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See Something Say Something
Each week, BuzzFeed News’ Ahmed Ali Akbar covers everything that American Muslims are talking about right now — misrepresentation in the media, equality in the mosque, DJ Khaled memes, and much more.
Society & Culture
Religion & Spirituality
Episode 52: Clapback But Make It Fashion
35 min
Episode 51: Everything Is Horrible It’s Getting...
26 min
Episode 50: Stop Reading Bad Rumi Translations...
34 min
Episode 49: The White Terrorist Double Standard
35 min
Episode 48: A Very Afghan New Year
27 min
Episode 47: Break The Writer’s Room
27 min
Episode 46: Why The Group Chat Is A Holy Space
34 min
Episode 45: Let’s Talk About Sex, Habibi
23 min
Episode 44: “There’s Jojoba Oil in the Wind”
35 min
Episode 43: 2/2 Mullahs Agree
33 min
Episode 42: The Best (?) Of 2017
31 min
Episode 41: Running, Not Hiding
27 min
Introducing: Thirst Aid Kit
Let your lust live out loud.
40 min
Episode 40: The Problem With Celebrity Sheikh C...
37 min
Episode 39: Halaloween
42 min
Episode 38: Beauty Is The Splendor Of Truth, Wi...
37 min
Episode 37: Happy Birthday From All The Aunties
36 min
Episode 36: Every Day Is Ashura And Every Land ...
40 min
Episode 35: Banned Again
29 min
Episode 34: Ghee Something Say Something
37 min
Episode 33: A 91-Year-Old Imam Still Finds Joy ...
28 min
Episode 32: "A Dope Lyric Over A Tight Beat? Th...
36 min
Episode 31: “Sorry I Ate You”
40 min
Everyday People and Everyday Psychopaths (The L...
58 min
We're Coming To Michigan!
2 min
What Time Is It? Summertime…
2 min
Episode 30: What Do You Think A Soul Is?
45 min
Episode 29: God Giveth Biryani And God Taketh A...
44 min
Episode 28: #BlackMuslimRamadan
39 min
Episode 27: Prayers Over Here, Kidz Bop Over There
41 min
Episode 26: The Fast And The Furious
46 min
“It Was Cheese Stick Day”
3 min
Episode 25: From Zero To Pork
45 min
Episode 24: PROM?
35 min
Episode 23: Muslim Girls Hoop Too
48 min
Episode 22: The Third-Act Nuke
36 min
Lost In The Sauce — Part 2
29 min
Episode 21: Lost In The Sauce
28 min
Episode 20: In Conclusion...
44 min
Episode 19: Do Better
38 min
Episode 18: Wallah Bros And A Staff Gorilla
41 min
Episode 17: What About The Revolution, Baby?
39 min
Episode 16: Of Minder And Meeting People
57 min
Episode 15: What Did We Miss?
47 min
Banned Together — Part 3
We sit down to process what it feels like to be a Muslim in America right now, or to hold a passport from one of the countries targeted by the President's immigration and travel ban.
39 min
Banned Together — Part 2
Can the courts overturn President Trump's executive order?
37 min
Banned Together — Part 1
Annnd we’re back! The previous episode (our live show) was supposed to be the end of Season 1. Then, President Trump issued an executive order blocking refugees, immigrants and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.
39 min
Episode 14: Banned In NYC (The Live Show)
With Trump's Muslim ban looming, we throw all your favorite things into one episode: Halal or Not! Khutbahs! Politics! Memes! Thirst! Ahmed’s Abu!
78 min
Episode 13: Self-Care And Salt Bae
Donald Trump’s inAGGHHHHHguration is this Friday, so Ahmed invites guests to talk about coping strategies.
51 min
Episode 12: Heems
Rapper and activist Heems stops by the BuzzFeed offices to talk about movies, identity, and Swet Shop Boys, his collaboration with Riz Ahmed and Redinho.
