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Another Round
Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy show.
Society & Culture
Episode 113: Our 2017 Kwanzaa Spectacular!
We celebrate Kwanzaa, y'all, and each other.
61 min
Episode 112: Dearest Y'all, We Have Some News
We talk tarot and share some news.
51 min
Episode 111: Cream of the Crop (with Dodai Stew...
Writer and editor Dodai Stewart chats with us about Korean dramas, digital media, and traveling solo.
42 min
Episode 75: Citizen's Arrest (Encore)
An encore presentation of our first ever call-in show.
70 min
Episode 38: Let Black Girls Be Funny (with Jane...
Janelle James chats with us about her new comedy album, "Black and Mild," then we play for you an encore episode featuring an interview with Janelle.
80 min
Episode 110: Wheatgrass in Your Ass (with Jenif...
Legendary performer Jenifer Lewis blesses us with her presence.
53 min
Episode 109: #MeToo (with Stacy-Marie Ishmael)
Stacy-Marie Ishmael brings us some much-needed career advice.
63 min
Episode 108: Toronto Live! (with Scaachi Koul a...
Writer Scaachi Koul and artist Maria Qamar aka HateCopy join us for our first ever live show in Toronto.
56 min
Introducing: Thirst Aid Kit
Let your lust live out loud.
40 min
Episode 107: Lusting Out Loud (with Bim Adewunm...
Writers Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins talk with us about their new podcast, Thirst Aid Kit.
48 min
Episode 25: Stop Telling Women to Smile (with T...
A Southern phrase quiz, the return of Men Gotta Do Better, and an interview with artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.
51 min
Episode 24: Ida Bae Wells (with Nikole Hannah-J...
An interview with investigative reporter extraordinaire, Nikole Hannah-Jones
70 min
Episode 106: The Sauce Awards (with Amber Rose,...
It's our very first live show in Los Angeles featuring Amber Rose, Quinta Brunson, and Victor Pope Jr.
64 min
Episode 105: Go Outside (with Rahawa Haile, Bro...
Rahawa Haile hikes the Appalachian Trail, Brother Nature chills with his Deer Squad, and Tracy's mom takes her fishing.
62 min
Episode 104: Keep Them Socks On, Playa (with Br...
The Nod Podcast's Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings chat with us about fashion faux pas, casseroles, and literary sensation, Zane.
36 min
Episode 103: Reclaim Your Bootyhole (Live from ...
Our first ever live show in London, featuring Susan Wokoma and Bolu Babalola.
50 min
Episode 6: Lit Like Bic (with Desus Nice) - Encore
We chat with Desus about misunderstood Twitter jokes, the wedding episode of A Different World, and Richard Wright.
34 min
Episode 102: Our Bonus Celebration!
We're honoring over 100 episodes of Another Round with some bonus material from our 101nst episode celebration!
28 min
Our 101nst Episode Celebration!
It's a party - join us in celebrating over 100 episodes of Another Round!
61 min
Episode 100: Kunta in the House (with LeVar Bur...
The legendary Levar Burton (Roots, Star Trek, Reading Rainbow) chats with us about ALL OF THE THINGS.
62 min
Episode 99: Bounce Music As Praxis (with April ...
Live from New Orleans, we bring you journalism's finest, plus a bounce party by HaSizzle.
67 min
Episode 98: The Anne Hathaway of Politics (with...
Senator Cory Booker talks criminal justice reform and whether he's the Anne Hathaway of politics.
63 min
Episode 39: The Betrayer of the Patriarchy (wit...
Anil Dash talks about representation (on screen and in tech) and mangoes.
65 min
Episode 19: Was That a Microaggression or Just ...
We chat with Audie Cornish, host of NPR's All Things Considered.
51 min
Episode 97: Ding Dong Ding-a-ling (with Matt Be...
Matt Bellassai complains about everything but Beyonce.
42 min
Episode 96: Trap Improv (with Sasheer Zamata)
Actor/comedian Sasheer Zamata, white privilege summer jams, and cheese juice.
