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False Choices on Foreign Policy: What a True Ha...
Foreign policy in general and the Middle East in particular are full of false choices. In this episode, Jordan Schachtel joins me to co-host and explain why everyone in DC is wrong about foreign policy. Since nobody is giving a full vision on all aspects of foreign policy and how they tie together, we try to accomplish that in an hour.  Our 2,000 troops in Syria are the least important way to counter Iran and are actually counterproductive. If you really want to counter Iran without risking lives and do it more efficiently in a way that directly addresses the threat to us, you’d attack Iran's finances, make the right alliances, get tough on visas and the border, stop funding the Lebanon army and Baghdad, threaten sanctions and NATO status against Erdogan, and destroy Hezbollah’s operation in our own backyard.  How come the same people who want to bring Sharia Islamists to our country also want to put our boots on their ground to then bring in more immigrants? This and more in our blockbuster end-of-year Foreign Policy Friday show.  Show links My 2013 op-ed on Syria consistent with today’s philosophy How Qatar is buying us off Pull the plug on Afghanistan We actually helped Iran with what we did in Iraq, and Israel warned against it You don’t need to end the filibuster to pass a budget; just enforce the filibuster Mattis was not only a liberal, he didn’t like Israel Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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There Are No Leaders on the Right Ep. 325
Today, we see that when there is a modicum of leadership from prominent conservative figures, Trump is actually willing to fight. Where has this leadership been for two years? I give you the postmortem on the jailbreak bill, an update on the border fight, and some things to watch for with the invasion of the caravan.  Finally, I begin our discussion on how to view the Syria pullout in the context of a greater strategy. The lack of conservative vision and leadership is evident on foreign policy.  Show links Final House vote on Jailbreak Gohmert’s speech on jailbreak An amazing report on the who, what, and how of the caravan The latest judicial supremacist judge Nebraska is a case study in killing our border Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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Trump’s Multiple “Read My Lips” Moments This We...
Yes, I said “moments.” This week, Trump has relived George H.W. Bush’s fatal “read my lips” moment with regard to several issues: guns, jailbreak, drugs, immigration, and budget.  In this episode, I give you the gory details of all of them and how they all tie together.  It's worse than you think. But perhaps some of our people are finally waking up. Show links The Willie Horton politicians won the day but exposed themselves going forward  The question nobody asks about House leadership Exxon shows why swamp always wins   Securing the border and ending sanctuaries are true justice reform Gun owners fight against Trump gun control Guess who will run jailbreak “education” programs Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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My Closing Argument Against Jailbreak Ep. 323
In this show, I conclude my four-year battle against jailbreak with an unvarnished presentation of facts, rational arguments, and an indictment of the people who are pushing it. I cover the issue of crime and incarceration from almost every angle to show how this jailbreak movement is more Orwellian than you even thought. If this is what it means to be a conservative, it’s time to euthanize this phony movement. I also tie in the latest criminal alien crime data from ICE to show how prevalent the sanctuary cities problem is and how much they are fueling the drug crisis. It is also the 800-poound gorilla in the room in the federal criminal justice system. Yet rather than unifying behind a message to deport criminal aliens, end sanctuary cities, build the wall, and end the magnets and loopholes, most Republicans joined with every single Democrat to advance a bill that will provide early release and reduced sentencing for these very people!  Show links    CR's full coverage of jailbreak    Cotton’s op-ed on his amendments Cultural marxist “conservative groups” think even violent and dangerous criminals should be released Cornell getting taxpayer contracts to teach Marxism   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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How Conservatives Should View Obamacare Ruling ...
