Emergency Ready Now
What do we do after the fires, the floods the pandemic and how do we learn and prepare for next time. We believe stories are one of the most powerful learning and evolutionary tools we have. We’ve listened to peoples stories about disaster recovery, community resilience and mental well being. From firefighters to clinical psychologists, small business owners to communities who have experienced loss and communities that have survived together. These are conversations about what has happened, what may happen and how we can prepare for the future. Central Coast Councils podcast Emergency Ready Now is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the NSW State Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. The views expressed are the opinions of the individuals interviewed. Please be aware these topics may be sensitive, particularly if you have personally been affected by bushfires. If you need to talk to someone, you can always call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.
Mental Health
Emergency Ready Now- The Lessons
What DO we do after the Fires, the floods, the pandemic? What lessons did we learn about being Emergency Ready Now? Join us for the series final where we explore the Gems in the stories we have shared on Emergency Ready Now. Are YOU Emergency READY NOW?
32 min
Emergency Ready Now- Community Resilience Groups
In many way we function better as a collective than we do as individuals. In this episode we are looking at community resilience groups. Why are they so important? and how do we form them in our own communities. We chat to Fiona Sewell from Recovery Ready Communities Inc and Community Led Ready2Go disaster resilience program and and Stephen Hinks from Killy cares on the Central Coast Both have seen a need and cultivated change.
58 min
Emergency Ready Now - Insights from volunteers ...
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Emergency Ready Now- Preparing for recovery wit...
Anne became entrenched in resilience and recovery after the Black Saturday bush fires in King Lake in 2009. Anne, who has received and OAM for her outstanding work in disaster recovery, joins us to give us some insight into how communities can proactively plan for recovery before a crisis occurs. Anne reminds us that we should be planning for recovery, even before a crisis occurs. She gives a fantastic overview of how communities can proactively ready themselves for the future, as well as deal with what has happened already. What does a "good recovery" look like? https://www.centralcoast.nsw.gov.au/residents/support-programs/community-health-and-safety/emergency-readiness-and-resilience
39 min
Emergency Ready Now- The Good from the Bad
Every person has a part of them that wants to reach out and help people in our community. We are joined by three very special guests who have put community building into action in the wake of disaster! Jo Hilder, Bej and Mel Gould raise the big questions. How do i become involved in times of crisis. How do we connect with people in our neighborhoods long after a crisis has subsided! Sit down and ask yourself, How do i relate to my neighbourhood, How might you create a deeper connection to your neighbourhood.
38 min
Emergency Ready Now- Children and Young people ...
Today we delve into what it means to be connected and not only work on our own mental health, but that of the young people in our lives as well. In this episode we speak to Dr John Irvine, one of Australia’s most heard, seen and read childhood psychologists. We discuss how events like natural disaster can impact on child mental health and building a neighbourhood that enables children to flourish. https://www.worrywoos.com/ https://emergency.centralcoast.nsw.gov.au/get-ready/overview https://www.worrywoos.com/ https://emergency.centralcoast.nsw.gov.au/get-ready/overview
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Emergency Ready Now- Children and Young People ...
Natural disasters and unusual events like the COVID-19 pandemic create stress and disruption for families. In this episode we are joined by Dr Andrea Baldwin, ervice Development Leader at the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.
36 min
Emergency Ready Now - Relationships, Connection...
What happens when you have to turn your plans into action? What about the aftermath and the impact on relationships. In this episode we are joined by Adam Holland who knows first hand about the impact of putting survival plans into action and then we hear from Nick Tebby, from Relationships Australia, who talks about relationships, connection and mental health when moving on from natural disaster. How do we build communities you want to be part of? https://neighbourday.org/
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Emergency Ready Now - Trauma and Loss- Personal...
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Trailer Emergency Ready Now
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Emergency Ready Now- Trauma & Loss – A clinical...
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Emergency Ready Now Looking back to look forwar...
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Emergency Ready Now Looking back to look forwa...
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