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Biden's inauguration will look noticeably diffe...
Not only because of the coronavirus pandemic, but because of heightened security risks posed to the event following last week's Capitol attack.
5 min
Blue Origin launches and lands the cabin it cou...
The improved crew capsule has some new bells and whistles.
2 min
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says banning Trump was ...
Dorsey says he's not celebrating the decision, though.
3 min
Curiosity Rover marks 3000th day on Mars
NASA's sole red planet rover celebrated 3000 sols, or Martian days, with a panorama of photos.
1 min
Airbnb cancels DC reservations to curtail trave...
The decision is in response to requests from local and federal authorities asking people not to travel to the city for the event, in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.
0 min
At CES 2021, GM reveals plans for electric vert...
General Motor joins automakers, Hyundai and Aston Martin, in looking skyward.
1 min
Google halts political ads following US Capitol...
The restriction lasts until at least Jan. 21, after Joe Biden's inauguration.
1 min
International flyers to the US will have to sho...
The CDC measure goes into effect Jan. 26.
1 min
Amazon finally starts removing QAnon products f...
The moves comes in the wake of the deadly insurrection of the US Capitol, which included followers of the discredited far-right conspiracy theories.
1 min
Clearview AI sees surge in searches following C...
The controversial technology is once again at the center of debate as law enforcement agencies scramble to identify those involved in last week's mob violence at the Capitol.
6 min
Samsung introduces new slate of robots at CES 2021
Like nearly all major technology companies, Samsung is making a big push in artificial intelligence.
4 min
Snakes can climb poles using a terrifying new t...
Snakes can climb poles using a terrifying new technique
3 min
Elon Musk recommends using Signal over Facebook...
Here are the basics to know about Signal, especially if you're interested in using the secure messaging app.
3 min
Stripe has reportedly stopped processing paymen...
The decision came after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol last week.
1 min
LG Rollable smartphone to be released in 2021
For once, LG may have a leg up on the competition.
2 min
Big Tech companies pause PAC contributions foll...
Facebook, Google and Microsoft joined the growing number of businesses in reviewing political giving via their corporate political action committees.
0 min
What to expect at CES 2021
This year's all virtual Consumer Electronics Show starts Jan. 11, here are the biggest trends to keep an eye on.
4 min
Amazon joins Apple and Google in cutting off Pa...
The social media platform is facing swift backlash from tech companies after Wednesday's mob violence at the Capitol
2 min
The automotive world got a tad more colorful in...
According to BASF, cars were dipped in more, brighter colors last year than previously
1 min
The new Samsung Galaxy S21 may be cheaper than ...
The new phone could be almost $100 less than last year's phone after a disappointing sales drop in 2020.
1 min
Elon Musk overtakes Jeff Bezos as richest perso...
The Tesla and SpaceX founder has a net worth of $188.5 billion.
0 min
Ikea store creates a mock PS5 and Xbox Series X...
In Ikea's store in Schaumburg, Illinois, you can use a fake console to help you decide which cabinet to buy.
1 min
Samsung's makes The Frame TV even slimmer, to c...
The 2021 version of Samsung's unique TV-as-art measures just 24.9mm
1 min
Shopify removes Trump stores from their platfor...
Official MAGA merchandise is no longer for sale through Shopify from these stores.
1 min
Facebook places indefinite ban on Trump account...
Facebook and Instagram are extending bans on Trump accounts at least through the inauguration.
4 min
H.G. Wells fans take issue with design of UK tr...
The coin pays homage to The War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man, and some fans feels the design is amiss.
2 min
How to track your second stimulus check with IR...
Get My Payment online portal can tell you how your check will arrive, it's delivery status, and if they are any issues holding it up.
3 min
Waymo rebrands 'self-driving' cars to 'fully au...
The company hopes the distinction will alleviate driver misconceptions that can often lead safety issues.
1 min
5G will be front and center at all virtual CES ...
The Consumer Electronic Show will be entirely virtual this year, but 5G is expected to dominate the event.
3 min
Past due child support will not be taken out of...
The second stimulus bill prohibits seizing stimulus checks for most kinds of debt, including from private creditors and banks.
2 min
US intelligence agencies say SolarWinds hack is...
This is the first formal attribution for the hack, which affected 18,000 organizations.
2 min
Trump bans transactions with Chinese apps that ...
The apps include WeChat Pay and Alipay.
1 min
New York car ownership increases nearly 40%
At the end of the day, it's safer to have a personal vehicle amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it creates a slew of new woes locally.
2 min
Education advocate Monica Lozano joins Apple board
Lozano is CEO of the College Futures Foundation and previously led the Spanish-language newspaper La Opinión.