Conservatives were greeted with euphoric political news late Friday when a Texas judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. This is a great potential political victory, but is this the sort of legal outcome we believe in as supporters of constitutional supremacy over judicial supremacy? This is a complicated question with multiple principles, facts, and outcomes being true at the same time. Judge Reed O’Connor was justified in issuing this ruling based on precedent in the higher courts on rules of standing and severability. However, I don’t agree with these precedents, and I think we need to tighten up the rules on these practices, irrespective of the outcome, because they violate Article III. I go in-depth in this case and explain when judicial review is appropriate and what it means, as distinct from judicial supremacy. Finally, I update you on jailbreak and how a new CBO score exposes the foundational lie of its proponents.  Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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“The Fools Are All on the Same Side” Ep. 321
In this episode of lamentation, I explain why the Swamp always wins fully on every issue all the time. When the two fake "sides" of fools are always on the same side, it allows them to pretend they are fighting while screwing us on our own talking points.  This ensures that they never have to vouch for their real plans and can lie about the bills they are passing.  Through this prism, I give you the latest updates on jailbreak and the budget fight. At some point, we need to rethink how we plan to fight the Swamp, because what we are doing now is not working.   Show links How Kushner screwed us How exactly the left-wing border policies have single-handedly caused the drug crisis Government’s immoral war on pain patients in order to protect the drug traffickers and illegals   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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How the Two Parties Are Like One Big Unibrow Ep...
In this episode, I give you an insider’s look based on my conversation with law enforcement on what the latest trends are at the border and how our own suicidal policies are causing the worst human and drug smuggling crisis in our history. When our government not only fails to protect us from this dangerous invasion, but actually facilitates it on behalf of the cartels, that is the ultimate government shutdown that should concern us. Yet the most prominent congressional Republicans are already undermining the president in his bid to fight for security. Trump must hold the line on the veto.   Show links A farm bill that would make Stalin proud Todd Bensman’s exclusive video on Middle Easterners headed north from Panama Center for American Progress has donated $200,000 to “conservative” think tank Israel doesn’t mess around with border security Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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What Do Jailbreak and the Farm Bill Have to Do ...
Well, for one, both these issues are being pushed by crony lobbies. In this episode, I give you the latest details on the betrayal on both criminal justice and the farm bill. I go through some inside baseball understanding of how legislative tricks work and how jailbreak proponents are using a “revised” bill to pressure opponents to stand down.  Finally, I explain how the farm bill is to agriculture what Obamacare is to health care.  The bottom line is that all these policies are being pushed by wealthy interests that stand to benefit from bad government policies.   Show links Don’t be fooled by the 'revised' jailbreak bill Why the for-profit prison industry is actually supporting jailbreak   Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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Why Interior Enforcement Is Even More Important...
Today I discuss how the Supreme Court is allowing lower courts to create new rights to immigrate and to get abortion funding but refusing to defend the Second Amendment.  The New Jersey law against law-abiding citizens is insane in light of the state's sanctuary city laws.  Next, were we right to be concerned about Kavanaugh? Finally, based on conversations with ICE and the DEA, I demonstrate how the entirety of the drug and gang crisis and much of the criminal activity in general in New England is from criminal alien networks that are coddled by magnets, benefits, sanctuary cities, and judicial supremacy. Ending these vices is even more important than border security, because the magnets are the reason for the border problem. Show links New Jersey abolishes self-defense for you while inviting in dangerous aliens Iran vows to flood America with drugs, migrants, and terrorists My warning on Kavanaugh was correct Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.    
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Why Qatar Is the Gutter of the Middle East and ...
In this episode of “Foreign Policy Friday” with Jordan Schachtel, we discuss how our entire foreign policy establishment has been bought off by Qatar. What a disgrace to the legacy of Pearl  Harbor, as we commemorate the 77th anniversary of the attack. We also discuss the drug cartels, Hezbollah terror finance on our shores, and the latest war on Israel’s northern border and how that ties into our southern border.    Show links Lindsey Graham’s insane push for regime change in Saudi Arabia ICE busts another 50 illegal gangbangers on drug charges in Massachusetts thanks to sanctuary cities Another Hezbollah operative caught in our country Qatar buying off everyone Qatar helping Iran attack Israel Copyright Blaze Media LLC. All rights reserved.
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If Conservatives Don’t Lead Trump to Heaven, th...
