American Fever Dream

From under the desk to in your ears, V. Spehar joins Betches Media in a new podcast dedicated to curing the collective malaise brought on by our chaotic political environment. Every week, Spehar and co-host Sami Sage will tenderly guide you through the biggest moments in politics and pop culture with a healing dose of perspective and humor. Rather than spiral over the latest unprecedented event, the hosts dig for the 2024 political tea you *really* want to hear while offering all the information you need to be an empowered citizen, without the side of despair to keep you up at night.

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#75 Are We Really Tear Gassing Kids At The Border?
Bryan and Alise are back from their Thanksgiving …
31 min
#74 Does Trump Know Anything About Forests?
Bryan and Alise are back with the news of the wee…
40 min
#73 Is Facebook The Most Evil Company?
Sami and Alise break down the news of the week, s…
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#72 Is This Trump's Worst Weekend Ever?
Bryan and Sami are back after what could have bee…
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Bonus Episode: Feminasty with Erin Gibson
Alise and Bryan are back with a bonus episode to …
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#71 Can Dems Just Be Happy About The Midterms?
Bryan and Alise are back for the first podcast af…
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#70 Everything You Need To Know About Voting
It's the last Sup Pod before the midterms and Sam…
40 min
Bonus Episode: Who Are We Voting For On Tuesday?
In this very special midterm bonus episode, Sami,…
48 min
#69 How Do You Not Know There's An Election Com...
Sami and Bryan are back with t-minus 5 days until…
28 min
#68 WTF Do We Do About Threats Online?
Sami and Alise break down the news of the week, s…
40 min
#67 Who Is Sending All These Bombs To Democrats?
Bryan and Alise break down the news of the week, …
39 min
#66 Is Trump Lying About The Migrant Caravan? Duh.
Sami and Bryan are back with only 15 days left be…
27 min
#65 Why Won't Republicans Let People Vote?
Bryan and Alise are back in the studio to give a …
35 min
#64 Where In The World Is Jamal Khashoggi?
Bryan and Alise break down this week's news, star…
41 min
#63 How Do We Save The World In 10 Years?
Sami and Alise are back breaking down all the new…
37 min
#62 How to Crush The Midterms Ft. Marisa Kabas
Sami is joined by Marisa Kabas of Crush the Midte…
39 min
#61 Why Is Susan Collins So Thirsty?
Sami and Bryan gave up their Saturday afternoons …
34 min
#60 WTF Is The FBI Even Doing?
The FBI's investigation into Brett Kavanaugh is o…
38 min
#59 Is Trump's Latest Deal Actually Good?
Alise is joined by special guest co-host Irene Fa…
42 min
Bonus Episode: Turning Your Rage Into Action wi...
Hot off Dr. Ford's testimony in front of the Sena…
19 min
#58 Is Brett Kavanaugh A Sick Fu*k?
In a half hour of unapologetic yelling, Bryan and…
37 min
#57 Are Ronan Farrow And Michael Avenatti The N...
Sami and Alise dive in on the already batsh*t wee…
35 min
#56 Why Do We Know So Much About Trump's Penis?
Bryan and Alise break down the news of the week, …
36 min
#55 Is Kavanaugh The Worst President Of The Keg...
Sami and Bryan are back with all the news that’s …
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#54 What's The Deal With These Shady Russian Pa...
Sami and Alise break down the news of the week, s…
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