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Welcome the group chat! In this biweekly comedy politics podcast made by women for women, hosts Amanda Duberman, Alise Morales, and Milly Tamarez curate and dissect the week’s biggest stories in news and politics while mixing smart, personal analysis with a healthy spoonful of humor to make it all go down easier. From political campaigns to pop culture, we’re processing it the only way we know how: together, and with jokes. For constant news updates, sign up for the Sup email newsletter at and follow us on Instagram at @betches_sup.

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#14 Is Trump An "Idiot"?
Bryan and Alise get us through the week talking a…
43 min
#13 Trump Has The Memory Of A Goldfish
Alise and Sami talk about Trump’s recent Adderall…
35 min
#12 Who Wants to Join a Sex Cult?
After realizing that simply too much news was hap…
46 min
#11 How Do We Feel About James Comey?
Alise and Sami talk about Joe Biden (Sami just sa…
43 min
#10 Congress Doesn't Know How to Use a Computer
Alise is joined by the Sup's head video producer,…
72 min
#9 Trump's Life is a Manic Fever Dream Ft. Caro...
Sami and Alise discuss the biggest news and polit…
80 min
#8 Do We Even Care Who Bit Beyonce?
Sami and Alise discuss this weeks' news and event…
87 min
#7 Who Would Win In A Fight - Trump Or Biden?
Sami and Alise discuss the Facebook/Cambridge Ana…
65 min
#6 The International Women’s Day Edition
Alise and Sami riff about this week’s events incl…
52 min
#5 The White House is Hopeless
Alise and Sami talk about a potential gay Elsa in…
30 min
#4 Please 'Like' This Russian Propaganda (Ft. L...
Sami and Alise start off talking about the latest…
37 min
#3 Guns Don’t Kill People, Oh Wait
Alise and Sami talk about the recent tragedy in P…
19 min
#2 We'd Rather Have a Military Parade for Kylie...
Sami and Alise sit down for an all new episode of…
34 min
#1 The State of The Union
Betches co-founder Sami Fishbein and News & Polit…
31 min