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Ep. 131 Novel Treatment of Unicameral and Aneur...
Dr. Sabeen Dhand chats with Interventional Radiologist Shankar Rajeswaran from Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago about a novel minimally invasive treatment of unicameral and aneurysmal bone cysts.
30 min
Ep. 130 Technologist Training and Retention wit...
We talk with radiologic technologists Andrew Struchen and Alisha Hawrylack about current training pathways for Vascular and Interventional Technologists, the importance of respect at work and in the lab, as well as key factors in recruiting and retaining top notch A-team technologists.
49 min
Ep. 129 OBL/ASC Business Pearls with Dr. Jim Me...
We talk with Vascular Surgeon Jim Melton and Interventional Radiologist Blake Parsons about several key pieces to success in the Outpatient (OBL/ASC) setting, including partnerships, staffing, and case selection.
34 min
Ep. 128 From Gadgeteer to the Boardroom. Device...
We talk with Interventional Radiologist and Philips Chief Medical Officer Atul Gupta about his path from the interventional suite to the boardroom, and how physicians can work with device companies to innovate and make big impact changes in healthcare.
40 min
Ep. 127 Portal Hypertension and Ascites Managem...
Interventional Radiologist Christopher Beck talks with Hepatologist Parvez Mantry about the management of Portal Hypertension and Ascites, and the importance of multi-disciplinary collaborative care for these patients.
49 min
Ep. 126 TIPS University Senior Year: Gunsight T...
It's Senior Year at TIPS University with Dr. Emmett Lynskey talking us through his Gunsight technique for TIPS placement, as well as how to perform a safe closure of splenic access. Don't miss the first three parts of the series as well!
32 min
Ep. 125 TIPS University Junior Year: Advanced T...
It's Junior Year at TIPS University with Dr. Emmett Lynskey walking through advanced techniques for TIPS, including using Intracardiac Echocardiography (ICE) for placement, as well as transsplenic access for portal reconstruction.
56 min
Ep. 124 TIPS University Sophomore Year: Basic P...
It's Sophomore Year at TIPS University with Dr. Emmett Lynskey and Dr. Christopher Beck discussing basic procedure technique for Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts (TIPS).
63 min
Ep. 123 TIPS University Freshman Year: Referral...
We start our TIPS University series with Interventional Radiologist Dr. Emmett Lynskey discussing referral sources and pre-operative workup, including the importance of patient selection and MELD score.
42 min
Ep. 122 History of the TIPS Procedure: An Inter...
Interventional Radiologist Peder Horner talks with Barry Uchida about the early days at The Dotter Institute, with stories about working alongside Josef Rösch on developing the first TIPS sets, as well as working with other legends in the field including Charles Dotter, Fred Keller, and Julio Palmaz.
47 min
Ep. 121 OBL's and What You Can Do in Them with ...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Mike Watts talks with us about which procedures are being safely performed in the OBL space, and the importance of patient selection.
35 min
Ep. 120 Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Interventions a...
Interventional Radiologist Sabeen Dhand talks with Interventional Cardiologist Eric Secemsky about building a Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Response Team, and about the various techniques for treatment of PE used in his practice.
49 min
Ep. 119 Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) for Per...
Interventional Radiologist Sabeen Dhand talks with Vascular Surgeon Bryan Fisher about the benefits of using Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) for endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), as well as the potential for other emerging imaging modalities such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).
38 min
Ep. 118 Treating Acute Limb Ischemia with Dr. D...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Donald Garbett talks with Dr. Michael Barraza about how he approaches acute limb ischemia, including different endovascular techniques for removing acute arterial clot.
47 min
Ep. 117 Successful (and Quick!) Declots for AV ...
Interventional Radiologist Christopher Beck talks with Interventional Nephrologist Neghae Mawla about how to perform successful Declot procedures for AV fistulae and grafts, including tips and tricks to make this procedure safe and efficient.
63 min
Ep. 116 Evaluation & Management (E&M) Coding 10...
Dr. Ryan Trojan gives us a 101 on Evaluation and Management (E/M) Coding, including tips and tricks for capturing inpatient notes and practice building, as well as the updates for success in 2021.
63 min
Ep. 115 Novel Right Heart Interventions with Dr...
Dr. Sabeen Dhand talks with Dr. John Moriarty about how he started removing "clot in transit" from the right heart, in addition to the PE and caval procedures, and how this service line has created a great collaboration with cardiology colleagues at UCLA Health.
27 min
Ep. 114 Origin Story of the Palmaz Stent with D...
Dr. Julio Palmaz talks with Dr. Bryan Hartley about where he got the idea for the first commercially-available vascular stent, how he developed it working in his garage, and persevered despite repeated rejections to take it to market. Don't miss this one!
63 min
Ep. 113 Below-Ankle Interventions with Dr. Kuma...
Dr. Sabeen Dhand and Dr. Kumar Madassery discuss the importance of below-ankle interventions in limb salvage, including patient selection, technique, and a patient-centered longitudinal care plan.
45 min
Ep. 112 Shooting For Big Impact Projects with D...
In this special Innovation episode, Dr. Aravind Arepally tells us the stories behind what inspires him to shoot for big impact projects, how he built a startup device company with Jim Chomas, and the importance of working with people who give you energy and challenge you.
51 min
Ep. 111 Underutilization of Foam Sclerotherapy ...
We talk with Dr. Chris Pittman, founder of Vein911 and LinkedIn Foam Sclerotherapy Experts, about Foam Sclerotherapy for the treatment of superficial venous disease, including technique, patient workup, and some of the reasons why foam is underutilized.
63 min
Ep. 110 When that First Job Isn't a Good Fit wi...
Interventional Radiologists Dr. Michael Barraza and Dr. Aaron Fritts talk about their early careers coming out of specialty training and hard lessons learned from their first jobs.
35 min
Ep. 109 Life in the OBL- One Year Follow Up wit...
We check back in with Dr. Tim Yates one year after his transition into the OBL to discuss the pros and cons of practicing in the OBL setting.
53 min
Ep. 108 Adding Wound Care To Your Practice- Pro...
We talk with Interventional Radiologists Dr. Robbie Morrison and Dr. Srini Tummala about the pros and cons of adding a wound care services to your endovascular practice.
32 min
Ep. 107 Management and Treatment of Pulmonary A...
Dr. Theresa Caridi, Section Chief of Interventional Radiology at UAB School of Medicine, discusses the pathophysiology and treatment of Pulmonary AVM's, as well as the importance of multidisciplinary management of patients with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT).
60 min