Church Law

Pastors and church leaders in America face challenges that are increasing in scope and impact. Whether we're talking issues of cultural dynamics and the church or need-to-know information about everyday operations, the legal issues impacting churches aren't going away. Listen to the Church Law podcast to gain real life insights from a real lawyer who does this work everyday. You'll gain key insights to help your church in this critical time, and learn the pitfalls to avoid. All straight from The Church Attorney® along with some special guests!

Religion & Spirituality
Why Preventing Pastoral Burnout Helps Reduce Le...
Why reducing pastoral burnout is both a life benefit to the leader and a legal benefit to the church.
34 min
Timely Guidance To Tackle Those Year-End To-Do’...
How to make sure nothing is overlooked during this busy season.
34 min
Why Church Meetings Go Off the Rails
An interview with parliamentary procedure expert attorney Sarah Merkle.
35 min
A Glimpse into the Post-Covid Church
24 min
Legal Issues for Churches in Pandemic Times, In...
24 min
Trailer: Introduction to the Church Law Podcast
Listen to gain real-life insights from a real lawyer who works every day with churches.
3 min
The Top Legal Issues Confronting Churches
The who, what, when, where, and why church law issues matter, especially now.
18 min