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Ep. 266 Practice Building in a Traditional IR/D...
In this episode, host Dr. Michael Barraza interviews interventional radiologist Dr. David Johnson about practice building in an IR/DR group, including factors that make a good job, and how he formed one of the largest PAE practices in the Southeast.
48 min
Ep. 265 The TheraSphere Story with Dr. Riad Sal...
In this crossover episode between BackTable VI and BackTable Innovation, Dr. Chris Beck interviews Dr. Riad Salem (Chief of Interventional Radiology at Northwestern University) and Peter Pattison (President of Interventional Oncology at Boston Scientific) about how TheraSpheres for Y90 radioembolization became a mainstay in the IR toolkit for HCC and where the technology is heading next.
60 min
Ep. 264 The Halo Effect with Dr. Sandeep Bagla
In this episode, cohosts Dr. Aparna Baheti and Dr. Aaron Fritts interview interventional radiologist Dr. Sandeep Bagla about “The Halo Effect”, including how to recognize when you are being subjected to bias, and how to critically evaluate bad outcomes to improve your practice and enhance patient safety.
59 min
Ep. 263 How I Perform Renal Biopsies with Chris...
In this next installment of our Back to the Basics series, Drs. Aaron Fritts and Chris Beck discuss their techniques, considerations, and tips for ensuring safe and high quality renal biopsies.
70 min
Ep. 262 IR/OB Collaboration in Treating Post Pa...
On this episode, BackTable VI host Dr. Christopher Beck shares the mic with two Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialists, Drs. Roxane Rampersad at Washington University and Tony Shanks at Indiana University, to discuss cross-specialty management of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) between OBGYN and interventional radiology (IR).
50 min
Ep. 261 Essentials of a Multidisciplinary Team ...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews interventional cardiologist Dr. Rohit Amin about his private practice PE response team, including his treatment algorithm, follow-up protocol, and how he believes AI can contribute to PE care.
58 min
Ep. 260 SAFARI Procedure with Dr. Luke Wilkins
In this episode, host Dr. Ally Baheti interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Luke Wilkins about his approach to the subintimal arterial flossing with antegrade-retrograde intervention (SAFARI) technique for crossing challenging chronic total occlusions (CTO) in critical limb ischemia (CLI) patients.
38 min
Ep. 259 Building an IR Department From Scratch ...
In this episode, host Dr. Michael Barraza interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Doug Hidlay about how he has built a solo IR practice in rural Virginia, including how he got equipment, employees and referrals to build a busy and diverse practice.
44 min
Ep. 258 GEST Hot Topic: Learn MSK Embolization ...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Marc Sapoval about practicing IR in France, the origins of the Global Embolization Oncology Symposium Technologies (GEST) Conference, and an upcoming conference in MSK embolization.
32 min
Ep. 257 Microwave Ablation for Liver Lesions wi...
In this episode, Dr. Chris Beck interviews Interventional Radiologist Dr. Josh Kuban about his liver tumor ablation practice at MD Anderson Cancer Center, including how it's evolved over time with newer technologies. They also discuss patient workup for liver tumors, treatment with microwave ablation, and post-procedure follow up. Dr. Kuban shares why he uses microwave ablation technology, and the advantages of ablation confirmation software for these procedures.
22 min
Ep. 256 Origins of TACE with Drs. Michael Soule...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Nicholas Fidelman interviews Dr. Michael Solen, a key player in the development and widespread adoption of transarterial chemoembolization (TACE). The doctors discuss how TACE became a major therapeutic option for liver tumors, his preferred method of TACE dosage and management, and exciting new frontiers in chemoembolization.
55 min
Ep. 255 History of Ablative Procedures with Drs...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Steven Raman interviews a founding father of percutaneous tumor ablation, Dr. Luigi Solbiati about the development of this revolutionary treatment, new therapies that have stemmed from it, and his vision for the future of interventional oncology.
42 min
Ep 254 Who is SIO? Past, Present and Future of ...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Sean Tutton interviews Dr. Bill Rilling and Dr. Sarah White about the history of the Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO), their current research and volunteer involvement, and future directions of the society.