55 min
Episode 95: No Stone Left Unturnt (with Jonny Sun)
Jonny Sun on aliebns, Twitter, and Aqua (of "Barbie Girl" fame). Plus your favorite game: Y'all's Parents Was Nasty.
62 min
Episode 94: Another Round LIVE in Chicago!
Sister Jamila Woods takes us to church, Dr. Eve Ewing takes us to school, and we take you to our first live show in Chicago!
64 min
Nah, Ceebs (with Tkay Maidza)
Zimbabwean-Australian rapper Tkay Maidza on colorful goths, chocolate cereal, and teeth collections
46 min
Episode 13: Another Round Live! (with Roxane Ga...
The inimitable Roxane Gay, a quiz about white guys in public radio, Tracy's Joke Time, and more!
75 min
Episode 93: Find Your Cackle (with Doreen St. F...
Doreen reflects on Kara Walker, Durga considers porch life, and we wonder: why did white girls in the 90s all want to be marine biologists?
40 min
Episode 92: Sliding in on a Shrimp Sandwich (wi...
Marcus Samuelsson talks herring and Swedish fish, Tracy trolls her very white alma mater, and Heben finds the greatest idiom of all time.
60 min
Episode 91: Mary-Fake and Ashy (with The Lucas ...
The Lucas Bros, a 90s Ad Lib Quiz, and Pronouncing "Caveat"
61 min
Episode 90: Bigots Have No Sense of Graphic Des...
Bim Adewunmi on thirst, Negin Farsad on suing the MTA, and more - live from the Bell House in NYC!
62 min
Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean ...
We interview musician Jean Grae (who live-scores this episode!) and check out some dating apps for, you know, podcast research.
38 min
Over That Rainbow (with Morris Day)
The iconic Morris Day joins us to remember Prince in light of the one year anniversary of Prince's passing.
23 min
Episode 89: Sister Girl Bonds (with Dr. Kimberl...
Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw talks intersectionality and #SayHerName, Tracy defends bats, and Heben celebrates a real life "Sister, Sister" story.
62 min
Episode 88: I Got Indian In My Family
We team up with WNYC's Only Human to find Tracy's roots.
40 min
Episode 87: The Original Bad and Boujee (with K...
Fresh Prince alum Karyn Parsons, Tracy's Lyft driver from hell, and what everybody's dying to know: would Carlton Banks be a Trump supporter?
64 min
Episode 86: The Spicy Double Down (with Lizzo)
Lizzo on Prince and body positivity, the Donald Trump/KFC conspiracy, and the return of Tracy's Joke Time
59 min
Episode 22: A Dude Named Hot Sauce (with Yassir...
Heben catches up with Yassir about his new TV show "Making History," then revisits a vintage episode featuring him and Nicki Minaj's infamous pickle juice speech.
63 min
Shot #9: Members Only
Black laughter is revolutionary, so we asked Nichole Perkins and Aaron Edwards into the stude.
24 min
Episode 85: The Same Stuff as Stars (with Amand...
If you didn't think space and justice for sexual assault survivors could be in the same episode, you thought wrong!
48 min
Episode 84: shETHER (with Remy Ma)
We've got an exclusive, extra long conversation with the one and only Remy Ma!
95 min
Episode 83: Incognegro (with Jordan Peele)
We chat with Jordan Peele about his directorial debut "Get Out" and Reginald VelJohnson, then celebrate nail polish, tidying up, and our Tom Green trap remix.
50 min
Episode 82: Another Round's Blacker History Mon...
It's BlackER History Month this year because we're already black as hell, so we're just turning it it way up!
67 min
Episode 81: Y'all's Parents Was Nasty (with Kel...
This week we've got music on the brain and in the bedroom. And Kelly Rowland!
57 min
Episode 43: A Gumbo of Afrofuturism (Vann R. Ne...
We celebrate Blacker History Month with some unsung heroes, talking Kanye with Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, and interview Vann R. Newkirk II.
