The Chatter's Box

Join host, and former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan as he presents a series of interviews focused on specific topics from across Cardinals nation. Guests and topics range from the present day team, to the great moments and players in Cardinals history. All delivered with insights only a big leaguer can provide. So subscribe, and dig into The Chatter’s Box!

Masyn Winn
St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Masyn Winn sits down with former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Winn discusses how COVID effected his senior season in high school and possibly changed his path from going to college to being drafted, getting to the big leagues so quickly, some teams wanting him to pitch and some teams wanting him to play shortstop when he was scouted, thinks he could still be a good pitcher, knowing his role on the offense, difference of how many pitches you get to hit in the minors compared to the big leagues, throwing the ball as hard as he could in the MLB Futures game, playing angry to help drive him, his competitiveness and more.
29 min
Lance Lynn
Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Lynn discusses how different it is now being back in St. Louis compared to earlier in his career, how his role has evolved as a pitcher and teammate over his career, being a free agent, choosing to come home to St. Louis, he explains some of his on-field antics, being impressed with the young talent on the roster, and more.
25 min
Daniel Descalso
2011 World Series Champion Daniel Descalso sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Daniel discusses rejoining the organization as bench coach, the responsibilities of his new role, the focus of spring training, teaching guys fundamentals before they make it to the big leagues, working with some of his former teammates on this roster, Masyn Winn taking the next step, the game of baseball evolving and more
34 min
Kyle Gibson
New St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Gibson sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.”
34 min
Bengie Molina
World Series Champion and two-time gold glove winner Bengie Molina sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Bengie discusses his current role with the St. Louis Cardinals as a Spanish Broadcaster, people listening to the Spanish broadcast around the world, Mike Scioscia giving him a chance to play in Anaheim, winning a World Series with his brother Jose as a teammate, the pressure on Yadier with two brothers in the major leagues, catching for Cy Young winners, caring about pitchers, his parents’ sacrifices and influence, playing against his brothers, and what Yadi is doing now in retirement.
41 min
Brendan Ryan
Cardinals alum Brendan Ryan sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Brendan discusses missing the team bus one time in the minor leagues, working on his fielding with Jose Oquendo, playing for Tony LaRussa, shares stories about riding the bus with veterans, receiving a special gift from Albert Pujols, discusses his nightmare of running out to play shortstop late with Chris Carpenter on the mound in Cincinnati in 2010, being traded to Seattle after the 2010 season, and more.
51 min
Adam Wainwright
Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright fresh off his 200th career victory sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Wainwright discusses winning his 200th career game after a season of struggles, why he came back to play in 2023, if he really will retire after the season, what his plans are after retiring, leaving a legacy in the Cardinals’ organization, his relationship with Yadier Molina, support from his wife and family, his work helping people around the world to have clean water, and his unknown connection with Astro’s Mauricio Dubon
37 min
Gary Gaetti
Cardinals Gary Gaetti sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.”
41 min
Ryan Helsley
St. Louis Cardinals closer Ryan Helsley sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.”
27 min
Remembering Mike Shannon
St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster and “Fast Eddie” of Fast Eddie’s Bonaire remember their dear friend Cardinals Hall of Famer Mike Shannon.
66 min
Chip Caray
St. Louis Cardinals new TV play-by-play voice Chip Caray sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.” Chip discusses his path in broadcasting, taking the Cardinals job replacing his friend Dan McLaughlin, his upbringing in St. Louis, getting to know his father and grandfather later in life, and he shares stories from his career.
54 min
Scott Spiezio
2006 Cardinals World Champion Scott Spiezio joins former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.”
54 min
Whitey Herzog
Cardinals Hall of Fame Manager Whitey Herzog sits down with former pitcher Kyle McClellan for this edition of the “Chatter’s Box.”
69 min
Ozzie Smith | Gold Glove Defense
Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith joins former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan the show to discuss why defense was so important to him, motivation, hard work, fundamentals, watching the current Cardinals team, and much more.
13 min
Rick Hummel | November 2022
Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel joins Kyle McClellan. The pair discuss all the greats Hummel covered, the 80s Cardinals, Tony La Russa’s approach with the media, how Whitey Herzog got the most out of his players, Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols, and much more.
54 min
Anthony Reyes | Postseason
2006 World Series Game 1 starting pitcher Anthony Reyes joins Kyle McClellan to discuss what he is doing now, preparation for postseason starts compared to regular season, finding out he was going to start game 1 of the World Series, focusing on Yadier Molina during the game, making adjustments mid-game, pitching with a lead in the World Series, and more.
25 min
Ted Simmons | 1982
An opposing team’s view of the 1982 World Series with Cardinals Hall of Famer Ted Simmons who was the Milwaukee Brewers catcher that season. Former Cardinals pitcher Dave LaPoint joins Kyle again as co-host and Simmons discusses teaching LaPoint a pitch, catchers needed to learn who hitters are, the DH, playing in a World Series Game 7 and believing he was going to win it all.
39 min
Tom Herr | 1982
Tommy Herr discusses the pressure to learn how to play with Ozzie Smith, his early career, catching Whitey’s eye with his speed, learning to steal bases from Lou Brock, the 1982 infield defense, and what he remembers most about 1982.
27 min
John Stuper | 1982
1982 World Series Game 6 winning pitcher John Stuper joins Kyle McClellan and former teammate Dave LaPoint to discuss Whitey Herzog throwing rookies into the fire, Bruce Sutter’s dominance, stories about Joaquin Andujar, leaving Milwaukee down 3-2 in the World Series after losing Game 5, how Whitey helped LaPoint believe in his changeup, and players working on fielding during batting practice.
34 min
Ozzie Smith | 1982
Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith joins Kyle McClellan and special co-host Dave LaPoint for the first episode of a series on the 1982 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals.
49 min
Nolan Gorman | Prospect to Big Leaguer
Cardinals rookie slugger Nolan Gorman joins the show to discuss his first season in the big leagues, learning from José Oquendo, playing alongside his childhood best friend, and much more.
22 min
Oliver Marmol | 2022 Season
Cardinals first-year manager Oli Marmol joins Kyle McClellan to discuss his path to the big leagues and what his tenure in the dugout has included so far.
30 min
Yadi and Waino | 2022 Season
Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright join former teammate Kyle McClellan to discuss their friendship and careers.
33 min
Albert Pujols: Part 2 | 2022 Season
Albert Pujols joins Kyle McClellan for part two of their discussion on Albert’s life and career. Topics include his first spring training, memorable postseason moments, charity work, and his departure and return to St. Louis.
76 min
Albert Pujols: Part 1 | 2022 Season
Host Kyle McClellan sits down with his former teammate and Cardinals’ legend Albert Pujols for the first part of a two-part conversation on Pujols’ life and baseball career.
26 min