38 min
Ep. 253 How I Place Nephrostomy Tubes with Dr. ...
In this back to the basics episode, Dr. Christopher Beck interviews Dr. Aaron Fritts about his standard procedure for nephrostomy tube placement, preferred tools, and troubleshooting tips.
84 min
Ep. 252 How I Place Gastrostomy Tubes with Dr. ...
In this episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Christopher Beck about gastrostomy tubes, including the evolution of his method, tips for patients who pull their tubes out, and why g-tubes are such a controversial topic in IR.
68 min
Ep. 251 Race and AI in Radiology with Dr. Judy ...
In this episode, Dr. Ally Baheti interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Judy Gichoya about her recent paper on artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of a deep learning model to recognize patients’ self-described racial identity, based on radiology images.
32 min
Ep. 250 The Evolution of Trauma Care in Interve...
In this episode, Dr. Vishal Kumar interviews Dr. Mark Wilson, vice chair and professor of radiology and biomedical imaging at UCSF, and chief of diagnostic and interventional radiology at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center about the evolution of trauma care in interventional radiology, translational research, and the impact of mentorship and student outreach.
44 min
Ep. 249 Plumbers, Scientists and Educators: Is ...
In this episode, BackTable is on location in Barcelona for CIRSE 2022! Dr. Aaron Fritts conducts a live video interview with interventional radiologist Dr. Lorenzo Patrone. They discuss their experiences with balancing clinical, academic, and family responsibilities, as well as differences in the American and European physician work environments and the use of social media in medicine.
51 min
Ep. 248 Staff Culture with Dr. Peder Horner (on...
In this episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Peder Horner about the impact of staff culture on patient care, how to manage bad players, and how to maintain an active role in shaping a healthy work culture.
47 min
Ep. 247 Teaming up on Trauma, Gun Violence, and...
In this episode, Dr. Vishal Kumar interviews trauma surgeon Dr. Andre Campbell about his career path and policy interests, including gun safety, nationwide access to trauma care, and diversity and inclusion within surgical subspecialties.
51 min
Ep. 246 Ultrasound Guided MSK Interventions wit...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Jason Cox about musculoskeletal interventions and how he uses ultrasound for diagnosis and intervention in his full spectrum musculoskeletal practice.
60 min
Ep. 245 Y90 in the OBL with Dr. Jayson Brower
In this episode, host Dr. Ally Baheti interviews Dr. Jayson Brower about building a Y90 service line in his outpatient based lab (OBL).
40 min
Ep. 244 Learning an OBL Practice Before Going ...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Ali Alikhani about his solo outpatient IR practice, how he leveraged his sales background in the OBL setting, and marketing advice for IRs in an outpatient practice.
51 min
Ep. 243 Better Abscess Drainage with Dr. John P...
In this episode, our hosts Drs. Michael Barraza and Aaron Fritts interview Dr. John Pavlus about his methods of drain placement, monitoring, and removal, as well as his vision to design an ideal drainage system.
47 min
Ep. 242 Image-Guided Headache Interventions wit...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Dan Nguyen about MSK and neurologic pain interventions, specifically how he evaluates and treats different types of headaches at his practice.
57 min
Ep. 241 Emerging Techniques of Advanced Ultraso...
In this episode, guest host Jill Sommerset interviews vascular surgeon Dr. Miguel Montero-Baker about his evolving use of ultrasound throughout his career in caring for critical limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) patients.
50 min
Ep. 240 Changing VIR Training Paradigms with Dr...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Donald Garbett interviews Drs. Geogy Vatakencherry, Zaeem Billah, and Kartik Kansagra about the IR integrated residency, how it’s evolving, and what students should be doing to prepare for this rigorous training program.
65 min
Ep. 239 Medicinal Cannabis: The Current State w...