1 min
SpaceX plans to catch Super Heavy Booster with ...
The next-generation booster rocket is now under development at the company's facility in Texas.
1 min
New strain of coronavirus reaches New York
The new strain of the virus causing COVID-19 is said to be more contagious
1 min
Samsung will unveil its next-gen Galaxy S flags...
The South Korean electronics giant is expected to unveil the three models of the popular Galaxy S21 series this month.
3 min
Three different Hollywood actors will all play ...
Holy trio of actors, Batman! Michael Keaton, Robert Pattinson, and Ben Affleck are all expected to take on the role of the Caped Crusader in separate films in 2022, as DC Films attempts to bring a multiverse concept to life.
3 min
Massachusetts to ban sale of new gas-powered ve...
The move is part of the state's 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap, a plan to be entirely carbon neutral by 2050.
2 min
Georgia runoffs could determine more than just ...
The state election on Jan. 5 may play a pivotal role in the push for $2000 stimulus checks.
4 min
The clock is ticking for the IRS to send the se...
The $908 billion stimulus bill sets Jan. 15 as the deadline for the second stimulus payments, but what if yours misses the deadline?
4 min
Covid-19 vaccines vary by storage, administrati...
With more than a dozen COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently in late-stage clinical trials and dozens more not too far behind, it's now evident that not everyone in the world will get the same vaccine.
5 min
UK judge blocks Julian Assange US extradition o...
Assange's mental health is too precarious for him to be exposed to the US prison system, a judge in the UK rules.
2 min
The Mandalorian is declared the most-pirated TV...
This makes a change from Game of Thrones, the BitTorrent title holder of previous years.
1 min
The Boring Company wants to expand their transi...
Now it can, too, because the Las Vegas Monorail declared bankruptcy.
1 min
The best facial recognition security cameras to...
Want a security camera that IDs faces? Here are our favorite picks.
3 min
Apple reportedly plans to ramp up iPhone produc...
The iPhone 12 lineup made its debut in October and are Apple's first 5G phones
1 min
Hyundai envisions us riding flying taxis in jus...
Its urban air mobility projects are full speed ahead for intracity flights and even cargo transportation.
1 min
Let the carrier battle for 5G dominance begin
The 3 major US carriers, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T expected to step up their urgency to delivery 5G across their networks.
4 min
Mars spacecraft spots what looks like an angel ...
Formations on Mars' surface look quite angelic.
1 min
NASA Hubble telescope catches dark storms on Ne...
A storm on Neptune is behaving outside the norm.
1 min
Immunity passport vs. Covid-19 vaccine card, wh...
The vaccine card details your personal vaccination information while the immunity passport (which doesn't exist yet) might let you return to more normal activities.
2 min
Flower preserved in amber 100 million years ago...
Researchers at Oregon State University shared the discovery of the new flower.
1 min
2020's biggest tech fails
From Quibi's flameout to QAnon conspiracy theories, the tech industry was not spared the wrath of 2020.
9 min
CNET's most innovative product awards for 2020 ...
These are the things that made a difficult year a little easier.
6 min
Election results' and 'coronavirus' lead Google...
In a year with both a global pandemic and national presidential election, it's not surprising.
1 min
NASA's Artemis Program will use the biggest roc...
Boeing's Space Launch System is a key piece of technology that will enable humans to travel farther into space and for longer periods.
2 min
Sundance 2021 launches New Frontier, program fo...
The annual film festival goes mostly virtual in January next year, with one piece letting participants orbit at the International Space Station.
1 min
Hyundai may join the "features on-demand" bandw...
New cars may require subscriptions to unlock features like heated seats
2 min
Match Group, parent company of Tinder, working ...
The new partnership is meant to review Match Group's "sexual misconduct reporting, moderation, and response."
1 min
This is not a drill: KFC has released a chicken...
Complete with an Intel chipset and GPU slots, KFC has revealed its KFConsole gaming console, pulling off its latest off-the-wall marketing stunt.
3 min
Disney Plus premieres Marvel Studios: Legends J...
The short episodes revisit major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, focusing on one character.
1 min
2020 brought faster, more affordable mesh rout...
With many of us still hunkered down at home as the coronavirus pandemic persists, better home networking gear arrived right when we needed it.
4 min
Next version of Google Chrome improves privacy,...
Developers argue the changes reduce the abilities of extensions used to customize the browser.
1 min
Intense full-face mask protects your health and...
Bonus: With the Blanc mask, you also get to cosplay as Daft Punk or a faceless robot.
2 min
There's no denying it, Amazon helped make 2020 ...
Here's a look at how the online retailer fared during in the year of Covid-19.
