Out of Character with Ryan Satin

Out of Character will allow fans a more candid look from the people behind the characters we see on TV each week. Join Ryan Satin on Monday for RAW Roundup, Wednesday for in-depth conversations with your favorite superstars and Friday for Smackdown Roundup!

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Angelo Dawkins
On Episode 41 of Out of Character, Angelo Dawkins joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His early days in the Performance Center, dream tag team matchup, anime, and potential solo career.
51 min
Toni Storm
On Episode 40 of Out of Character, Toni Storm joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Her time spent in NXT UK, moving to the United States during the Pandemic, feud with Charlotte Flair & main roster goals.
35 min
Happy Corbin
On Episode 39 of Out of Character, Happy Corbin joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His recent name and character change, retiring Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35, trolling the WWE Universe, & working with Madcap Moss.
39 min
On Episode 38 of Out of Character, R-Truth joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Being part of the Attitude Era, working with The Miz and forming Awesome Truth, feuding with The Rock and John Cena, creating a new legacy around the 24/7 title & his relationship with Vince McMahon.
53 min
Liv Morgan
On Episode 37 of Out of Character, Liv Morgan joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Feuding with Becky Lynch, mentioning her “friends” being gone in a promo, living on a farm, and starting a self-care line.
47 min
On Episode 36 of Out of Character, Ricochet joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His indie wrestling career, the meaning behind the name “Ricochet”, goals on SmackDown & the 630.
49 min
Beth Phoenix
On Episode 35 of Out of Character, Beth Phoenix joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Her early run as the Glamazon, transitioning from wrestling to commentating, relationship with Natalya & Music career.
58 min
Queen Zelina
On Episode 34 of Out of Character, Queen Zelina joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Her early days managing talent, returning to WWE, winning the first-ever Queen's Crown tournament & TikTok.
57 min
King Woods
On Episode 33 of Out of Character, King Woods joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His current singles run, winning King of the Ring, The New Day’s legacy, and the Gaming world.
56 min
Corey Graves
On Episode 32 of Out of Character, Corey Graves joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His early days wrestling in NXT, transitioning to commentary, online backlash, and engagement to Carmella.
54 min
Keith “Bearcat” Lee
On Episode 31 of Out of Character, Keith “Bearcat” Lee joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His legendary NXT run, Main roster debut, feud with Randy Orton, absence from WWE & Anime.
46 min
Jeff Hardy
On Episode 30 of Out of Character, Jeff Hardy joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His favorite Attitude Era match, being drafted to SmackDown, working with Roman Reigns, and 90’s Rave pants.
45 min
Becky Lynch
On Episode 29 of Out of Character, Becky Lynch joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Her surprising SummerSlam return, Motherhood, being drafted to RAW, and the Manhandle Slam.
47 min
Dominik Mysterio
On Episode 28 of Out of Character, Dominik Mysterio joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Early attacks from Brock Lesnar, facing Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, one day wearing the legendary Mysterio mask and Eddie Guerrero.
49 min
46 min
On Episode 26 of Out of Character, Cesaro joins Ryan Satin to discuss: On Episode 26 of Out of Character, Cesaro joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His WrestleMania 37 win over Seth Rollins, feud with Roman Reigns, representing Switzerland, and UFOs.
51 min
Damian Priest
46 min
On Episode 24 of Out of Character, Reggie joins Ryan Satin to discuss: His challenging upbringing, professional Circus career, early love for wrestling & the WWE Women’s division.
49 min
A Night Out w/ Eva Marie
On Episode 23 of Out of Character, Eva Marie joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Returning to WWE, partnership with Doudrop, love for the WWE Universe, and bringing the Eva-Lution to SummerSlam.
69 min
Paul Heyman
On Episode 22 of Out of Character, Paul Heyman joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Moving up the ranks in the Wrestling industry, love for promos, relationship with Roman Reigns, and his favorite Superstar to go head to head with on the mic.
43 min
Roman Reigns
On episode 21 of Out of Character, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns joins Ryan Satin to preview his upcoming match against John Cena at SummerSlam, reflect on his first time ever meeting The Rock, & discuss why he's the best storyteller in sports entertainment today.
27 min
Bianca Belair
On episode 20 of Out of Character, Smackdown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair joins Ryan Satin to reflect on her match against Sasha Banks at WrestleMania, how being a champion has changed her life, and her thoughts on Bayley & Becky Lynch.
51 min
On Episode 19 of Out of Character, Sheamus joins Ryan Satin to discuss: his recent engagement, writing the mythology for Sheamus in his early days, 15 years in the WWE, ECW, winning the title from John Cena, and much more.
69 min
Nikki A.S.H.
On Episode 18 of Out of Character, Nikki A.S.H. joins Ryan Satin to discuss: her change to superhero character, coming up with the idea and design.
59 min
Charlotte Flair
On Episode 17 of Out of Character, Charlotte Flair joins Ryan Satin to discuss: Wrestlemania, WCW appearances when she was a teenager, traveling around the world, her love for food, and how she got started in wrestling.
45 min