A true-crime podcast about climate change, hosted and reported by award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt.

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True Crime
Introducing Unfinished: Short Creek
25 min
Big Oil's Bad Bet on Plastic
18 min
Climate Podcast Bonanza!
27 min
Big Oil Fighting Divestment + Sneak Preview of S5!
13 min
That Ohio Utility Corruption Scandal, with Leah...
20 min
California City
California City
49 min
A Proposed Fossil Fuel Ad Ban in The Netherlands
19 min
Pioneering Fracking Company Chesapeake Energy G...
14 min
Minnesota and D.C. File Climate Fraud Suits
11 min
Big Oil's Multi-Billion-Dollar Blind Spot
23 min
Yes, It's Still Time to Talk About Climate (fro...
28 min
Naomi Klein and How the Shock Doctrine Applies ...
34 min
What Shell Knew: A Surprising Report from The N...
23 min
No, Climate Action Will Not Be "Just Like Quara...
9 min
The Climate Deniers Have Lost Their King, and S...
40 min
The U.S. Government Has Been Rubber-Stamping Ne...
17 min
Old and Wrong: Leah Stokes on the Many Flaws of...
26 min
Earth Day in Louisiana: A Petro-state Fights Back
27 min
Computer-Aided Destruction: Art, Autodesk, and ...
20 min
How Big Oil Is Using the Pandemic to Push More ...
17 min
In Colorado, Seniors Held Hostage by Fracking
10 min
New Research Shows Fossil Fuels Are Not As Esse...
21 min
Amid the Pandemic Free-for-All, Unlit Flares at...
12 min
Reporter Justin Mikulka on Why ExxonMobil and C...
14 min
There Will Be Fraud: How the Coronavirus Pandem...
22 min
Special Episode—Hot Take: Seeing Climate Throug...
94 min
S3, Ep 9: Jay Rosen and Nicholas Johnson on Wha...
29 min
S3, Ep 8: Meet the Harrisons
29 min
S3, Ep 7: John Hill and the Tobacco-Oil-Plastic...
24 min
S3, Ep 6: Manipulating the Masses and Predictin...
26 min
We Interrupt This Podcast for New Research + Em...
22 min
S3, Ep 5: Oil Slick, Part 2—False Equivalence a...
15 min
S3, Ep 4: Oil Slick, Part 1—The Rise of the Cor...
Herb Schmertz and the rise of corporate personhood
19 min
S3, Ep 3: Psychological Warfare, Astroturfing, ...
20 min
S3, Ep 2: The Oil-Nazi-Propaganda Triangle
21 min
S3, Ep 1: The Father of Public Relations
14 min
S3: The Mad Men of Climate Denial
2 min
Youth Climate Suits and Inter-generational Inju...
26 min
Recap: ExxonMobil's New York Fraud Trial
New York's fraud trial against ExxonMobil closed November 7th. Reporter Emily Gertz and Union of Concerned Scientist's Kathy Mulvey watched it closely and bring us their takes on this trial and Exxon's next fraud trial, in Massachusetts. 
20 min
Fake Reporters and #FakeNews: How Fossil Fuel C...
A look at how those fossil fuel-backed deception campaigns are continuing today, behind a couple layers of energy industry organizations, alliances, and "news" sites.  Documentation: Western Energy Alliance 990, showing global oil execs on its...
15 min
Big Oil Is Ramping Up PR Spend and Oil Production
11 min
S2E6: Facing Extinction
12 min
S2E5 David vs. Goliath
As the first industry to sue Big Oil, the West Coast crab fishery is likely to meet an even tougher fight than the states, counties, and cities trying to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. Oil companies are arguing a First Amendment defense...
17 min
S2E4 Taking Big Oil to Court
As the crabbers' lawsuit against the world's 30 largest fossil fuel producers is filed, we take a look at the evidence, and what exactly sent crabbers—particularly more conservative ones—to court. 
18 min
S2E3: Two Lawsuits at Once, Both Driven by Clim...
Now facing annual closures due to climate change, crabbers learn some new information that spurs them to become the first industry to sue Big Oil. 
19 min
S2E2: A Late Season and a Shaky Future
As the 2015 delay wears on, and holiday markets come and go, crabbers are getting desperate. Some are forced out of business, others worry that this is the new normal. 
15 min
S2E1: A Crisis, a Cover-Up, and a Community on ...
21 min
Coming Soon: Hot Water, a New Drilled Series
In 2015 a warm water "blob," the result of both warming oceans and shifting wind patterns, wreaked havoc on West Coast fishing communities. Three years into a new reality in which climate change has shifted the marine food web, fishermen are fighting...
2 min
Big Oil's New Story: The First Amendment Covers...
In a batch of aggressive countersuits, Exxon is accusing the counties, cities, and states of conspiring to quash its First Amendment rights to political speech. It's an idea with a long and twisting history that we dig into in this episode. ...
24 min
Winning the War
Fossil fuel industry influence campaigns ensured that we lost a critical 30 years not taking action on climate change. But all is not lost. The technology to address climate change exists, and if there's one thing history teaches us about America it's...
20 min
Campaigns So Successful They've Landed in Court
The fossil fuel industry's decades-long information war was so successful that even though oil companies themselves began publicly accepting climate science years ago, the public remains skeptical. Fewer Americans believe in the need to act on climate...
15 min
The First Step to Influencing Policy: Setting R...
If you unravel climate policy back to its origins, eventually you get to academic research. Although oil companies dramatically reduced their own scientific research on climate in the 1990s, by the early 2000s they began funding research centers at...
15 min
Aggressive Think Tanks, Shouty Pundits, and a N...
To make media manipulation and lobbying truly effective, oil companies and their public relations firms also had to shift the culture, influencing everything from civil discourse to how religious groups viewed the issue of climate change. 
17 min
Exploiting Scientists' Kryptonite: Certainty
In addition to using journalists' views on their own objectivity against them, oil companies exploited various weaknesses in science, namely scientists' tendency toward not prioritizing or valuing good communication skills, and their absolute refusal...
13 min
Weaponizing False Equivalence
As climate disinformation campaigns ramped up in the 1990s, oil companies and their PR firms exploited weaknesses in the U.S. media system and propped up "contrarian" scientists to push the narrative of scientific uncertainty and shift how journalists...
17 min
The Turn
As the price of oil dipped in the early 1980s, management changed at most oil companies and the industry as a whole became more concerned with preserving its core business than expanding in new directions and being "energy companies." Then the...
17 min
The Bell Labs of Energy
In the 1970s and early 1980s, Exxon wanted to be the Bell Labs of energy. It hired brilliant scientists who conducted cutting-edge research on everything from the "greenhouse effect" to renewable energy. At the time, there was bipartisan support...
16 min
Drilled: A True Crime Podcast about Climate Change
Launching November 14th, Drilled is a limited series investigative true-crime podcast about the crime of the century: the creation of climate denial.
2 min