This week we are seeing conservatives get crushed on budget, immigration, crime, the courts, and the backward policy of taxing exports while subsidizing farms. Yet there is no effort to have a righteous fight on a single one of those issues. I begin with a discussion on the latest anchor baby problem at the border and what it means for our future. What happened to Trump’s promises?  Conservatives are asleep. Republicans have a major problem with staff on the Hill. Meanwhile, the courts have gone wild creating new rights for aliens while stripping Americans of basic gun rights, even in their homes. I update you on the latest with New Jersey’s retroactive ban on even owning basic magazines and an insane Third Circuit opinion. Finally, I discuss the problem with Trump’s tariffs in the context of the debt and the farm bill. The moral of the story? Trump has provided us with an opportunity, but if we sleep as a movement, the Swamp will take him over.      Show links Judges are now openly treating illegal immigration as a civil right The size of legislative branch compared to just one executive department Anchor-baby fence-jumping Our legal immigration and poverty The constitutional emergency in New Jersey with gun rights Copyright Blaze Media LLC
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The Screwed-Up Priorities of the GOP Are Beyond...
Look up every synonym of “perfidy” in the thesaurus, and you will understand the phony Republican Party and the broken movement that backs it. I first give you the details of the GOP budget betrayal and how Republicans focus on all the wrong priorities of the federal government while ignoring what is their solemn job. Republicans fight for every leftist cause but ignore ours. Next, I update you on the insane courts and how the Ninth Circuit is creating super-rights for illegal aliens at breakneck pace. Yet Republicans refuse to do anything about it. I contrast that with liberal governors who refuse to abide by court decisions, even when they affirm real inalienable rights. Behold the imbalance of priorities and commitment of the two sides of politics. The liberals are the sun and “conservatives” are the earth, enveloped in the orbit of progressivism.   Show links Border fences don’t help when we have magnets Grassley: Jailbreak is more important than confirming judges 9th Circuit rules you have a right to subvert immigration law Trump easing off jailbreak Republicans already surrendered the border fight Yes, First Step Act releases high-risk offenders and rapists MS-13 murderer was originally set free by a liberal judge   Mass governor ignores courts on gun permits Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Nothing Matters in Politics but the Fine Print ...
Today I have an announcement: the merger of CRTV and TheBlaze into Blaze Media. The bottom line is that we will continue to be the same fearless, independent conservative movement, now with a bigger platform, so that more people can hear the truth, particularly the fine print of politics missed by the others.    Next, I give you a more detailed breakdown of the First Step Act than anything you will hear on another network. The key lesson is that you need to understand the fine print of the policies, the legislation, and the movement behind it. Specifically, in this case, once you understand the fine print, you will see how this bill will reduce sentencing and provide early release for the worst individuals pursued by federal prosecutors in this country.  Finally, I give you the latest updates on the border crisis and the interior enforcement crisis and tie them all back into judicial supremacy, the drug crisis, and the federal criminal justice system. Now is not the time to use President Bush’s death to cave on our sovereignty. Trump needs to double down and educate the American people on the fine print of the immigration issue.   Show links This is the true poster child of criminal justice 'reform' Meth is on the rise because of open borders and sanctuaries  63% of non-citizen households on welfare   The forgotten American in the immigration battle Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Politically Correct Foreign Policy and Social M...
Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, joins me to co-host another episode of Foreign Policy Friday.  Today, we cover the political complexity of Yemen and the war powers legislation advanced by the Senate this week. There are a lot of senators taking all sorts of positions for the wrong reasons. We explain why we don’t have much of an interest in Yemen and why, in general, it’s good to finally get Congress involved in war powers, but for most of these senators, it’s coming from the exact wrong place. It’s coming from political correctness over Saudi Arabia and Kashoggi at the behest of the lef-wing elites and the Iranian axis of influence. Next, we update our listeners on what is going on with Iran and its stranglehold over Europe and how we need to ensure in America that we don’t fall victim. Iran, through Hezbollah, is the only major threat we face that should consume our foreign policy resources. Everything else is all a homeland security issue. We don’t need trillion-dollar wars killing our troops over nothing.   We also speak candidly about different foreign policy philosophies and why we need to give a coherent worldview on multiple pieces of the pie, not isolate one issue that the media tells us is important.  Show links Doing the right thing on Yemen for the wrong reasons ISIS…and the Senate making a martyr out of Kashoggi Qatar is even buying off Jewish conservatives! Documentary on Hezbollah Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Drug Crisis, Immigration, Jailbreak, and Hezbol...