69 min
Episode 80: A Beautiful Way To Resist
With so much on our minds and hearts, we invite friends Ahmed Ali Akbar (host of our sibling podcast See Something Say Something) and Bim Adewunmi, reporter extraordinaire, to chat with us about Muslim identity and resistance.
57 min
Episode 79: Pour One Out for Elmo (with Joy Reid)
Inauguration. The Women's March. The beginning of Trump's presidency. It's...a lot.
63 min
Episode 78: They Didn't Expect Me (with Kim Drew)
Kim Drew and Tunde Olaniran pop by to bless the newly-inaugurated stude.
55 min
Episode 36: U Mad? (with Margaret Cho) (Encore)
49 min
Episode 77: 2017 Can't Tell Us Shit
Happy New Year! Join us for a very special (read: hungover) episode where the brilliant Stacy-Marie Ishmael, friend of the show and John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford, reads us (nicely), then gives us advice. If you want Stacy-Marie to fix yo...
40 min
Episode 76: Vinegar & Honey (with Susan Rice)
Join us for quick trip to DC where we talk to Ambassador Susan Rice—national security advisor to the Obama administration— about Trump & her successor Michael Flynn, Russia & fake news, and Syria & US intervention. She gives us the deets ab...
60 min
Episode 75: Citizen's Arrest
Yooo it’s our first ever call-in show! We’re so hype to be calling some of you, our listeners, on the phone to discuss how you're dealing with family members who don't get you. Guess what: it's really hard! And messy! We also get our h...
62 min
Episode 74: Have You Looked At You Today?
Join us for the mane event—an episode dedicated to all things HAIR. We talk about going natural with the godmother of brown beauty bloggers, Afrobella, and later catch up with Yene Damtew, stylist to the Obama women, about Michelle's inauguration ...
60 min
You Poppin'! (A Teaser + An Announcement)
A little announcement: Another Round is moving to Wednesdays! Stay tuned for our all-new hair-themed episode coming tomorrow (12/14)! Have you looked at you today? Club going up...on a Wednesday.
1 min
Episode 73: New Studio, Who Dis (with Janet Mock)
Heben and Tracy are back together in the stude!! And Janet Mock blesses us with her presence to talk about her glow, Beyoncé, and her new HBO film The Trans List. Follow Janet at @janetmock. We still want to hear how your family conversations about ...
64 min
Another Round All Stars: Lit is Lit
This week, you’ll hear from past guests - prolific writers & avid readers - answering questions ranging from, “When was the first time you saw yourself represented in literature?” to “Why are so many books about white boys and their dogs?" You...
59 min
Episode 72: Water Protectors and Fear Allerton
Heben talks with Dr. Adrienne Keene about Standing Rock and the #NoDAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) movement in North Dakota. We hear stories from people on the ground about preparing for winter, police violence, and healing. Plus: Heben's names quiz...
61 min
Episode 71: Burn
Heben and Bim are processing the election. Come process it with us. And we promise: there is so much laughter in this episode. Follow Bim Adewunmi at @bimadew, and read her essay on fanfiction at buzzfeed.com/bimadewunmi/how-fanfic-helps-black-women-...
68 min
Episode 28: Madam Secretary, What's Good? (with...
One year ago, Hillary Clinton sat down with us in Davenport, Iowa, and we interviewed her about Black Lives Matter, reparations, sexism in politics, The Good Wife (RIP!), squirrels, and so much more. In advance of the 2016 presidential election, we...
42 min
Introducing: See Something Say Something
Surprise bonus thing in your feed this week!! We are THRILLED to introduce you to the newest BuzzFeed podcast, See Something Say Something, hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar. It's a show where people talk about what it feels like to be Muslim in America...
55 min
Another Round All Stars: Immigrant Stories
This week, our favorite moments from past interviews come together around a theme: immigrant narratives. You'll hear from Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Anil Dash, Jenny Zhang, Padma Lakshmi, Hannah Giorgis, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Uzo Aduba. (This is an ex...