45 min
Episode 11: RAD BROWN DADS
This week, Ahmed talks immigration, work, and movies with two Rad Brown Dads: Jamil Ali, who has worked in the Taxi industry since the ‘80s, and Dr. Waheed Akbar, Ahmed’s dad. Plus: Ahmed tries to speak Urdu and it is very bad. Please do not drag him o...
32 min
Meme Squad
Happy New Year! On this mini episode, Ahmed invites a real-life meme into the studio. You’ve probably seen Daniya Sayed's hilarious photo from prom on your Tumblr or Twitter dashboard. Ahmed talks to Daniya about her rise to virality, how memes ca...
20 min
Episode 10: Jingle Bells Mubarak
It’s the most hegemonic time of the year and Ahmed wants to complain about it. But Christmas deserves a fair shake too, so he brings Eid Elfs Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed and Salimah Fatimah Mohamed to explain why they love the holiday season. They play some ga...
42 min
Episode 9: Zayn
This week Ahmed brings on BuzzFeed news editor Sara Yasin as cohost to talk about Zayn Malik, pop icon. They’re joined by Zayn Malik scholar Fariha Roisin and twitter badass Farwa Zaidi to talk about Zayn’s zolo career, what it means to them to have a ...
45 min
Episode 8: Why Are Samosas In Every Single Book?
Youth Lit authors Hena Khan and Sara Farizan talk about writing young Pakistani and Iranian characters, and wonder why every single book set in South Asia includes samosas. Plus, they give Ahmed some writing advice and read from their own work. Hena sh...
50 min
Episode 7: Wookies Are Muslim
Reza Aslan no longer wants to go on cable news and have to answer questions like "Does Islam promote violence?" Instead, he wants to focus on making a new sitcom for ABC, among other things. Hear why he thinks pop culture and storytelling is ...
41 min
Episode 6: College
NYU freshmen Romaissaa Benzizoune and Zainab Babikir talk about what it feels like for them to be visibly Muslim on a college campus right now. Plus, Tabir really wants to know what cool things teens like. Follow Zainab at @freethelioness. Read Rom...
37 min
Episode 5: Parents
Stories about the secrets we keep from our parents, featuring comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh, and Ahmed's dad, Dr. Waheed Akbar. Plus: a plea for white people to talk to other white people about Trump. Listeners: We want to hear from young people and...
47 min
How Michigan Muslims Voted
Michigan just went red for first time since 1988. Ahmed calls up BuzzFeed reporter Talal Ansari, who has been following the organizing efforts of Arab-Americans to get out the vote in the Michigan cities of Dearborn and Hamtramck, to reflect on how peo...
17 min
Episode 4: Where Do We Go
We share our thoughts and feelings on the outcome of the election, the role of the internet, and what we think we can do next.Follow Sara Yasin and her fire tweets at @missyasin. Follow Hind Makki at @hindmakki and sideentrance.tumblr.com. Follow D...
50 min
Episode 3: Fandom
BuzzFeed's Bim Adewunmi and Abid Anwar join Ahmed to talk about seeing yourself represented in pop culture, and to reflect on the power of cosplay at Comic Con. Plus: play along with a couple rounds of Halal or Not: Fandom Edition, and find out ab...
40 min
Episode 2: Jinn
Ahmed is joined by spooky experts Basim Usmani, Tabir Akhter, and Deonna Kelli Sayed to talk about folklore and fear. They’ll swap Jinn stories and get goth.Follow Ahmed at @radbrowndads. Follow Basim at @BasiRoti. Follow Deonna at @deonnakelli. F...
46 min
Episode 1: Saying 'Nah'
On the new BuzzFeed podcast, Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks to get personal about what it feels like to be Muslim in America right now.Nabiha Syed and Johana Bhuiyan join to talk about being asked to speak on behalf of Muslims. Plus: chai, a few round...
45 min
On the new BuzzFeed podcast, Ahmed Ali Akbar will gather folks together to get personal about what it feels like to be Muslim in America right now. In this preview, Ahmed talks about why it’s so hard for Muslims to represent themselves, and plays a ...
7 min