5 min
Former NASA and Apple engineer builds exploding...
Is there anything glitter can't do?
2 min
Study suggests human-made mass could reach more...
Earth is exactly at the crossover point where, without intervention, human-made materials could exceed the mass of all life on the planet.
1 min
NASA releases a thrilling Mars mission trailer ...
The space agency takes some cues from Hollywood in a dramatic teaser for its latest Mars mission.
1 min
Google and Facebook allegedly agreed to team up...
The alleged agreement was apparently named after a character from Star Wars.
2 min
New data shows Apple's iPhone 12 'supercycle' m...
Counterpoint Research data finds the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro beat out all other 5G phones in October.
1 min
Intel's annual diversity and inclusion report s...
The report highlights the toll 2020 has taken on working women.
2 min
FTC and 48 state attorneys general file antitru...
The lawsuit suggests the social media giant should be broken up.
5 min
This chicken-sized dinosaur boasted a furry man...
The Ubirajara jubatus dinosaur was quite a looker.
1 min
European bison are recovering, but 31 animal an...
Updates to the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species mixes good and bad news.
2 min
Apple Car could be a reality in 2024
The long-rumored car was shelved, but could be on the table again, according to reports.
2 min
How to get your stimulus check through direct d...
Eligible adults will get up to $600 each.
3 min
Help curb the spread of Covid-19 with these 4 tips
As the colder weather moves us indoors, follow these tips to keep you and your community safe.
2 min
2021 will see 5G finally live up to its potential
Coverage will get better. Speeds will get faster. Phones will get cheaper.
3 min
Best browser extensions for last-minute holiday...
In the market for some last-minute gifts on a budget? Use these four browser extensions to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.
3 min
Last minute gift cards perfect for a foodie
Tasty e-gift cards that can be printed or emailed right up until the last second.
2 min
Space Force, the newest branch of the US milita...
What started as an aside during the president's speech is now tasked with protecting the satellites that are essential to modern warfare -- and 21st century economies.
7 min
NASA Curiosity rover captures epic megamosaic
The rover took 216 images over two months to create this epic Martian mosaic.
1 min
Air travel and dry ice play major roles in tran...
Air cargo carriers are essential to national vaccine distribution in the US.
6 min
Epic is giving the gift of video gaming for the...
If all you wanted for Christmas is video games, then your wish may just come true this season. Signing up for an Epic account could land you a free game everyday for the rest of the month. Monday's freebie is Alien: Isolation.
1 min
Google offers US employees weekly at-home Covid...
The search giant is partnering with BioIQ, an Atlanta-based health care vendor, to distribute the kits.
1 min
Google Doodle spotlights the great conjunction ...
Google treated internet searchers around the world with a pair of animated doodles celebrating the rare celestial event.
1 min
BBC to launch new subscription streaming channe...
BBC Select will stream BBC documentaries and exclusives never before made available in North America.
1 min
Carrie Fisher sparkles in rare footage from The...
A documentary crew captures precious moments from the Star Wars sequel, which you can watch now.
1 min
How to return Cyberpunk 2077 at various retailers
If you're dissatisfied with the highly anticipated video game, you're not alone. CD Projekt Red, the game's developer, is offering customers a full refund.
3 min
Everything you need to know about the SolarWind...
A Russian intelligence agency reportedly carried out a sophisticated attack that struck several US federal agencies and private companies including Microsoft
4 min
Google wins conditional EU approval for Fitbit ...
It comes after the European Commission investigated the search giant's promise not to use health data for targeting ads.
1 min
Alaska Airlines uses the Safety Dance song for ...
You can dance if you want to, but be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands when you're on a plane.
1 min
Ford recreates a 52-year-old photo of Santa wit...
In 1968, Santa paid a visit to see the Bronco. Years later, Ford invited the big guy in the red suit to see the latest SUV.
1 min
Uber offering free and discounted rides to peop...
The offer comes as the ride-hailing giant seeks to get priority access to the vaccine for its drivers
1 min
Texas and other states file antitrust lawsuit a...
The lawsuit also alleges Facebook conspired with Google to manipulate advertising auctions.
3 min
Europe starts big tech regulation overhaul with...
If passed, the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, will affect how big tech operates in the EU for the foreseeable future.
3 min
NASA agrees to send Canadian astronaut around t...
A Canadian astronaut will participate in the Artemis II mission.
2 min
Apple adds shipping hub to retail store offerings
The tech giant will start using its stores to send out products for as little as $5 for a limited time.
1 min
TikTok taking steps to combat Covid-19 vaccine ...
The popular short-video app will use banners and tags direct users to reliable sources like the CDC.
1 min