65 min
What Your Fave Is Reading RN
It's fall, and what better time to avoid election coverage than cozying up in some cute sweatpants and gettin' down with a good book? We talk to a few of our favorite people to find out what they're reading, so grab your hot toddy and ge...
20 min
Episode 70: Keeping People Safe (with Dr. Carl ...
Tracy deconstructs myths about drugs and drug use with Dr. Carl Hart, a professor, scientist, and researcher at Columbia University. Plus, we want to keep you in the loop about Heben, so please know we are still working out the details of her return....
41 min
Episode 3: Oh, The Racism! (with Issa Rae) (Enc...
We revisit episode #3 with the glorious Issa Rae in honor of her new show Insecure, which premiers Oct. 9th on HBO. Plus, we hope that listening back to our conversation about racist frats is a reminder that if you're a person of color on a predom...
46 min
Episode 69: The Life-Changing Magic of Listenin...
The world’s been so stressful lately…does it give anyone else the urge to clean? Rachel Wilkerson Miller aka the Black Martha Stewart is here to fix your life and teach you how to aspire to organization as self-care. Her simple tips include things like...
49 min
Baby, I Know I'm Funny
In this shot, the hilarious Nicole Byer describes what it feels like to psyche herself up before a stand-up comedy set. Plus, Tracy poses a call-in question: What are you trying to unlearn? Record a voice memo with your answer and email it to another...
10 min
Episode 68: Two Dollars and a Paperclip (with A...
Tracy sits down with the only (?) film/tv director to have a Barbie doll made in her image—Ava DuVernay, who talks about her new show Queen Sugar, living her dream, and learning how to say "no." Plus, BuzzFeed beauty editor Essence Gant takes...
49 min
Episode 67: What A Treat (with Nicole Byer)
Tracy and guest host Bim Adewunmi hang out with comedian Nicole Byer, who has a new MTV show called 'Loosely, Exactly Nicole' (which she originally wanted to name something else... ), a deep knowledge of The Baby-Sitters Club, and the ability...
49 min
Episode 66: Chardon(n)egro (with Brittany Luse)
Podcast queen Brittany Luse (host of Sampler and For Colored Nerds) joins Tracy and guest host Hannah Giorgis to talk about nerddom, the Midwest, Howard, memes, hair, and more. Plus: some thoughts on the Olympics and the return of Tracy's Joke Tim...
50 min
Episode 65: Is Your Shiny Suit Alright? (with A...
Slate's Aisha Harris joins Tracy and guest co-host Bim Adewunmi to talk about the Black Film Canon and revel in some favorite black movie moments. Follow Aisha at @craftingmystyle. Follow Bim at @bimadew. Read the Black Film Canon on Slate: h...
63 min
Episode 64: Live In Philly (with Joaquin Castro)
Live from the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, it's BuzzFeed Audio's Historical Event! Tracy is joined by BuzzFeed podcast hosts Evan McMorris-Santoro (No One Knows Anything), Katie Notopoulos...
49 min
Episode 63: Heben's Husband (with Jaime Camil)
Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin) aka Heben's husband talks about his childhood, his days as a pop star, and performing in Broadway's Chicago. Plus, producer Antonia Cereijido gives us a history lesson on Latin pop artists, while digging into wha...
59 min
BONUS: If Martin Were Set In 2016
Tracy and Sylvia imagine what Martin would be like if it were set in the present day. Plus! Get tickets to our Philly live show, Historical Event, at historicalevent.splashthat.com and see Tracy, other BuzzFeed podcast hosts, and musical guestJean Gra...
7 min
Episode 62: Put Your Mask On First (with Tichin...
Tracy and guest host Sylvia Obell count down their favorite Martin episodes, then talk to Tichina Arnold (Survivor's Remorse, Everybody Hates Chris) about black motherhood, cops, self-care, and the Martin reunion that almost happened. Follow Tich...
57 min
Episode 7: Living In America (2016 Update)
It's been a hard week. We're still on vacation, but wanted to drop in to remind you to be kind to yourself in times of grief and anger. So, we're revisiting our episode about the importance self-care in the wake of police violence. There...
