This Girl Can - Victoria Podcast
This Girl Can - Victoria is all about women who are giving it a go and getting active no matter how well they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get – and they feel great while they do it. In this podcast series our This Girl Can - Victoria ambassadors share their stories about getting active their way. These inspiring conversations explore how each ambassador moves her body her way, the challenges she’s faced throughout her journey, and how she’s overcome these to enjoy how being active makes her feel. Every woman in Victoria is on her own journey to being active. Join us each week to hear a new story that we hope will empower you to get active whenever, wherever and however you choose - and to enjoy the feeling when you do. Find out more at, join the community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #ThisGirlCanVIC.
Health & Fitness
Mental Health
This Girl Can - Meet Kelly
10 min
This Girl Can - Meet Natalie
12 min
This Girl Can - Meet Natasha
10 min
This Girl Can - Meet Kirsten
12 min
This Girl Can - Meet Rocca
13 min
This Girl Can - Meet Sue
14 min
This Girl Can - Meet Karen
15 min
This Girl Can - Meet Jagriti
15 min
This Girl Can Victoria Podcast Preview
1 min