In this episode, our host Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Jason Iannuccilli dive into the history, science, and future directions of medical cannabis. We discuss Dr. Iannuccilli’s founding vision for PureVita Labs, a company focused on developing standardized testing for cannabis products and ensuring consumer safety.
70 min
Ep. 238 Pain and Veins: A Unique OBL Practice w...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Shamit Desai interviews Dr. Keerthi Prasad about his path to starting an IR practice alongside interventional pain specialists.
40 min
Ep. 237 Endovascular Treatment of Stroke Traini...
In this episode, guest host Dr. Venu Vadlamudi interviews Dr. Martin Radvany about where neurointerventional training stands in 2022, including stroke training for residents, barriers that IRs face in finding training after residency, and future directions of stroke care.
53 min
Ep. 236 Building a Cross-Specialty Vascular Pra...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Drs. Chad Laurich and Neal Khurana about how they looked past traditional competition between IR and vascular surgery to build a multidisciplinary practice to meet market need and provide comprehensive patient care for an underserved community in South Dakota.
51 min
Ep. 235 The Right Job for You with STAT Careers...
In this episode, our host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews physician-entrepreneur couple Drs. Kasie and Rockford Adkins about the path to starting their healthcare recruiting platform, STAT Careers.
59 min
Ep. 234 Veterinary IR with Dr. Chris Thomson
In this episode, cohosts Dr. Michael Barraza and Dr. Aaron Fritts interview Dr. Chris Thomson, veterinary surgeon and interventional radiologist about how he learned veterinary IR, his area of focus in interventional oncology, and the future of the specialty.
41 min
Ep. 233 Desmoid Tumors: IR's Role in Diagnosis ...
In this episode, host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Jack Jennings about cryoablation, multidisciplinary care, and practice building for the treatment of desmoid tumors.
65 min
Ep. 232 Palliative Care in IR with Dr. Sean Tutton
In this episode, host Dr. Eric Keller interviews Dr. Sean Tutton about palliative care as an interventionalist, how he became interested in palliative care, and why he believes it is a crucial aspect of patient care in interventional radiology.
49 min
Ep. 231 Bullying in Vascular Training and Pract...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Rachael Forsythe and Dr. Konstantinos Stravapoulas about their Research Collaborative for Peripheral Arterial Disease (RCPAD) survey on bullying in the European vascular workplace, and overall trends in reported bullying incidents.
28 min
Ep. 230 The Physician's MBA - Is It Worth It, a...
In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews Dr. Aneesa Majid and Dr. Roger Tomihama about how an MBA can benefit physicians and their career goals, and how they both went about getting their MBAs as mid career interventional radiologists.
70 min
Ep. 229 Ultrasound Series: First Line Imaging f...
In this episode, guest host and vascular technologist Jill Sommerset interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Mary Costantino about the use of advanced arterial ultrasound in the setting of chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI), especially in pre-procedural mapping.
37 min
Ep. 228 DC’ing FB’s with EP: A Collaborative Ap...
In this episode, host Dr. Michael Barraza interviews Dr. Kyle Cooper, interventional radiologist and Dr. Tahmeed Contractor, electrophysiologist about how IR and EP work together at their institution, including how they perform complex pacer lead removals, and how the have embraced collaboration over competition.
49 min
Ep. 227 The Pregnant Interventionalist: with Dr...
Host Aparna Baheti interviews Barbara Hamilton and Aarti Luhar about navigating training and early career during a pregnancy. They discuss factors to consider such as scheduling, parental leave policies, radiation exposure risks, and childcare.
56 min
Ep. 226 Better Neck Health with Dr. Gerry Mattia
In this special crossover BackTable episode, Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Julie Wei talk with Dr. Gerry Mattia, Chiropractor and Director of Rehabilitation of ViscoGen Clinic in Orlando, Florida.
49 min
Ep. 225 Approaches to IR Locums with Dr. Kavi D...
Dr. Shamit Desai talks with Dr. Kavi Devulapalli and Dr. Vishal Kadakia about Locums work, including the current market and opportunities, different practice models, navigating finances and taxes, and how to organize your life around this unique practice style. Meet the locums chameleon!
