Making Space: The Female Frontier

Making Space: The Female Frontier spotlights the history of space exploration and the women who made it possible. From the hidden women of the Apollo program and the ones locked out of astronaut training in the 1960s, to a new generation of NASA leaders taking us back to the moon and on to Mars. Making Space sheds light on the women who are often overlooked in the history of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Boots on the moon
Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has worked on countless rocket launches over her career. But now the NASA veteran is taking on a whole new role, as the space agency's first female launch director and the woman overseeing the liftoffs for the Artemis program, which will send a woman to the moon.
27 min
Ingenuity Helicopter: Flying on Mars
What does it take to fly a helicopter on Mars? MiMi Aung has spent years trying to answer that very question. As the project leader for NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, she knows what it takes to get a seemingly impossible idea off the ground.
26 min
The most vertical woman in the world
Kathy Sullivan has spent her life exploring the planet. She’s seen it from space, as one of NASA’s first female astronauts and the first US woman to do a space walk. And in 2020, she ventured beneath its surface, deeper than any woman has ever gone before.
27 min
The Mother of Pulsars
In 1967, Jocelyn Bell Burnell spent her waking hours analyzing more than 3 miles of chart paper readings produced by a radio telescope pointed towards the stars. She was looking for burst of energy from across the universe. But what she found instead, would go on to change the course of science forever.
26 min
The Mercury 13
Wally Funk always wanted to be an astronaut. So when she got invited to join a secret astronaut testing program in 1961, she jumped at the chance. But she would never make it to space.
23 min
The only woman in the firing room
In 1969, JoAnn Morgan looked on from NASA’s launch control room as Apollo 11 blasted off. She was the only woman there.
23 min
Making Space: The Female Frontier
A podcast about women who pushed the boundaries of space discovery and exploration.
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