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Ep. 179 Maximizing Knowledge & Surgical Prepara...
How can residents maximize their surgical skills development and personal growth during the grueling years of urology residency? In the second edition of the BackTable Urology podcast’s PGY Playlist series, host Dr. Gina Badalato interviews Dr. George Moran, a chief resident from Columbia University, about his recommended strategies.
26 min
Ep. 178 ASCO 2024: Game-Changing GU Oncology Up...
Stay up-to-date on the latest advancements and treatment strategies in the field of genitourinary oncology. In this episode of BackTable Urology, guest host Dr. Bogdana Schmidt, a urologic oncologist from the University of Utah, discusses takeaways from ASCO 2024 with Dr. Petros Grivas from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and Dr. Sumanta (Monty) Pal from City of Hope.
55 min
Ep. 177 Latest Approaches to Treat High-Risk NM...
In this episode of the BackTable Urology Podcast, Dr. Ashish Kamat discusses contemporary management of high-risk, non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) and his thoughts into the future of this arena.
53 min
Ep. 176 Family Planning for Female Urologists: ...
Dr. Charla Holdren, a resident at the University of Michigan-West, and Dr. Christine Van Horn, an endourology fellow at Loyola, explore the high rates of infertility and pregnancy complications among female urologists.
43 min
Ep. 175 BackTable Resident Edition: Essential S...
As part of our recurring resident-focused series "PGY Playlist", guest hosts Lindsay Hampson (UCSF) and Gina Badalato (Columbia) speak with Onyi Ibeziako, a third-year resident at UT Southwestern, about effectively handling challenges during the early years of urology residency.
40 min
Ep. 174 HoLEP: Advanced Techniques and Patient ...
In this episode of the BackTable Urology Podcast, Dr. Jose Silva and Dr. Spencer Hiller discuss holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP), including preoperative and postoperative care, and the technical nuances of the procedure.
52 min
Ep. 173 AI Scribes: Enhancing Patient and Physi...
Dr. Aditya Bagrodia sits down with Elie Toubiana, founder and CEO of, to discuss the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical documentation.
43 min
Ep. 172 Advancing Cancer Care: AUA 2024 Highlig...
In this episode of the BackTable ENT, Dr. Bogdana Schmidt (University of Utah), Dr. Woodson Smelser (Washington University in St. Louis), and Dr. Jeff Tosoian (Vanderbilt University) discusses the latest insights and advancements in prostate and bladder cancer treatment presented at AUA 2024.
43 min
Ep. 171 Rethinking Healthcare Administration an...
In this episode of Back Table Urology, Dr. Aditya Bagrodia, Dr. Joshua Langston, and Dr. Mara Holton from the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) share insights on the financial and administrative complexities that urologists face.
59 min
Ep. 170 GSRGT: Collaborative Approaches to Rare...
In this episode of BackTable Urology, host Dr. Aditya Bagrodia, urologic oncologist Dr. Philippe Speiss (Moffitt Cancer Center), and medical oncologist Dr. Andrea Necchi (Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele) have an in-depth discussion about the mission and achievements of the Global Society of Rare Genitourinary Tumors (GSRGT).
43 min
Ep. 169 Prostate Cancer: Navigating Focal Thera...
In this episode, Dr. Matthew Cooperberg (UC San Francisco) and Dr. Arvin George (Johns Hopkins) join host Dr. Aditya Bagrodia in a conversation about guidelines and treatment algorithms for focal therapy in prostate cancer treatment.
60 min
Ep. 168 Enhancing Men's Health: The Role of APP...
In this episode of Backtable Urology Podcast, Ken Mitchell MPAS, PA-C, a certified physician associate, speaks about the role of interprofessional collaboration in treating male sexual dysfunction and infertility.
45 min
Ep. 167 Solving Semen Analysis Barriers: Innova...
In this episode, Dr. James Smith, Director of Male Reproductive Health at UC San Francisco and CMO of Fellow, discusses advancements in semen analysis and fertility testing with Dr. Jose Silva.
46 min
Ep. 166 Innovating Urology: Surgeons Trailblazi...
In this crossover episode of BackTable Urology and OBGYN, Dr. Suzette Sutherland interviews three urological/gynecologic innovators, Dr. Ali Haessler, Dr. Jay Shakuri-Rad, and Dr. Tova Weiss, who are all at different career stages and product development phases.
45 min
Ep. 165 Empowering Clinicians through Quality I...
In this episode of BackTable Urology, Dr. Aditya Bagrodia invites Dr. Andrew Harris (University of Kentucky) to discuss the significance of quality improvement using the lean methodology to improve patient safety and healthcare efficiency.
51 min
Ep. 164 Urology Advocacy: From Passion to Polic...
In this episode of Backtable Urology, Dr. Suzette Sutherland invites Dr. Seth Cohen (City of Hope) and Dr. Michelle Leach (UC San Diego) to explore the importance and impact of advocacy work in the field of urology, highlighting how physicians can wield their influence to affect change within their communities and the healthcare system at large.
58 min
Ep. 163 Navigating Physician Partnerships: Unde...
In this episode, Clint Davis, Senior Vice President & General Counsel at HealthTronics joins Dr. Silva to discuss the nuances of physician-industry partnerships in urology, focusing on mobile equipment services like shockwave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy.
37 min
Ep. 162 Leadership Development During Residency...
In this episode of the BackTable Urology, Dr. Lindsay Hampson (UCSF), Dr. Gina Badalato (Columbia), and Dr. Max Bowman (UCSF) delve into leadership development during urology residency.
41 min
Ep. 161 The Terrible Urological 5: Time for Cys...
This week on BackTable Urology, Dr. Suzette Sutherland (University of Washington) and Dr. Drew Peterson (Duke University) explore the psychological and clinical challenges faced by genitourinary cancer survivors dealing with the urological consequences of cystectomy and urinary diversion.
41 min
Ep. 160 The Evolution of Bladder Cancer Treatme...
This week on BackTable Urology, Dr. Seth Lerner (Baylor College of Medicine) discusses the intricacies of lymph node dissection in bladder cancer management, including an overview of patterns of metastasis, genomic classifiers, and recent clinical trials.
51 min
Ep. 159 The Surgeon Scientist: Fostering the Ne...
This week on BackTable Urology, Dr. Aditya Bagrodia speaks with Dr. Ganesh Palapattu, Chair of Urology at the University of Michigan about the evolving role of a surgeon scientist, the balance between clinical work and research, and the importance of mentorship and positivity.
49 min
Ep. 158 The Genesis of Genitourinary Reconstruc...
This week on BackTable Urology, Dr. Ramon Virasoro, a reconstructive urologist in Eastern Colorado, interviews his mentor, Dr. Gerald Jordan, Professor Emeritus of Urology at Eastern Virginia Medical School.
29 min
Ep. 157 The Bladder Cancer Matters Podcast with...
40 min
Ep. 156 Comedy, Cancer, and Courage: Navigating...
This week on BackTable Urology, Dr. Ruchika Talwar interviews Emmy nominated writer and comedian, Nimesh Patel, about his personal experience with testicular cancer.
29 min
Ep. 155 Managing Biochemical Recurrence After P...
In this episode of BackTable Urology, Dr. James Eastham, chief of urology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses evolving approaches and treatments in prostate cancer.
55 min