97 min
Finding Your Place Within Structural Competency...
In this episode, our guest host Dr. Vishal Kumar interviews medical anthropologist and social scientist Dr. Kelly Knight of UCSF. They discuss the meaning of structural competency, methods for incorporating this concept into medical education, and how it can be applied to alleviate physician burnout.
38 min
Ep. 224 The Legends: An Interview with Dr. Kath...
In this episode, host Dr. Mary Costantino interviews Dr. Kathy Krol, interventional radiologist and former SIR president about the evolution of interventional radiology, her various leadership roles, and the growth of women in IR.
76 min
Ep. 223 Portal Vein Recan #Recandoit with Dr. R...
In this episode, our host Dr. Chris Beck interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Riad Salem about indications, technique, and cross-specialty collaboration in portal vein recanalization in the cirrhotic patient population.
44 min
Ep. 222 New Tools for TIPS with Dr. George Behrens
In this episode, host Dr. Chris Beck interviews interventional radiologist Dr. George Behrens about how he built a robust multidisciplinary portal hypertension clinic in a community hospital, tips for common challenges during a TIPS, and post-TIPS management.
68 min
Ep. 221 Building a Musculoskeletal Intervention...
Dr. Jacob Fleming talks with Dr. Alan Alper Sag about building a musculoskeletal (MSK) interventions practice at Duke University Medical Center, collaborating with other specialists, and future predictions for MSK IR.
54 min
Ep. 220 STREAM 5th Anniversary: Stronger Than E...
STREAM Meeting Founders Ari Isaacson and Sandeep Bagla tell us about what to expect at the next meeting in September, including PAE and GAE practice building tips, as well learn about new embolization procedures such as adhesive capsulitis and thyroid arterial embolization.
27 min
Ep. 219 Building an Endoleak Service Line with ...
39 min
Ep. 218 Building a Skillset Outside of Training...
We talk with Dr. Shamit Desai about resources and tips for endovascular and interventional specialists to continue building clinical and procedural skills beyond training.
44 min
Ep. 217 Building a Comprehensive Women’s Health...
Dr. Merve Ozen, interventional radiologist, and Dr. Mark Hoffman, minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon (MIGS), discuss how collaboration between IR and gynecologic surgery provides comprehensive medical, surgical, and interventional treatment options for women suffering from uterine fibroids, pelvic congestion syndrome and other causes of chronic pelvic pain.
45 min
Police Presence in Medical Spaces with Dr. Jama...
In this episode of our Health Equity Series, guest host Dr. Vishal Kumar interviews emergency medicine resident Dr. Jamal Jefferson about the presence of law enforcement in emergency rooms and challenges with patient privacy and trust in the healthcare system.
43 min
Ep. 216 Stick It — Glue Embo with Dr. Ziv Haskal
In this episode, host Dr. Aparna Baheti interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Ziv Haskal about the use of glue in peripheral applications. They discuss how to prepare and inject glue for portal vein embolization, type 2 endoleaks, and Dr. Haskal’s glue bullet technique.
32 min
Ep. 215 Radiologist as Spine and Pain Specialis...
Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews interventional pain specialist and former Super Bowl champion Dr. John Michels about his journey into the subspecialty, pathways for getting involved in interventional pain management, and his philosophy on comprehensive patient care.
58 min
Ep. 214 Building a GAE Practice in the OBL with...
Dr. David Wood, interventional radiologist and chief medical officer of Advantage IR, tells us about his experiences with geniculate artery embolization (GAE) practice building in the office-based lab (OBL).
66 min
Ep. 213 Building an OBL Within an IR/DR Group w...
Dr. Aparna Baheti talks with Nicholas Petruzzi and Donald Garbett about their experiences in building an office-based lab (OBL) within their existing IR/DR practices. Learn how they campaigned and collaborated to get their colleagues on board, and the unique challenges of building and operating an OBL.
49 min
Ep. 212 New Tools to Treat Severe Distal Femoro...
