Church Law

Pastors and church leaders in America face challenges that are increasing in scope and impact. Whether we're talking issues of cultural dynamics and the church or need-to-know information about everyday operations, the legal issues impacting churches aren't going away. Listen to the Church Law podcast to gain real life insights from a real lawyer who does this work everyday. You'll gain key insights to help your church in this critical time, and learn the pitfalls to avoid. All straight from The Church Attorney® along with some special guests!

Religion & Spirituality
Legal Considerations for Youth Ministry, with G...
Jeff Dalrymple from ECAP talks about the proactive ways churches can protect their youth from personal injuries and prevent abuse.
19 min
What Leaders Need to Know Now about Church Insu...
Guest Peter Persuitti with Gallagher Insurance Company discusses what’s changing with church insurance coverages, and what leaders need to know as they faithfully pursue their ministries.
28 min
Five Critical Things Every Church Board Member ...
Five critical things every church board member should know include fiduciary and legal responsibilities, and the concept of duty of care.
18 min
Expanding Uses for Church Property and Related ...
Finding new uses for church property can expand ministry and generate alternative revenue—but legal considerations must be contemplated.
25 min
Releasing Sacred Cows and Engaging New Operati...
Erika Cole and Denise Craig talk about releasing sacred cows as leaders seek new ways of serving their churches.
19 min
Four for ’24: Top Issues for Churches to Watch
Erika Cole and Matthew Branaugh talk about four legal, tax, and financial issues for churches to watch in 2024
23 min
Erika’s Favorite Episodes of 2023
Erika Cole shares her top five episodes of the Church Law podcast in 2023
12 min
BONUS: Live Q&A—Strengthening Churches for Rene...
Church leaders explore why strengthening churches for renewal and growth depends upon legal, financial, and tax-related fundamentals.
27 min
Church Membership: What is it? Why does it Matter?
Taking the right approach to church membership can sidestep a lot of landmines—and shape a church's long-term outlook.
23 min
Pastoral Succession for the Long-Term Good of t...
Pastoral succession demands thoughtful planning for churches of all sizes. Do not wait until it’s too late.
25 min
Readying Your Church for the AI Wave
The AI wave is here and real. Churches must understand its power—and its potential problems.
16 min
Equipping Younger Church Leaders
Fewer younger leaders are stepping in to fill roles left by older pastors and church leaders. But taking the right approach can turn the tide.
20 min
Equipping Your Church Board for Long-Term Success
How churches can educate, train, and support board members for effective service.
23 min
How a Legal Audit Can Strengthen Your Church
New laws, regulations, and court decisions create new complexities and legal liabilities. Here’s how regular check-ups can minimize challenges for church leaders.
26 min
Addiction, Shame, and a Church Merger
Recognizing hurts and hang-ups that can trigger moral failures in church ministry.
31 min
Building a Healthy Leadership Culture in Your C...
Avoiding the toxic dynamics among and between a church’s pastors, boards, and senior staff leaders that can hamper fulfilling the church’s God-given vision and mission—and can create legal troubles.
27 min
Building a Culture of Safety and Security in Ch...
How church leaders can proactively assess their church’s vulnerabilities and needs and respond—while also fulfilling their missions.
25 min
Supporting and Strengthening Mental Health in C...
Fostering well-being holistically with leaders and congregants can rejuvenate spiritual health—and help reduce legal liabilities.
26 min
Helping Pastors Get Financially Healthy, with g...
Why good compensation, benefits, and retirement planning can go a long way in reducing stress and avoiding crisis.
22 min
Healthy Leaders, Healthy Churches, Reduced Lega...
From pastoral burnout to budgeting decisions and counseling ministries, churches that prioritize the right things minimize the rise of the unwanted things.
13 min
Listener Mailbag: Addressing Your Questions on ...
Unpacking several topics church leaders routinely ask about.
35 min
Stabilizing Your Church’s Finances after COVID-19
A senior leader for a faith-based credit union discusses giving, lending, and financial best practices.
25 min
The Ins and Outs of Church Mergers
What to know—and do—when two congregations become one.
18 min
Can a Church Volunteer Get You Sued?
How to ensure one of your church’s most valuable assets doesn’t become a major legal liability.
17 min
A Closer Look at Church Compliance
Churches are accountable first and foremost to the Lord. But when it comes to human-made directives, what does it mean to be a compliant church?
26 min