36 min
Episode 61: The Greatest (with Claressa Shields)
Boxer Claressa Shields won the Olympic gold medal at age 17. Now, 21, she's off to Rio to win another. She walks us through her mindset before and during a match, then talks about her confidence, her grandmother, and her hometown of Flint, MI. Plu...
55 min
Episode 60: Down With Sporks (LIVE - with Tunde...
We're bringing you a fully live episode! From WNYC's The Greene Space, Stacy's Career Corner tackles questions about being an introvert at work. Then: turn up with the Flint-based musician Tunde Olaniran, recorded at the University of Mi...
57 min
Episode 59: May She Forever Reign
Sylvia Obell wrote an incredible story for BuzzFeed called 'How Blac Chyna Beat The Kardashians At Their Own Game.' She joins us talks about these Shakespearean turns in the Kardashian Petty Olympics, and why we need black women to write abou...
44 min
Episode 58: The Job of Pettiness (with Ashley F...
Our friend Ashley Ford stops by to talk about money, being petty, and Kenny Loggins. Plus: Stacy-Marie Ishmael is back with Career Corner, and we debut a new segment called You're Cut Off. Follow Stacy-Marie at @s_m_i. Follow Ashley at @ismashfiz...
58 min
Episode 57: She's So Glossy (with Jenny Zhang)
Jenny Zhang shares a (gloriously NSFW) poem, then talks about higher education, being brown in white spaces, and lip gloss. Plus: our first official installment of Games With Friends with Bim Adewunmi. Follow Jenny at @jennybagel. Follow Bim at @bimadew.
63 min
Episode 56: Another Girlfriend (with Call Your ...
It's our crossover episode with Call Your Girlfriend! We welcome besties Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman into the stude to discuss long-distance relationships, periods, weed, and money, and to play a few rounds of Fuck, Marry, Maim. Rove be rovin...
50 min
Episode 55: #1000BlackGirlBooks (with Marley Dias)
Water and juice flow in the stude today for our totally G-rated, kid-friendly episode. Our guest is 11-year-old Marley Dias, who got sick of reading books about "white boys and dogs," so she started the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign. Our pal A...
57 min
Episode 54: Tin Foil & Rabbit Ears (with Padma ...
Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) shares her experiences with endometriosis, pain, marriage, food, pregnancy, and more, as covered in her memoir Love, Loss, and What We Ate. Plus, being a human with a body in public can be exhausting: listeners share their st...
54 min
Episode 53: I Am... Lola LaFway (with Nichole P...
Lemonade. Prince. Your sex questions. And some news from Another Round HQ. It's been quite the couple weeks, and this episode has it all. Follow our dear friend Nichole Perkins and read her writing at @tnwhiskeywoman.
58 min
Episode 52: Government Sanctioned Turn Up (with...
We chop it up with Daveed Diggs, the Oakland actor and rapper who currently stars as Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette in Hamilton. Plus, Stacy's Career Corner will help you get through making a mistake at work.
53 min
Episode 51: Keep Yo' Heart (with Queen Latifah)
This week: a special guest Animal Corner with Dr. Laurel Braitman about parrots and the law. And the one and only Queen Latifah (!) graces us with her presence to talk about Living Single, racism in Hollywood, and her campaign with the American Heart A...
42 min
Episode 50: A Cat Named Toussaint (with Wendell...
We look at two 90s news events that have been re-entering pop culture. First, we compare black vs. white comedians' takes on the OJ trial. Then, Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Treme) talks about his role as Clarence Thomas in the new HBO film Confirmat...
56 min
Episode 49: Our First Year
It's Another Round's birthday! We reflect on what we've learned in the past year, peek behind the scenes with our producers, hear from some past guests, and interview a very, very special person.
65 min
Episode 48: Revolutions Are Hard, Eyeliner Is H...
The return of Tracy's Joke Time, and an interview with Bahraini human rights activist Maryam Al-Khawaja.