In this episode, host Dr. Sabeen Dhand interviews Dr. John Rundback, interventional radiologist, about distal femoropopliteal disease, including the unique pathophysiology of this area, which stents work best at the adductor canal and the trifurcation, and tips for early operators.
34 min
Ep. 211 Extraspinal Augmentation and the Future...
In this episode, host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Douglas Beall, interventional radiologist, about extravertebral augmentation, new technology in interventional spine, and intrathecal drug pumps.
50 min
Ep. 210 Modern Vertebral Augmentation with Dr. ...
In this episode, host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Douglas Beall, interventional radiologist, about the latest advances in vertebral augmentation, how to reduce complications, and tips for producing successful and sustainable outcomes.
33 min
Ep. 209 Primer on Medical Treatment of Osteopor...
In this episode, host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Douglas Beall about current osteoporosis diagnosis criteria, his treatment algorithm, and recent data showing efficacy of osteoanabolic agents and vertebroplasty.
44 min
Ep. 208 Why We Need to Be Treating Osteoporosis...
In this episode, host Dr. Jacob Fleming interviews Dr. Douglas Beall about the importance of interventional radiologists stepping up to address the entire picture of osteoporosis and taking the initiative to treat the underlying cause of the disease.
30 min
Edición Esp: Transplante de Higado: Nuestro Rol...
Dra. Gina Landinez habla con el Dr. Alejandro Mejia, cirujano trasplante de Methodist Dallas, y la Dra. Pilar Bayona, radiologista intervencionista de UT Southwestern, sobre la colaboración entre los cirujanos trasplantes y los radiólogos intervencionistas durante los trasplantes de hígados. Hablan sobre el papel de los radiólogos intervencionistas durante los periodos críticos de trasplante: el preoperatorio, el perioperatorio, y el postoperatorio.
47 min
Ep. 207 The Man Behind the Sheath: How Dr. Gary...
In this episode, our host Dr. Bryan Hartley interviews interventional cardiologist Dr. Gary Ansel about his career in medical device innovation, including the development of the Ansel Guiding Sheath and the Pounce Thrombectomy System (which was recently acquired by Surmodics).
54 min
Optimizing LGBTQ+ Care with Shane Snowdon
As part of our Health Equity Series Dr. Vishal Kumar talks with Shane Snowdon about current challenges in healthcare for LGTBQ+ patients, how we can improve communication, reduce fear and misunderstanding, and be a true patient advocate, starting with our own education.
52 min
Ep. 206 Improving Workflow Efficiency: Starting...
Dr. Karen Brown explains how she improved paracentesis workflow by creating a service that has shortened procedure time, decreased hospital length of stay, and improved patient and referring provider satisfaction.
28 min
Ep. 205 Update on Reimbursement Cuts for the OB...
In this episode Vascular Surgeon Jim Melton and Interventional Radiologist Blake Parsons give us the lay of the land on recent reimbursement cuts in the OBL/ASC space, including peripheral artery disease treatments and embolization procedures, as well as projections of what to expect in the next few years.
35 min
Ep. 204 Filter Indications and Filter Tracking....
We talk with interventional radiologist Dr. Stephen Wang about building an IVC filter retrieval program, the current guidelines on filter placement, and how to minimize the complications of filters.
45 min
Ep. 203 Making Informed Consent an Informed Cho...
In this episode, Eric Keller talks with Isabel Newton, Susan Jackson and Margaret Simor from The Interventional Initiative about informed consent and helping patients make informed choices with newly developed Patient Decision Aids!
48 min
Ep. 202 Staffing the OBL with Dr. Krishna Manna...
Vascular Surgeon Krishna Mannava and Vive Vascular VP of Operations Kristin Longwell give advice on staffing the OBL/ASC based on their experiences over the last few years, including the essentials positions to start with, whether or not to use consulting firms, and sourcing your staff.
57 min
Historical Origins of Health Inequities with Da...
