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Ep. 187 Dealing with Exclusive Contracts and No...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Preston Smith and healthcare attorney Patrick Souter join us to discuss strategies for navigating the legal world of non-compete agreements and exclusive contracts.
46 min
Ep. 186 Drawing Outside the Lines: Creating a N...
We talk with Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sandeep Bagla about the challenges of clinical research in private practice, and the inspiration behind building a new practice paradigm in collaboration with Urology colleagues.
54 min
Ep. 185 Cholecystostomy Tubes with Dr. Chris Beck
Co-hosts Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss cholecystostomy tube placement for acute cholecystitis, including the pros and cons of different techniques, and pitfalls to avoid.
39 min
Ep. 184 Mentorship: Buzzword or Benefit? With D...
Our host Dr. Eric Keller interviews his longtime mentor, interventional radiologist Dr. Bob Vogelzang about the evolution of their mentor mentee relationship overtime and ways to create benefits for both mentors and mentees.
33 min
Ep. 183 Solid Organ and Pelvic Trauma with Dr. ...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Chris Ingraham discusses his approach to treating solid organ and pelvic trauma, including embolization technique and IR's role in workflow efficiency for better trauma care.
57 min
Ep. 182 Thyroid Nodule Ablation with Dr. Tim Huber
Dr. Aparna Baheti talks with Dr. Timothy Huber about performing thyroid nodule ablation procedures, including patient selection, technique pearls and pitfalls, and how to incorporate the procedure into your practice.
31 min
Ep. 181 Surgical Versus Endovascular Management...
Vascular Surgeon Dr. Mazin Foteh and our host Dr. Sabeen Dhand consider various factors that can influence the choice of treatment methods for calcified common femoral artery (CFA) disease, including discussing the pros and cons of an endovascular vs surgical approach.
48 min
Ep. 180 Environmental Impact of Interventional ...
Interventional Radiologist Dr. Jonathan Gross and host Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss the results from his recent JVIR Media article on the quantifiable environmental impact of operating an interventional radiology practice for one week. Guess how many road trips around the world it equates to!?
31 min
Ep. 179 Happiness is a Warm Coil: Treating GI B...
Interventional Radiologist Donald Garbett and our host Sabeen Dhand discuss their standard workups and procedural decision making for GI bleeds, including radial vs. femoral approach and preferred embolics.
40 min
Ep. 178 Challenging Stroke Thrombectomies with ...
Interventional Neuroradiologist Dr. Hannes Nordmeyer and Biomedical Engineer Dr. Matt Gounis discuss compositions of tough clots, approaches to stroke thrombectomy, and bailout stenting.
34 min
Ep. 177 Doctors and Litigation: The L Word with...
Emergency medicine physician and podcast founder Dr. Gita Pensa and our co-hosts Dr. Chris Beck and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss methods of navigating malpractice lawsuits, maintaining professional identity, and prioritizing mental health.
61 min
Ep. 176 Dealing with Complications: Advice From...
Dr. Aaron Fritts talks with mentor Dr. David Ball about dealing with complications throughout our professional career, including why physicians have trouble with it, and advice for what not to do when they happen.
28 min
Ep. 175 Treating Below the Knee Calcium with Dr...
CLI fighters Dr. Kumar Madassery and Dr. Sabeen Dhand discuss their approach to treating calcified arteries below the knee, including looking at newer technologies and choosing the appropriate device to effect real durable change to the calcified wall.
37 min
Ep. 174 Making the Switch: Transitioning from P...
Dr. Aparna Baheti and Dr. Amy Taylor discuss the considerations around returning to academic interventional radiology after starting a career in private practice.
26 min
Ep. 173 IR Residency Interviews: Tips from a Pr...
In this Trainee Focus episode, guest host Sunny Murthy talks with Universtiy of Virginia program director Dr. Luke Wilkins about what it takes to become an interventional radiology resident, including tips on finding the right program fit and how to crush the interview day.
28 min
Ep. 172 Treating Above the Knee Calcium with Dr...
CLI fighters Dr. Bryan Fisher and Dr. Sabeen Dhand discuss their approach to treating calcified arteries above the knee, including looking at newer technologies and choosing the appropriate device to effect real durable change to the calcified wall.
32 min
Ep. 171 The Making of a “Good” IR with Dr. Lola...
Dr. Eric Keller talks with Dr. Lola Oladini from Stanford Medicine Department of Radiology about what makes optimal training for Interventional Radiologists, including discussion on the variety of strengths of programs across the country, balancing diagnostics with procedural training, and what it means in being a "clinical IR".
38 min
Ep. 170 Operate With Zen with Phil Pierorazio
Dr. Aditya Bagrodia and Dr. Aaron Fritts talk with Dr. Phillip Pierorazio from Penn Urology about his Operate with Zen podcast and tips for surgeon wellness. They cover Dr. Pierorazio's motivation for starting a wellness podcast, preventing physician burnout, achieving work-life balance, and managing healthy competitiveness.
48 min
Ep. 169 Fallopian Tube Recanalization with Dr. ...
Dr. Renato Abu Hana walks us through how to perform fallopian tube recanalization for infertility, including patient selection, HSG and recanalization technique, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
43 min
Ep. 168 Debunking Contrast Allergies with Dr. C...
We talk with Dr. Cullen Ruff about common misconceptions when it comes to IV contrast and issues with the "contrast allergy", including ways we can improve patient care and clinical workflows by clarifying the true source of these reactions.
49 min
Ep. 167 Equipment Decisions When Building an OB...
We talk with Dr. Mary Costantino and Dr. Goke Akinwande about their experiences and advice on making equipment purchase decisions for OBLs and outpatient centers, including pitfalls to avoid.
54 min
Ep. 166 OBL Practice Building in a Rural Settin...
Dr. Donald Garbett interviews Dr. Joseph Couvillon about how he helped his group build an OBL practice in a rural setting, including the importance of hitting the pavement and phones to drive awareness with referring docs. Dr. Couvillon also raves about his recent trip to East Africa to help out the Road2IR team.
54 min
Ep. 165 Unipedicular vs. Bipedicular Approach f...
Interventional radiologist Michael Barraza talks with orthopedic spine surgeon Thomas Andreshak about his approach to vertebral augmentation for compression fractures, including unipedicular vs. bipedicular approach, technique pearls, and post-procedure care.
24 min
Ep. 164 Collaborative Approach to Prostate Arte...
Urologist Dr. Claus Roehrborn and Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss the pros and cons of Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) compared to other Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments (MISTS) for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH). They also discuss the importance of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach when offering these treatment options, including agreeing on the best treatment for the patient.
58 min
Ep. 163 Treating False Lumen Perfusion in Chron...
Vascular Surgeon Daniel Han discusses management of persistent false lumen perfusion in chronic aortic dissection, including the Knickerbocker Technique.
42 min