54 min
Episode 47: Don't @ Me (with Bim Adewunmi)
Tracy reads some of her more ridiculous tweets, and we introduce our new Thirst Correspondent Bim Adewunmi for a game of F / Marry / Maim. Another Round is coming to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for a live show on April 14th!!! RSVP here: ...
51 min
Episode 46: Challenging & Unpredictable (with M...
Melissa Harris-Perry says she's "ready to talk." The Wake Forest University professor and the former host of "Melissa Harris-Perry" on MSNBC, opens up about her very public, often contentious split from the cable news station.
67 min
Episode 45: Practical Tactical Brilliance (with...
Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind Hamilton and In The Heights, visits us at BuzzFeed. We learn a lot about his life, geek out about Outkast, and sing. Plus: Jeb! An Uncomfortable Musical.
55 min
Episode 44: Mommy's Side Piece (with Eugene Mir...
Gene and Linda from Bob's Burgers (aka Eugene Mirman and John Roberts, respectively) grace the stude. Plus: a short recap of the Oscars, Stacy's Career Corner tackles internships, and Tracy's plant is trying to kill her.
63 min
Episode 43: A Gumbo of Afrofuturism (with Vann ...
Blacker History Month wraps up with more little known heroes, we talk all things Kanye with Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, and interview Vann R. Newkirk II (The Atlantic, Seven Scribes) about Afrofuturism and #DuragHistoryWeek.
66 min
Episode 42: Fried Chicken Is A Battleground (wi...
We get healthy living tips from Wendy and Jess of 'Food Heaven Made Easy,' then chop it up with Wyatt Cenac on safe spaces, #OscarsSoWhite, and his role on that Kanye West HBO show that hasn't come out...yet.
75 min
Bonus: Heben & Tracy on Longform
This week, we were guests on the Longform Podcast with our pal Max Linsky. He asked us all about Another Round, but also asked us a lot of personal questions about ourselves. It was kind of uncomfortable! But like, in the best way. You can hear more...
73 min
Episode 41: To Be Young, Gifted and Black (with...
This week, we present a mind-boggling 'Is This Real Life?' Tracy's Animal Corner contemplates whales. Comedian Hannibal Buress is game for some Black History-themed Drunken Debates, and lets us take a few swipes on his dating app.
62 min
Episode 40: Blacker History Month (with Marlon ...
We present some Little Known Black History Facts, clap back on behalf of Zora Neale Hurston, and invite Matt Bellassai on to honor some heroes of White History. Plus: Marlon Wayans stops by for a Pew Pew Pew that Tracy's mom should probably skip.
52 min
Episode 39: The Betrayer of the Patriarchy (wit...
A little commentary on White Privilege II, a little What Had Happened Was, then a long conversation with Anil Dash about mangoes, representation on screen and in tech, and teaching his son about feminism (with a little tangent about Bee Movie).
68 min
Episode 38: Let Black Girls Be Funny (with Jane...
We premiere a new segment called White Devil's Advocate, Tracy finds an unexpected Google result during Stacy's Career Corner, and we chat with comic Janelle James. "Hit Me On The Buzz" courtesy of Soul Creator: https://soundcloud...
62 min
Episode 37: The Room Where It Happens (with Val...
We go to the White House and talk to Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama, about everything from gun control to Hamilton to Kendrick Lamar.
54 min
Episode 36: U Mad? (with Margaret Cho)
We kick off 2016 with clapbacks, "rememberlutions," and the great Margaret Cho.
51 min
Shot #7: Blackation
We have lots of advice to give on this edition of On The House.
24 min
Episode 35: Heben & Tracy's Kwanzaa Spectacular
Grab a slice of Sandra Lee's Kwanzaa cake and celebrate with Drunken Debates, Tracy's Joke Time, Stacy's Career Corner, Jean Grae, Gene Demby, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Jazmine Hughes, Ashly Perez, a ~surprise celebrity guest~ and more. This...
68 min
Shot #6: Yung Hieronymus
A quiz about Flemish proverbs, based on a painting by the Netherlandish artist Pieter Bruegel. (No really.)