Dr. Vishal Kumar talks with special guest Dante D. King about some of the historical origins of health inequities, and persistent biases we see in our healthcare settings today. *Trigger Warning: Sexual assault is mentioned from 9:29-17:30.
40 min
Ep. 201 Jobs: The Good, the Bad and the Snugly ...
We talk with Dr. Reza Rajebi and Dr. Kavi Devulapalli about what constitutes a good job in interventional radiology, how to spot red flags when you're job searching, and when to pivot in your career.
60 min
Ep. 200 PAD Stenting Algorithm with Dr. Luke Wi...
We talk with Dr. Luke Wilkins about his stenting algorithm for treating peripheral artery disease, including a step by step discussion of the decision tree when deciding whether or not to stent.
35 min
Ep. 199 Advanced Minimally Invasive Pain Interv...
We talk with interventional radiologist Dr. David Prologo about minimally invasive pain interventions, multidisciplinary pain management, and how he built a successful pain practice.
67 min
Ep. 198 Privademics and Advantages of Lesser Kn...
Interventional radiologists Dr. Shamit Desai and Dr. Saud Ahmed discuss the advantages of community training programs including practice building, resident and attending relationships, and diversity of job opportunities after training.
46 min
Ep. 197 CERAB Technique for Aortoiliac Disease ...
Vascular surgeon Dr. Martin Schroeder discusses the Covered Endovascular Reconstruction of Aortic Bifurcation (CERAB) technique for treating aortoiliac disease, including patient workup, procedure steps, and pitfalls to avoid with stent placement.
35 min
Ep. 196 Building a PE Response Team with Dr. Ca...
We talk with Interventional Radiologist Dr. Carin Gonsalves about how her practice built a multidisciplinary Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Response team, including where to start, developing efficient workflows, and obtaining the equipment you need for success.
37 min
Ep. 195 Disclosures of Conflicts of Interest wi...
Aparna Baheti and J. Michael Barraza Jr. talk with Dr Mina Makary about what constitutes a conflict of interest, and how we can reduce bias in research without stifling innovation.
28 min
How We Talk About Race, and the Language of Opp...
Dr. Vishal Kumar invites Tawny Newsome and Elaine Martin to the show to discuss how we talk about race, and the language of oppression.
33 min
Ep. 194 Financial Basics from the White Coat In...
Special guest The White Coat Investor James M. Dahle talks with Christopher Beck about where physicians can start when it comes to financial literacy, including common financial mistakes docs make when start practicing, a primer on mortgage rates, and tips on insurance.
59 min
Ep. 193 Managing Supplies in your Outpatient Fa...
Vascular surgeon Krishna Mannava and Chas Sanders (founder of MARGIN) discuss their approach to choosing which disposables and devices to stock up on in the outpatient facility, and how to plan for supply chain issues.
48 min
Edición Esp: Enfermedad Arterial Periférica y ...
En este episodio de BackTable Español, Dra. Gina Landinez entrevista a Dr. Miguel Montero-Baker sobre la enfermidad arterial periférica y salvamento de extremidades en la comunidad latinoamericana.
61 min
Ep. 192 Going All In on the OBL and Finding You...
In this episode we talk with John Lipman, MD, FSIR about his journey to going solo and opening an Outpatient Based Lab (OBL) dedicated to minimally invasive women's interventions, including Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). John also gives us advice on the importance of finding your Ikigai in practice, the secret to a long and happy career!
37 min
Ep. 191 Novel Techniques for Arterial Thrombect...
In this episode, Interventional Radiologist Sabeen Dhand talks with Interventional Cardiologist S. Jay Mathews, MD, MS, FACC about novel techniques for arterial thrombectomy, including a discussion on using large bore devices, a variety of technique tips and tricks, and what's on the horizon.
34 min
Ep. 190 What Makes a Good Sales Rep-Physician R...
In this episode, Aaron Weeks, program manager at Cook Medical joins host Dr. Aaron Fritts to discuss what it takes to become a sales rep, qualities of a good sales rep, and how to establish customer rapport.
43 min
Centering the Conversation Around Health Equity...
