. Our preparations for celebrating Christmas could rarely be described as heavenly peace. It’s more like earthly chaos as we race about...
32 min
Episode 154 | All I Want for Christmas
What do you want for Christmas? Children are ready for that question, quick to list all the toys and treasures their little hearts desire. We’ve learned from an early age to make our lists and send our requests to Santa, all in the hope that come...
37 min
Episode 153 | Blue Christmas
Christmas blues are nothing new. And in today’s therapeutic and authentic age, we’re more willing to admit to and discuss how the holidays are something anything but merry and bright. For some of us, it’s grief. For others, it’s troubles and...
31 min
Episode 152 | Live Talk
Our digital age allows us to handle a lot of life devoid of live, in-person conversation. Business can be handled remotely. Socializing can be done via social media. Shopping and meals can be ordered online. We simply don’t need to converse with...
34 min
Episode 151 | Church Talk, with C. Christopher ...
Much of the church talk happening today is seen as negative by the watching world. Whether intentional or not, when people of faith talk about current issues, fear and anger are heard and observed. This is off-putting (to say the least) for those who...
36 min
Episode 150 | Tech Talk
Today’s digital age means greater exposure to tech talk: and we mean more than just computer lingo and technological vocabulary. Every corner of our lives has its own set of words and phrases that makes plenty of sense to those within the system but...
32 min
Bonus Episode | Persuasion LIVE at Word+Craft W...
We have fun news! Erin and Hannah recorded a LIVE episode of Persuasion Friday, November 9, at Leaf Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. The live recording is part of a workshop Erin and Hannah are hosting Friday and Saturday, called Word+Craft...
2 min
Episode 149 | Funny Talk, with Ben Fort
Humor can be hard to find with all the heartache we face in the world today. As the weight of life presses down, our ability to kick back and laugh shrinks—to our detriment. Research shows that laughter is still good and needful medicine,...
40 min
Episode 148 | Small Talk
Think back to the most recent social event you attended—it’s likely you had to interact with people you didn’t know well or don’t see very often. Those situations require us to call upon our small talk skills—and for many, such situations...
32 min
Episode 147 | Table Talk
How would you describe your family’s table talk during your childhood? Was it lively or subdued? Was it friendly or feisty? Was it harsh or loving? Whatever it may have been, the conversational style of your family—both around the table and...
37 min
Episode 146 | Let’s Talk
With all the talking in the world today, you might think it best to keep your own thoughts and words to yourself. Words abound on social platforms, from airwaves, in print. Even our own conversations are packed full. So many of us have grown weary of...
35 min