In this show, I demonstrate why you need to have a full picture about multiple policies in order to get the truth on one of them. Nowhere is this more evident than in the nexus of crime, immigration, drugs, sentencing, and terrorism. I tie them all together and give a vision on what a true safety and security agenda is. Plus, I bust the myths of the opioid crisis and how government is hurting pain patients in order to cover for terrorism, drug cartels, immigration agenda, and jailbreak. At the end of the show, I give an update on the domestic policy agenda of the lame duck and how Republicans have everything backwards. They promote “low-tax socialism.” I define what it is and why tax cuts mixed with socialism in every other sphere are the worst combination.  Show links  The forgotten man in the immigration debate Hezbollah in America: Unit 910 Exposed Israeli documentary on Hezbollah and cocaine trade Government admits Hezbollah in Latin America is a problem Bensman’s report on 15 terrorists who have been caught from the border Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved  
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The Perverted Sense of Justice of our Political...
We are watching the political elites exhibiting compassion to the cruel and cruelty to those deserving compassion. Today, I go thorough crime, immigration, and the just laws of warfare to show how our political class has each one backwards. Next, I discuss the perverted military policy of sending our troops into needless meatgrinders and then prosecuting them for killing the enemy.    Finally, I give you an update on the border situation and how Trump can use his pen and bully pulpit to stand for the forgotten man of the immigration debate.  Show links Is a decorated Navy SEAL about to be railroaded? More details on jailbreak   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get Ready for the Lamest of Lame-Duck Sessions ...
Are you ready for Republicans to use their final days with full control for conservative outcomes? You’ll be waiting until you die. Instead, they plan to pass jailbreak while ignoring our immigration problems, the debt, and the out-of-control judiciary before giving over the gavel to Nancy Pelosi. Why is Trump not threatening to use his veto? I delve into the comments from John Roberts about judicial supremacy and his rebuke of Trump. This is how Congress is the ultimate lame duck: allowing single district judges to use more power than the entire legislative body of government.  Next, I give you a full debriefing on the jailbreak bill and the stratagem of its proponents to lie their way into its passage.   Show links My Thanksgiving Manifesto No judge has jurisdiction to erase our borders All of the problems with the jailbreak bill Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Fire and Brimstone from Rep.-elect Chip Roy Ep....
Today I'm joined by a new type of congressman-elect: He is coming to Congress with the full intent of resetting the baseline of our politics on the five or so most critical issues of our time.   In this must-listen, blockbuster episode to set the tone for Thanksgiving, I'm joined by Rep.-elect Chip Roy to discuss his vision for the future of our country.  You will see very early on that Roy is not like anyone else we’ve elected in recent memory.  He outlines his priorities on debt, health care, foreign policy, immigration and sovereignty, and judicial supremacy. “We don’t need a majority, but a tireless minority when a few patriots on the inside work with outsiders to educate the public on the truth.” Roy plans to stand in the breach, define the fight on our own terms, and make all this political noise meaningful to the American people. Show links Why we are no longer a sovereign nation The truth about jailbreak Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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The United States of Orwell is upon Us Ep. 308
The theme today is a world turned upside down.  Our foreign policy is backwards.  Our military policy is backwards.  Our criminal justice priorities are backwards.  Our approach to pain killers and health care juxtaposed to jailbreak initiatives is immoral.  Our court system and immigration systems are backwards.    Want the truth about the jailbreak bill?  Tune in.   Next, we discuss the insanity of judicial supremacy and the Acosta decision from a Trump-appointed judge and how this shows we are right about “appointing better judges” being a fool’s errand.   Finally, we give an update on the border crisis and show from Orange County, California how we are losing our electorate without consent.   Show links   Decorated Navy SEAL Charged with Murder of ISIS Member The truth about the “non-violent offenders” in the jailbreak bill The House freedom caucus needs a declaration of independence Can we all have press badges in the courts?   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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The Truth of Conservatism Will Eventually Preva...