In this episode Dr. Kumar and Dr. Bennett discuss various levels of racism found in healthcare, and share allegories of racism as outlined by Dr. Camara P Jones, including the gardener's tale.
45 min
Ep. 189 Approach to Posterior Circulation Strok...
In this episode, neurointerventional radiologist Dr. Ansaar Rai joins Dr. Sabeen Dhand to discuss posterior circulation stroke, including when to treat with thrombectomy, techniques, and advances in stroke research in recent years.
40 min
Ep. 188 Deep Dive on Anticoagulation Regimens f...
In this episode Dr. Fred Bertino educates us on anticoagulation regimens for patients after deep venous interventions.
50 min
Ep. 187 Dealing with Exclusive Contracts and No...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Preston Smith and healthcare attorney Patrick Souter join us to discuss strategies for navigating the legal world of non-compete agreements and exclusive contracts.
46 min
Ep. 186 Drawing Outside the Lines: Creating a N...
We talk with Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sandeep Bagla about the challenges of clinical research in private practice, and the inspiration behind building a new practice paradigm in collaboration with Urology colleagues.
54 min
Ep. 185 Cholecystostomy Tubes with Dr. Chris Beck
Co-hosts Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss cholecystostomy tube placement for acute cholecystitis, including the pros and cons of different techniques, and pitfalls to avoid.
39 min
Ep. 184 Mentorship: Buzzword or Benefit? With D...
Our host Dr. Eric Keller interviews his longtime mentor, interventional radiologist Dr. Bob Vogelzang about the evolution of their mentor mentee relationship overtime and ways to create benefits for both mentors and mentees.
33 min
Ep. 183 Solid Organ and Pelvic Trauma with Dr. ...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Chris Ingraham discusses his approach to treating solid organ and pelvic trauma, including embolization technique and IR's role in workflow efficiency for better trauma care.
57 min
Ep. 182 Thyroid Nodule Ablation with Dr. Tim Huber
Dr. Aparna Baheti talks with Dr. Timothy Huber about performing thyroid nodule ablation procedures, including patient selection, technique pearls and pitfalls, and how to incorporate the procedure into your practice.
31 min
Ep. 181 Surgical Versus Endovascular Management...
Vascular Surgeon Dr. Mazin Foteh and our host Dr. Sabeen Dhand consider various factors that can influence the choice of treatment methods for calcified common femoral artery (CFA) disease, including discussing the pros and cons of an endovascular vs surgical approach.
48 min
Ep. 180 Environmental Impact of Interventional ...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Jonathan Gross and host Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss the results from his recent JVIR Media article on the quantifiable environmental impact of operating an interventional radiology practice for one week. Guess how many road trips around the world it equates to!?
31 min
Ep. 179 Happiness is a Warm Coil: Treating GI B...
Interventional Radiologist Donald Garbett and our host Sabeen Dhand discuss their standard workups and procedural decision making for GI bleeds, including radial vs. femoral approach and preferred embolics.
40 min
Ep. 178 Challenging Stroke Thrombectomies with ...
Interventional Neuroradiologist Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer and Biomedical Engineer Dr. Matt Gounis discuss compositions of tough clots, approaches to stroke thrombectomy, and bailout stenting.
34 min
Ep. 177 Doctors and Litigation: The L Word with...
Emergency medicine physician and podcast founder Dr. Gita Pensa and our co-hosts Dr. Chris Beck and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss methods of navigating malpractice lawsuits, maintaining professional identity, and prioritizing mental health.
61 min
Ep. 176 Dealing with Complications: Advice From...
Dr. Aaron Fritts talks with mentor Dr. David Ball about dealing with complications throughout our professional career, including why physicians have trouble with it, and advice for what not to do when they happen.
28 min
Ep. 175 Treating Below the Knee Calcium with Dr...
CLI fighters Dr. Kumar Madassery and Dr. Sabeen Dhand discuss their approach to treating calcified arteries below the knee, including looking at newer technologies and choosing the appropriate device to effect real durable change to the calcified wall.
37 min