17 min
Episode 34: The Most Introverted Sasha Fierce (...
In honor of BuzzFeed's Mental Health Week, we talk through a beginner's guide to starting therapy, and interview comedian Aparna Nancherla about how she makes depression funny. Find all of BuzzFeed's Mental Health Week content at buzzfe...
58 min
Episode 33: Pick A Slay (with Uzo Aduba)
Heben quizzes Tracy on collective nouns, Stacy's Career Corner returns, and we talk to Uzo Aduba of Orange Is The New Black and NBC's The Wiz Live, about how she's "making up for lost smiles" and is obsessed with the Real House...
50 min
Shot #5: Space Turkey
Tracy shares her essay "On Thanksgiving, Caring For Those Who Cared For Us."
13 min
Episode 32: The Yum Center (with Melissa Harris...
Heben saw something she needs you to know about. Then "America's foremost public intellectual" Melissa Harris-Perry joins us for a wide-ranging chat about hair, surrogacy, Rachel Dolezal, chickens, and much more.
61 min
Episode 31: You Gon' Get This Blackness (with S...
BuzzFeed News' Shani Hilton talks black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and Tracy tells a joke. Check out BuzzFeed's Black College Issue at buzzfeed.com/hbcus.
49 min
Shot #4: You Are Beautiful
On this edition of "On The House," we answer an email from a listener who is feeling insecure about her beauty and her blackness. Please take our listener survey! We want to know your thoughts about the show: tinyurl.com/anotherroundsurvey
13 min
Episode 30: Frimfram Fittlesworth (with Lena Du...
A British round of Heben's White Guy Name Quiz, and Lena Dunham is game for a segment called "White Women Gotta Do Better."
57 min
Episode 29: What's On Your Reparations Tab? (wi...
Tracy tells the story of a bad flight. We add some things to the reparations tab. And we talk to Ta-Nehisi Coates, the recently anointed genius and author of "Between The World and Me."
50 min
Episode 28: Madam Secretary, What's Good? (with...
We interview Hillary Clinton about Black Lives Matter, reparations, sexism in politics, The Good Wife, squirrels, and so much more.
40 min
Episode 27: No New Friends, My Squirrel Dude (w...
Is This Real Life? Great Wall Edition, Tracy's Joke Time, and an interview with Alexis Wilkinson, who was the first black female president of the Harvard Lampoon and now writes for Veep.
58 min
Episode 26: Stay In Your Lane (with Dr. Adrienn...
The debut of 'Is This Real Life?', the return of 'What Had Happened Was,' and an interview with the writer and scholar behind Native Appropriations, Dr. Adrienne Keene.
58 min
Episode 25: Stop Telling Women To Smile (with T...
The return of Men Gotta Do Better (you know how males be). Tracy quizzes Heben on southern phrases. And an interview with Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the artist behind the Stop Telling Women To Smile street art project.
51 min
Episode 24: Ida Bae Wells (with Nikole Hannah-J...
Investigative reporter and all-around boss Nikole Hannah-Jones talks affirmative action, school segregation, and Spades. Gene Demby plays new game called 'Six Degrees of Housing Segregation.' And on Tracy's Animal Corner: in defense of t...
69 min
Shot #3: Anxiety
We're on vacation this week, so here's another edition of On The House, our advice segment. We answer a listener question about living with anxiety.
12 min
Episode 23: The Audacity of Despair (with David...
This week, your babies give advice on how to be a good older sibling, we hash out the awesome and the awful of the VMAs, and we go long with the creator of The Wire and Show Me A Hero, David Simon.
70 min
Episode 22: A Dude Named Hot Sauce (with Yassir...
An interview with comedian and 'Girls' writer Yassir Lester. Inspirational words from Nicki Minaj. Plus, BuzzFeed's criminal justice reporter Albert Samaha spends some time in New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.
59 min
Episode 21: The Reverse Jackie Robinson (with C...
