Venture Unplugged

Host Mayra Ceja interviews leading founders and investors. Early guests include Tim Draper, Justin Kan (Atrium/Twitch), Mike Novogratz (Galaxy Digital), Joe Lubin (Consensys/Ethereum), and Leah Busque Solivan (FuelCapital/TaskRabbit). In this new show, we discuss a range of topics including entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital, bitcoin, mindfulness, and spirituality. This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group and Republic. Republic is an investment platform for private companies to raise capital and everyone to invest: For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at:

Unicorn: Andrew Dudum, Founder of Hims/Hers on ...
Mayra Ceja and Andrew Dudum on his recent $100m raise at $1 Billion Pre-money & Advice from Peter Thiel and Kirsten Green
41 min
David Heath, Founder of Bombas on Socks, SharkT...
David Heath and Mayra Ceja discuss how he bootstrapped his business to over 100m in revenue, how his experience on Shark Tank fueled his company's growth, and what it's like to work with the famous entrepreneur and investor Daymond John.
34 min
Part 2: Billionaire Mike Novogratz on Prison Re...
Mike Novogratz and Mayra Ceja discuss prison reform, privacy, blockchain, Libra, and more...
39 min
Part 1: Mike Novogratz, Founder of Galaxy Digit...
Mike Novogratz and Mayra Ceja discuss Mike's fascinating stories of personal professional growth, why he launched Galaxy and his latest insights on bitcoin and blockchain.
33 min
Arianna Simpson, Founder of Autonomous Partners...
Arianna Simpson and Mayra Ceja discuss how she started in bitcoin, what she's investing in now, what the future of Libra looks like, how to get more women in crypto and more.
31 min
Ken Nguyen, Co-Founder of Republic, Spinoff of ...
Ken Nguyen and Mayra Ceja discuss
38 min
Ben Cogan, Founder of Hubble Contacts on raisin...
Ben Cogan and Mayra Ceja discuss how his experience at Harry's led him to launch Hubble, why he launched Hubble, and where the future of retail is headed.
37 min
Matt Meeker, Founder of & BarkBox
Matt Meeker and Mayra Ceja discuss how he launched and why he left and how he turned his passion for dogs into his second multimillion startup, Barkbox. Barkbox has raised over $80 million from VCs like RRE Ventures, August Capital, and Resolute Ventures.
37 min
Nick Greenfield, Founder of Candid-The Warby Pa...
Nick Greenfield and Mayra Ceja discuss his early days at Lyft and where those famous pink mustaches came from, why he decided to launch Candid, where the future of retail is going, how he raised $70m from Greycroft, Bessemer, and e-Ventures and what advice he has for founders.
38 min
Nick Grossman, Partner at Union Square Ventures...
Nick Grossman and Mayra Ceja discuss how Union Square Ventures makes investments, why open protocols are so important to Web3 deployment, what blockchain uses cases and companies are going to change the world and why USV joined the Libra Association.
45 min
Craig Elbert, Founder of Care/of, The Warby of ...
Craig Elbert and Mayra Ceja discuss how his experience at Bonobos shaped his leadership style, why his commitment to the lean startup methodology led him to launch a fake company and how he turned plain old vitamins into an instagrammable DTC brand.
47 min
Justin Kan Founder of Twitch on Leadership & Ha...
Justin Kan and Mayra Ceja discuss
32 min
Muneeb Ali founder of Blockstack on Web3, Bloc...
Muneeb Ali and Mayra Ceja discuss advising the HBO show, Silicon Valley, how he raised from YCombinator, and why he launched a token sale.
35 min
Leah Busque, Founder of TaskRabbit sale to Ikea...
Leah Busque and Mayra Ceja discuss Leah's humble beginnings as the first Tasker on TaskRabbit and eventually sold it to Ikea, her personal challenges with founder stress and how it put in the hospital right before her last fundraise, and how she’s helping entrepreneurs as a venture capital investor.
33 min
Pt 2: Billionaire Tim Draper on Theranos, Calif...
Mayra Ceja and Tim Draper discuss Californias, Theranos, and Spirituality.
29 min
Pt 1: Tim Draper on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ventu...
Tim Draper and Mayra Ceja discuss Bitcoin, Blockchain, Space Travel, and VC.
33 min
Venture Unplugged | Trailer
Host Mayra Ceja interviews leading founders and investors to uncover the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs.
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