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Ep. 49 Physician Side Gigs with Dr. Nisha Mehta
In this episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Nisha Mehta, a radiologist and founder of the Physician Side Gigs online community.
49 min
Ep. 48 Which Medical Device, a Tool to Help you...
In this episode, co-hosts Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Diana Velazquez-Pimentel interview Dr. Phil Haslam, founder of Which Medical Device and current president of BSIR, about the process of creating a resource bank of medical devices that spans multiple specialties.
39 min
Ep. 47 Robotics in Interventional Oncology with...
In this episode, host Aaron Fritts interviews engineer Lucien Blondel, co-founder and CTO of Quantum Surgical. We discuss robotic applications for interventional oncology procedures and the Epione robot’s impacts on workflow and accuracy.
43 min
Ep. 46 New Innovations in the Treatment of PE: ...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews FLOW Medical cofounders Dr. Osman Ahmed and Dr. Jonathan Paul about how they built a company with the goal of designing a data-driven thrombolytic device that can deliver personalized care for patients with pulmonary embolism.
36 min
Ep. 45 Supraphysiological Wound Care: From Hot...
In this episode, Dr. Diana Velazquez-Pimentel interviews plastic surgeon and Plexaa founder Dr. Saahil Mehta. They discuss the novel concept of preconditioning the skin before reconstructive breast surgery and Plexaa’s product solution for reducing wound healing complications.
35 min
Ep. 44 Automated Patient Follow-Up: Ufonia with...
In this episode, Dr. Diana Velazquez-Pimentel interviews Dr. Nick de Pennington, former neurosurgeon of the National Health Service (NHS) and founder of Ufonia, an automated telemedicine platform that seeks to expedite delivery of routine, uncomplicated clinic visits.
38 min
Ep. 43 Your Implant Robot: The Future of Roboti...
In this crossover episode of BackTable, Dr. Eric Gantwerker interviews Dr. Chris Kaufmann and Dr. Marlan Hansen from the University of Iowa about their startup company, iotaMotion, which has developed the first FDA-approved robotic cochlear implant insertion system.
41 min
Ep. 42 Prescribing Personalized Nutrition: Defi...
In this episode, Dr. Diana Velazquez-Pimentel interviews Dominik Burziwoda and Dr. Torsten Schröder about their experience with starting Perfood, a digital therapeutics company that focuses on individualized nutrition changes as a means to treat chronic disease.
45 min
Ep. 41 Immersive VR for Surgical Skills Trainin...
In this episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Danny Goel, orthopedic surgeon and CEO / co-founder of PrecisionOS, a virtual reality (VR) education company aimed at creating valuable opportunities for orthopedic surgery trainees to build their skillsets.
39 min
Ep. 40 The TheraSphere Story with Dr. Riad Sale...
In this crossover episode between BackTable VI and BackTable Innovation, Dr. Chris Beck interviews Dr. Riad Salem (Chief of Interventional Radiology at Northwestern University) and Peter Pattison (President of Interventional Oncology at Boston Scientific) about how TheraSpheres for Y90 radioembolization became a mainstay in the IR toolkit for HCC and where the technology is heading next.
60 min
Ep. 39 High Fidelity Augmented Reality Surgical...
In this episode, co-hosts Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Diana Velazquez-Pimentel interview Dr. Elliot Street, co-founder of Inovus Medical, a medtech company whose goal is to revolutionize surgical training through headset-free, accessible augmented reality.
51 min
Ep. 38 From Device Idea to Market: PrecisionPoi...
In this episode, guest host Dr. David Canes interviews Dr. Matthew Allaway about PrecisionPoint, his medical device for transperineal prostate biopsy, and his journey towards changing the paradigms of prostate cancer diagnosis.
60 min
Ep. 37 Practical AI: Learning the Basics with D...
In this episode, Dr. Bryan Hartley interviews cardiothoracic radiologist Dr. Amit Gupta about his involvement in artificial intelligence (AI), what it takes to build and implement an AI algorithm, and how radiologists can empower themselves to lead the clinical aspects of this revolution.
67 min
Ep. 36 Innovating on Post Training Education wi...
In this episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dan Arnold about building MRI Online, a virtual radiology education platform.
51 min
Ep. 35 Patient Preparation Made Easy: the Wellp...
In this episode of BackTable Urology, Dr. Aaron Fritts talks with Dr. David Canes, a urologist and founder of WellPrept, a curated patient database that aims to improve and streamline patient education before their clinic visits.
56 min
Ep. 34 Medicinal Cannabis: The Current State wi...
In this episode, our host Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Jason Iannuccilli dive into the history, science, and future directions of medical cannabis. We discuss Dr. Iannuccilli’s founding vision for PureVita Labs, a company focused on developing standardized testing for cannabis products and ensuring consumer safety.
67 min
Ep. 33 Punishing the Machine and Treating Autis...
In this episode, our host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews emergency medicine physician-entrepreneur Dr. Uli Chettipally about starting Sirica Therapeutics, a novel autism therapy technology that combines virtual reality, machine learning, and physical exercise.
41 min
Ep. 32 From Weird to Wonderful: An Interview wi...
In this episode, Drs. Aaron Fritts and Eric Gantwerker interview Dr. Tamir Wolf, a trauma surgeon and founder of Theator, an artificial intelligence company that links intraoperative decision making with patient outcomes.
41 min
Ep. 31 Investing in Yourself, Sobtech, and the ...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews radiologist and entrepreneur Dr. Vikram Sobti about how he started his own teleradiology practice, his perspective on learning about fields outside of medicine, and his predictions for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine.
55 min
Ep. 30 Host Stories with Dr. Bryan Hartley and ...
In this special host episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews the BackTable Innovation co-hosts Eric Gantwerker and Bryan Hartley about their own entrepreneurial journeys, lessons along the way, and what we've learned from our amazing guests thus far.
69 min
Ep. 29 Artificial Intelligence & Imaging: Prese...
Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Aidoc cofounder Elad Walach about launching a company in the artificial intelligence (AI) space and applying AI in radiology imaging.
57 min
Ep. 28 Slow Burn Physician Entrepreneur: Lesson...
Radiation oncologist Dr. James Mitchell joins the BackTable Innovation podcast to discuss the development and acquisition of his medical devices; first, an integrated needle/guidewire system called Redsmith, and then a smart vascular access port called Oncodisc.
72 min
Ep. 27 Physician Underdog with Dr. Navin Goyal
Aaron Fritts talks with Dr. Navin Goyal about why he decided to leave clinical practice, co-founded LOUD Capital, and how he's helping physician entrepreneurs flip the script and leverage the underdog mentality to drive ideas and careers forward.
50 min
Ep. 26 AI in Healthcare, Trusting Your Microwav...
Dr. Eric Eskioglu, neurosurgeon and Chief Medical Officer of Novant Health, tells us about how his organization stays forward-thinking in artificial intelligence (AI) developments.
41 min
Ep. 25 Next Level Stuff, the Exit: Part III of ...
To close our BackTable Innovation series on NeuWave, we invited Laura King and Dr. Fred Lee to speak about growing their medical device company through various stages, from Series A funding to acquisition by Johnson & Johnson.
73 min