It's a momentous day: we break the color barrier by welcoming our first white guest into the stude, and it's none other than MSNBC's Chris Hayes. And get your life together with Stacy's Career Corner.
55 min
Episode 20: Peak Blackness (with Rembert Browne)
We tell tales of waxing gone wrong, and Grantland's Rembert Browne joins us for some drunken debates.
58 min
Episode 19: Was That a Microaggression or Just ...
Tracy tells the story about her racist goldfish, and we chat with Audie Cornish, host of NPR's All Things Considered. Plus: more inspirational words from Kanye West.
55 min
Episode 18: Unstoppable (with Lianne La Havas)
Lianne La Havas visits the studio, Tracy's Animal Corner considers the chicken, and we interview white men on the street.
50 min
Shot #2: Feminist vs Meninist
A short advice segment and thoughts on Sandra Bland.
22 min
Shot #1: The N-Word
We're taking a short break this week but left you with a little reflection on the N-Word.
12 min
BONUS EPISODE: Delirious Dispatches From Essenc...
Our observations from this year's Essence Music Festival in New Orleans
28 min
Episode 17: Caribbean Vibez (with Stacy-Marie I...
An interview with BuzzFeed's News App Editor Stacy-Marie Ishmael, listeners call in their microaggressions, and Heben and Tracy get to know each other better.
50 min
Episode 16: Another Read (with Crissle West)
We talk to Crissle West of The Read, and debut a new segment called Tracy's Animal Corner!
54 min
Episode 15: Crush That Rage Into a Diamond (wit...
An interview with Jay Smooth, Tracy looks for a date, and advice for white allies.
45 min
Episode 14: Multitudity (with Tiq Milan)
A chat about Rachel Dolezal, a joke, inspirational words from Kanye West, and an interview with Tiq Milan.
51 min
Episode 13: Another Round LIVE! (with Roxane Gay)
Our first live show! Featuring a quiz, a joke, and an interview with Roxane Gay.
59 min
Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean ...
Today we talk about dating apps and interview Jean Grae.
31 min
Episode 11: Bob Loblaw (with Chirlane McCray)
A special mental health episode with NYC's First Lady Chirlane McCray, plus a Jason Bateman quiz.
44 min
Episode 10: You Tickled Whitney Houston?! (with...
We talk to Brandy about her role in Chicago, and Tracy reimagines 90s sitcoms as musicals.
40 min
Episode 9: You're Gonna Be a Boss One Day (with...
The emotional labor no one lists as job requirements, and a chat with coding wunderkind Kaya Thomas.
41 min
Episode 8: Shmoney For The Ancestors (with Rach...
We discuss the many ways men gotta do better, the art of the clapback, and an interview with Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah.
40 min
Episode 7: Living in America
This week we talk self-care in the wake of police violence, dealing with hair microaggressions and more of Tracy’s corny jokes.
33 min
Episode 6: Lit Like Bic (with Desus Nice)
This week we talk to Desus Nice, and we have some questions for white people.
36 min
Episode 5: Young East African Girl (with Hannah...
On this week’s episode: East African feminism, the joy of frolicking through Tumblr, and another sloppy round of drunken debates.
37 min
Episode 4: A Podcast of One's Own (with Gene De...
Tracy talks about attending a Klan rally and we chat with Gene Demby, lead blogger at NPR’s Code Switch team, about the whiteness of the “public radio voice.”
33 min
Episode 3: Oh, the Racism! (with Issa Rae)
On this week’s episode we talk about racist frats, spoken word, and chat with Issa Rae about Awkward Black Girl and her new HBO show.
43 min
Episode 2: You Know White People (with Jazmine ...
Today we discuss origin stories, white people telling white people jokes, and then play a few rounds of drunken debates.
38 min
Episode 1: Unlearning (with Durga Chew-Bose)
In our debut episode we interview writer Durga Chew-Bose, discuss house parties gone wrong, and describe white people culinarily.
41 min
A sneak peek into what's coming your way from the BuzzFeed team behind Another Round.
1 min