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The Full Press Blackhawks Podcast is a Chicago Blackhawks and NHL centric show presented by Full Press Hockey. The Podcast is hosted by Brandon Fryer and includes new episodes daily during the season and a couple times a week in the offseason!

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Full Press Blackhawks - 9-26 - Connor Bedard & ...
Blackhawks’ front office changing up and takeaways from Blackhawks’ training camp so far
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-21 - Kyle Davidson’s ...
Reacting to what Blackhawks general manager, Kyle Davidson said to media, as the Blackhawks’ season approaches
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-19 - Connor Bedard is...
Breaking down Connor Bedard and the Blackhawks games at the Tom Kurvers Prospect Showcase and what do we want to hear from Kyle Davidson
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-14 - Andrew Ladd Reti...
Breaking the wonderful NHL career of former Blackhawk, Andrew Ladd and the Blackhawks are apart of the Tom Kurvers Prospect Showcase
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-12 - Chris Chelios wi...
Chris Chelios is the next Blackhawks great that will have his name in the rafters, breaking down his career and his ranks amongst all-time Blackhawks greats and the Blackhawks adding a former Blackhawks to their broadcast team
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-7 - Patrick Kane Inte...
Could Patrick Kane join Alec DeBrincat on the Red Wings, who are some potential trade pieces for the Blackhawks and someone the Blackhawks should trade for?
8 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 9-5 - Expectations for ...
Can Kevin Korchinski break into the starting lineup when the season starts and Patrick Kane is now open to suitors
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-31 - Breaking the Chi...
Highlighting some the of the best games from the Blackhawks’ national televised games and Connor Bedard is learning from another NHL great.
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-29 - Breaking the Chi...
The Chicago Blackhawks releasing their promotions for their upcoming schedule and Connor Bedard is invited with some of the NHL greats
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-24 - Ranking Jonathan...
Where does Jonathan Toews’ rank amongst other Blackhawks greats and was he the greatest Blackhawks captain of all-time?
11 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-22 - Jonathan Toews s...
Breaking down Jonathan Toews’ instagram message of taking some time off and should the Blackhawks change their signature song
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-17 - The Danny Wirtz’...
What will Danny Wirtz bring to the Chicago Blackhawks and what’s prospects to lookout for this season
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - 8-15 - Connor Bedard En...
Connor Bedard has a new endorsement and the Blackhawks re-sign a player and left a player go
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Thursday, August 10th
Rocky Wirtz’s legacy continues, Seth Jones’ role on this Blackhawks team, and is Connor Bedard not the best prospect, according to one NHL team
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, August 8th
One Blackhawks leaving, One Balckhawks hurt, and two Blackhawks prospects who you could see in the 2023-2024 season
9 min
Full Press Hurricanes - Thursday, August 3rd
Ranking the Blackhawks’ top 10 prospects and Frank Nazar is on fire
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, August 1st
Breaking down the legacy of Rocky Wirtz and what’s next for the Wirtz family and the Blackhawks
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Thursday, July 27th
The Blackhawks chairman, Rocky Wirtz passes away and breaking down his legacy
8 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, July 25th
The Blackhawks are bringing someone back & settling the Evgeni Malkin & Patrick Kane debate
8 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Thursday, July 20th
No in-season tournament for NHL and we probably will not see Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews for a while.
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, July 18th
Happy Birthday Connor Bedard, you’re a Blackhawk and look back at 2022 NHL Blackhawks first rounders.
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Thursday, July 13th
Who is the goaltender of the next great Blackhawks team and how great can Oliver Moore be?
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, July 11th
The Blackhawks are winning the offseason and who’s the player the Blackhawks should target next?
9 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Thursday, July 6th
Ryan Donato’s impact for the Blackhawks and who else should the Blackhawks target.
10 min
Full Press Blackhawks - Tuesday, July 4th
Breaking down the Blackhawks draft and their early moves in free agency
10 min