In this episode, I update y’all on jailbreak and how facts and details don’t matter to the bipartisan political class. But here’s the thing: That is only true because conservatives are asleep and let them get away with it. If we force an actual confrontation on this issue and other issues, they will be forced to defend the indefensible and we will win.  I also go through the latest on the courts trying to steal Florida’s elections and change election laws late in the game. We literally have late voting now.  "They know not, nor do they discern, for he has shut their eyes, so that they cannot see, and their hearts, so that they cannot understand." -Isaiah 44:18 Show links Reagan’s true immigration reform from 1982 Get the facts on jailbreak Judges control elections Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Conservatives Are Getting Changed by the Swamp ...
Why is it that nothing changes in Washington? Because conservatives have lost any vision. The only vision they have is getting sucked in by the swamp. In today’s episode, I discuss how only 43 House members voted to change leadership and what it means. I also tackle issues in the executive branch with good personnel being forced out because we refuse to back them. Trump is now pushing jailbreak, a colossal betrayal of his campaign promise. I'll give you the details. Next, I discuss the latest on how the caravan is being let in to invade our country as Trump focuses on jailbreak. Finally, I discuss how the courts are controlling election law, in violation of our Constitution and history, which give states authority over election laws. We are losing multiple elections because of judicial supremacy.  Show links The details of the jailbreak bill The old Trump was right about incarceration Republicans missing golden opportunity on crime and border with suburban voters  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Orwellian GOP Creating More Democrat Voters Ep....
I begin today’s show by honoring the commitment of our veterans to this country’s defense. Our policy-makers owe it to our troops to make their sacrifices worthwhile and not waste them on aimless missions that often run counter to our security interests. Afghanistan is the ultimate case study for what I call “the reverse Patton.” Next, I discuss three issues where Republicans are making more Democrat voters: voter fraud, jailbreak, and immigration. Republicans have refused to deal with voter fraud and the issue of non-citizens voting. Now those chickens are coming home to roost. Worse, Democrats now plan to use their time in charge of the House to push even more voting anomalies and mandates on the states. They will show the do-nothing Republicans what it means to control the House.  What’s the next thing Republicans plan to do with only one more month in control of Congress? They plan to pass an early release bill for gun felons and drug traffickers during the worst border and drug crisis, and while Democrats are pushing gun control. I explain the details of this bill and how it is something Orwell couldn’t have written.   Show links Afghanistan commander admits the war is lost but has new plan for our troops How to value the lives of our soldiers at a minimum Dems plan to push voter fraud in legislation Jailbreak is a betrayal of Trump’s campaign promise As of 2012, there were likely 200,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Florida Why nothing matters until judicial supremacy is dealt with Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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So Much Chaos, So Little Conservative Leadershi...
Following this election, there are so many decision points we are confronted with and so many brushfires from the Left to put out, yet we have no movement to combat them. In this episode, I discuss leadership elections, primaries, picking an attorney general, jailbreak, judicial supremacism, election law, and the border crisis. On each of these issues, the Left is owning us, yet we are busy distracting ourselves with nonsense. We need leaders on the Right now. In the second half, I dissect Trump’s executive order on the border and why it is lukewarm. Finally, I make the definitive case for why we will not win back the courts as long as we agree to judicial supremacism.     Show links The entire asylum claim is a lie The blueprint for 2020 primaries  The courts are killing this country Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Why Do Elections Keep Flipping the Day After, a...
Teddy Roosevelt once said that “there is no enemy of free government more dangerous and none so insidious as the corruption of the electorate.” Today I am joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, to discuss the growing problem of voter fraud, incompetent election officials, and the asymmetrical warfare the Left has been fighting in law and politics with election law. Ever since election night, Democrats have been flipping races left and right — well, only Left — with provisional ballots, forced recounts, and other anomalies. Logan gives us a complete intelligence briefing on what is happening in Florida with Democrats continuing to close the gap with new votes.  He also gives us a broad view of how the Left has created an industry around victimizing minorities and openly using racist arguments to claim they are too incompetent to vote like everyone else and require special “help.” Democrats are winning both in the culture and in court, creating an insurance policy of provisional votes they can use to flip close elections.  Show linksOur first show with Logan earlier this year Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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How Conservatives Can Make Lemonade with the El...
This is my first analysis of the election results.  Bottom line is that this election has a lot more good news for conservatives than we previously thought. I explain what the election results mean, what they portend for 2020, and what conservatives can do between now and then.  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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