American Fever Dream

From under the desk to in your ears, V. Spehar joins Betches Media in a new podcast dedicated to curing the collective malaise brought on by our chaotic political environment. Every week, Spehar and co-host Sami Sage will tenderly guide you through the biggest moments in politics and pop culture with a healing dose of perspective and humor. Rather than spiral over the latest unprecedented event, the hosts dig for the 2024 political tea you *really* want to hear while offering all the information you need to be an empowered citizen, without the side of despair to keep you up at night.

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#47 Why Are Presidential Candidates At The VMAs?
Bryan and Alise are back and they have a lot to d…
32 min
#46 All The Tea From Omarosa’s Book
Sami got her hands on a free copy of Omarosa's bo…
35 min
#45 Omarosa Is Trump's True Apprentice
Bryan and Alise are back in the studio and they a…
60 min
#44 How The Fu*k Did We Get Here? Pt.2
Sami, Alise and Bryan continue their deep dive in…
60 min
#43 How The Fu*k Did We Get Here? Pt.1
Sami, Alise and Bryan are back, just in time for …
57 min
#42 Bob Mueller Is Totally Conflicted
Sami and Bryan are back breaking down the insanit…
35 min
#41 Trump Has His Own Giant Gravitational Force...
Sami and Bryan return to break down the most impo…
53 min
#40 Who's The Biggest A**hole In Congress? Ft. ...
Sami and Alise are back breaking down all the new…
82 min
#39 Literally Everything You Ever Wanted to Kno...
In today’s very special episode Sami and Alise si…
32 min
#38 The Asbestos Episode
We’re being evacuated!!! Sami and Alise bravely b…
30 min
#37 Trump Is A Human Crisis
Bryan and Alise tackle all the crazy news this we…
60 min
#36 The Giant Baby Donald Trump Balloon for Pre...
Sami and Alise talk this week's news and events. …
60 min
#35 Trump's Pick Is A Kava-NO!
Bryan and Alise are back to talk about the rescue…
57 min
#34 Being A Trump Tweet with Michelle Wolf
Bryan and Alise sit down with White House Corresp…
27 min
#33 The FART Act Is Real Ft. D'Arcy Carden
Bryan and Alise get ready for 4th of July by talk…
71 min
#32 No, Seriously. Send Ruth Bader Ginsburg Kal...
Sami and Alise talk about the latest round of pri…
79 min
#31 Send Ruth Bader Ginsburg Kale
Bryan and Alise dive into the slightly less depre…
65 min
#30 You’re Welcome For This Bonus Episode
Everyone’s Gay + The Betches Sup team up for a hi…
24 min
#29 WTF Can I Do To Help?
Alise and Sami talk about this week's news and ev…
48 min
#28 Are We Really Spelling Kirsten With A ‘J’?
Bryan and Alise break down the (very depressing) …
51 min
#27 Bienvenidos a Los Haters y Losers
Happy Birthday to obvious Gemini Donald J. Trump!…
40 min
#26 Kim Loves Trump Like Pete Loves Grande
Join Bryan and Alise as they discuss Ariana and P…
49 min
#25 Everyone's Low-Key Stoned Feat. Michelle Co...
Bryan and Sami talk about this week’s news, start…
73 min
#24 Let The Gays Eat Cake Feat. Voices 4
Bryan and Alise kick off Pride Month by talking a…
63 min
#23 Kim K. Takes Washington
Alise and Sami talk about this week's news, start…
50 min