American Fever Dream

From under the desk to in your ears, V. Spehar joins Betches Media in a new podcast dedicated to curing the collective malaise brought on by our chaotic political environment. Every week, Spehar and co-host Sami Sage will tenderly guide you through the biggest moments in politics and pop culture with a healing dose of perspective and humor. Rather than spiral over the latest unprecedented event, the hosts dig for the 2024 political tea you *really* want to hear while offering all the information you need to be an empowered citizen, without the side of despair to keep you up at night.

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#28 Are We Really Spelling Kirsten With A ‘J’?
Bryan and Alise break down the (very depressing) …
51 min
#27 Bienvenidos a Los Haters y Losers
Happy Birthday to obvious Gemini Donald J. Trump!…
40 min
#26 Kim Loves Trump Like Pete Loves Grande
Join Bryan and Alise as they discuss Ariana and P…
49 min
#25 Everyone's Low-Key Stoned Feat. Michelle Co...
Bryan and Sami talk about this week’s news, start…
73 min
#24 Let The Gays Eat Cake Feat. Voices 4
Bryan and Alise kick off Pride Month by talking a…
63 min
#23 Kim K. Takes Washington
Alise and Sami talk about this week's news, start…
50 min
#22 Where Are The Children?
Bryan and Alise return from a deserved three day …
50 min
#21 Morgan Freeman Is Canceled
Sami and Alise discuss whether it's okay to throw…
48 min
#20 Is Mueller Our Dumbledore?
Bryan and Alise talk this week's news and it's a …
64 min
#19 Happy Mueller-versary!
Sami and Alise swap Cynthia Nixon stories before …
60 min
#18 There’s No Easy Way To Talk About Israel
Bryan and Alise talk about the NYT piece “Welcome…
45 min
#17 America: The Reality TV Show
Alise and Sami discuss this week's news and event…
45 min
#16 Iran Deal or No Deal
Alise and Bryan talk about Melania's new "Be Best…
52 min
#15 Rudy Giuliani Is At It Again
Sami and Alise cover this week’s news and events.…
46 min
#14 Is Trump An "Idiot"?
Bryan and Alise get us through the week talking a…
43 min
#13 Trump Has The Memory Of A Goldfish
Alise and Sami talk about Trump’s recent Adderall…
35 min
#12 Who Wants to Join a Sex Cult?
After realizing that simply too much news was hap…
46 min
#11 How Do We Feel About James Comey?
Alise and Sami talk about Joe Biden (Sami just sa…
43 min
#10 Congress Doesn't Know How to Use a Computer
Alise is joined by the Sup's head video producer,…
72 min
#9 Trump's Life is a Manic Fever Dream Ft. Caro...
Sami and Alise discuss the biggest news and polit…
80 min
#8 Do We Even Care Who Bit Beyonce?
Sami and Alise discuss this weeks' news and event…
87 min
#7 Who Would Win In A Fight - Trump Or Biden?
Sami and Alise discuss the Facebook/Cambridge Ana…
65 min
#6 The International Women’s Day Edition
Alise and Sami riff about this week’s events incl…
52 min
#5 The White House is Hopeless
Alise and Sami talk about a potential gay Elsa in…
30 min
#4 Please 'Like' This Russian Propaganda (Ft. L...
Sami and Alise start off talking about the latest…
37 min