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Ep. 28 Slow Burn Physician Entrepreneur: Lesson...
Radiation oncologist Dr. James Mitchell joins the BackTable Innovation podcast to discuss the development and acquisition of his medical devices; first, an integrated needle/guidewire system called Redsmith, and then a smart vascular access port called Oncodisc.
72 min
Ep. 27 Physician Underdog with Dr. Navin Goyal
Aaron Fritts talks with Dr. Navin Goyal about why he decided to leave clinical practice, co-founded LOUD Capital, and how he's helping physician entrepreneurs flip the script and leverage the underdog mentality to drive ideas and careers forward.
50 min
Ep. 26 AI in Healthcare, Trusting Your Microwav...
Dr. Eric Eskioglu, neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Novant Health, tells us about how his organization stays forward-thinking in artificial intelligence (AI) developments.
41 min
Ep. 25 Next Level Stuff, the Exit: Part III of ...
To close our BackTable Innovation series on NeuWave, we invited Laura King and Dr. Fred Lee to speak about growing their medical device company through various stages, from Series A funding to acquisition by Johnson & Johnson.
73 min
Ep. 24 Trials and Tribulations: Part II of the ...
We talk with electrical engineering professor Dr. Dan van der Weide and interventional radiologist Dr. Fred Lee about the lessons they learned in the early stages of founding their microwave ablation device company, including challenges with early teams and equity.
77 min
Ep. 23 Approach the Problem with Vision: Part I...
The first episode of 3-part series on the origin, rise, and acquisition of NeuWave Medical, Inc., a medical device company focused on microwave ablation. In this first installment, we interview co-founder Dr. Fred Lee about his vision for starting the company. Dr. Lee takes us through his family history that shaped his identity as an innovator. His father was involved in the development of cryoablation as a treatment for prostate cancer, which inspired him to find applications for ablation in other types of cancer.
62 min
Ep. 22 The Man Behind the Sheath: How Dr. Gary ...
We talk with interventional cardiologist Dr. Gary Ansel about his career in medical device innovation, including the development of the Ansel Guiding Sheath and the Pounce Thrombectomy System (which was recently acquired by Surmodics, Inc.).
54 min
Ep. 21 Tap Yourself In: The Osso VR Story with ...
In this episode, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Barad discusses how virtual reality (VR) can address gaps in surgical education and Dr. Barad’s journey of starting Osso VR, a surgical training and assessment platform.
61 min
Ep. 20 AI Takeover in Radiology: Unreasonable F...
Neuroradiologist and AI champion Dr. Suzie Bash and host Dr. Eric Gantwerker discuss the present and future applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging.
40 min
Ep. 19 Overcoming the Doubt: Bias Towards Actio...
In this episode, medical education entrepreneur Shiv Gaglani and Dr. Eric Gantwerker discuss the founding, journey, and acquisition of Osmosis, a leading medical education platform.
42 min
Ep. 18 CEO/Founder of Dr. Noze Best to Brussel ...
In this episode Dr. Eric Gantwerker talks with Dr. Steve Goudy about the importance of finding and thoroughly researching pain points for patients and their families, to then drive innovative solutions.
60 min
Ep. 17 Drawing Outside the Lines: Creating a Ne...
In this episode, interventional radiologist and entrepreneur Dr. Sandeep Bagla joins our host Dr. Aaron Fritts to discuss the founding and multispecialty focus of Prostate Centers USA, a rapidly expanding network of office based labs (OBLs).
53 min
Ep. 16 Mavericks as Innovators: How Daring Lead...
In this episode, pediatric airway surgeon Dr. Michael Rutter and our host Dr. Eric Gantwerker discuss risk-taking and effective market analysis in entrepreneurship.
77 min
Ep. 15 Intelligent Ignorance: Turning Ideas int...
In this episode, otolaryngologist and entrepreneur Dr. Matthew Bromwich joins our host Dr. Eric Gantwerker to discuss the idea of “intelligent ignorance,” which describes the idea of questioning and challenging the status quo to improve outcomes.
46 min
Ep. 14 From Idea to Exit: the Brightwater Medic...
61 min
Ep. 13 Gamer Gone Good: How Sam Glassenberg Bui...
43 min
Ep. 12 Raising Capital with Dr. Orrin Ailloni-C...
55 min
Ep. 11 Blockchain MD: Healthcare Applications w...
45 min
Ep. 10 The Butterfly Story with Dr. John Martin
54 min
Ep. 9 Innovation MD - An Interview with Dr. Dav...
45 min
Ep. 8 Starting a Med Tech Company 101 with Dr. ...
53 min
Ep. 7 Stroke Care using AI with Dr. Chris Mansi
43 min
Ep. 6 Device Innovation with Dr. Atul Gupta
39 min
Ep. 5 Origin Story of the Palmaz Stent with Dr....
62 min
Ep. 4 Shooting For Big Projects with Dr. Aravin...
50 min