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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .

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The GOP betrayal on guns and why we can’t have ...
In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by a special patriot, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), to discuss the latest GOP betrayal.  This time it’s guns.  We can’t have nice things because even the few issues where there is official consensus to do the right thing, Republicans will contaminate the good parts, add in bad provisions, and sabotage our messaging so that Democrats get what they want. Then they will use outside allies to lie about what they did and deceive members on the details of the policy and process.  We delve into the subterfuge used by GOP leadership to manipulate a popular right-to-carry bill as a means of passing more gun control.  The establishment gun lobbies have ensured that good legislation never passes and continue to support bad legislation, despite their reputation as defenders of the Second Amendment.  This episode is a must listen for those who are looking to understand the games behind the scenes in Congress.  Whereas the Democrat Party harnesses it’s base to promote its agenda, the GOP does everything it can to make an end-run around its base.      Show links How Republicans screwed over conservatives on guns How the NRA tried to keep Pelosi in office in 2010
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Wealth Redistribution and “Bake the Darn Cake” ...
We begin the show discussing the significance of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capitol.  This isn’t just a good decision on foreign policy, it demonstrates that Trump is willing to smash failed paradigms and fight the swamp to do so. Now he just he needs to get rid of his bad cabinet picks who are undermining him on this and other issues. Next, we announce the candidacy of conservative hero, Chip Roy, Ted Cruz’s first chief of staff, who is now running for House in Texas’s 21st district. Finally, we juxtapose the insanity of the left on taxes and health care to their view on coercing someone to service a gay wedding with their private property.  Both problems stem from a lack of understanding of basic property rights.  Cultural Marxism is built off economic Marxism.  The lack of regard for property rights stems from stolen sovereignty. We have the legal profession mixing up federal, state, and individual sovereignty.  And the courts are the biggest threat to our individual and national sovereignty. Key quote: “We cannot solve our problems by making the same failed assumptions and repeating the same failed strategies of the past. All challenges demand new approaches.” ~ President Donald Trump Show links State Department undermining Trump’s embassy  move Trump’s move on Jerusalem was supported by Congress 95 years ago Why congress must move to protect property and conscience rights  
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A Guide to the Perplexed about the Tax Bill Ep....
So, what is in the final tax bill?  Will you see a significant tax cut?    In this episode, we go through the common myths about the tax bill and update the listeners on the latest changes to the bill.  On net, it looks like they fixed the initial problems so that almost everyone will get a real tax cut.  Is this the ideal bill that truly restructures our system and ends the progressive code? Of course not.  We game out a couple of better proposals that would fundamentally change the system for the better or how to make this tax cut more meaningful.   Key quotes The amount to be contributed by each citizen will in a degree be at his own option, and can be regulated by an attention to his resources. ... It is a signal advantage of taxes on articles of consumption that they contain in their own nature a security against excess. ... If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them. Impositions of this kind usually fall under the denomination of indirect taxes, and must for a long time constitute the chief part of the revenue raised in this country. Those of the direct kind, which principally relate to land and buildings, may admit of a rule of apportionment. ~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist #21, making the case against direct federal taxation      Show links The coming budget betrayal Blowing up major myths on the tax bill Tax Foundation chart: Most people don’t pay a lot in federal income taxes It’s time for an American “DACA” from criminal aliens  
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How Common Sense and the Forgotten Man are Dead...
Why is it that our politicians, media elites, and cultural institutions have lost their minds and hearts?  They have lost any modicum of common sense and have ignored the forgotten man in favor of special interests.  They have been enabled by an incessant media cycle that focuses people’s attention on the wrong issues and information.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we re-establish the purpose of this show and tie it into the news cycle.  Except… the news we discuss will probably not be the news you hear.  There are so many stories on the military, the courts, national security, health care, and immigration that are missed by both the liberal and conservative media.  It’s this obfuscation that has numbed the minds of many Americans and prevents them from thinking clearly.  Show links The generals are lying to us about Afghanistan   Trump now supporting bailout of insurance cartel Nikki Haley trying to parse her language on Hamas   Court orders military to start paying for castration Trump admin defies law, continues to keep PLO office open Congress’ stupid move on sexual harassment Scotus yawns as lower courts gut Second Amendment  
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Conservatives are Political Orphans in End of Y...
In today’s show, we give a preview for all the upcoming end-of-year legislative battles, from taxes and spending to immigration and health care. We begin by discussing the perverse priorities of Congress on sexual harassment.  Rather than censuring the perpetrators and passing legislation to end the private taxpayer-funded slush funds for settlements, they are hiding behind phony PC “anti-discrimination/anti-harassment training.” Next, we tackle the misplaced priorities of Congress on immigration.  There’s a crisis going on with criminal alien gangs, yet rather than addressing enforcement, they want amnesty, which is the cause of this very violence we are facing.  Finally, we address the tax bill.  Although the bill has gotten much better, watch out for this being a trap to get conservatives to support amnesty and an insurance bailout.    Show links Body count from illegal alien gangs in Long Island Brutal illegal alien gang attacks in Maryland Liberals, including Republicans, working with business cartel to set up amnesty “war room” on Capitol Hill There is a new sexual licentious movement acronym in town
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The One War Nobody Wants to Discuss: Our Own Bo...
We are busy fixing (or not fixing) every failed state on the planet, yet we refuse to use every tool of statecraft to deal with the failed state on our own border: Mexico.  This week we saw another tragedy as a result of the instability on our southern border, as a border agent was brutally murdered by illegal aliens operating on our shores. To dissect the real problems at our border on both sides of the Rio Grande, we are joined by Brandon Darby, editor of Breitbart Texas, and one of the leading experts on drug cartels and the border problems. Brandon walks us through the complicated diplomatic, security, and cultural problems on both sides of the border that, unless properly addressed, will make much of the remaining debate over the border moot.  The political class, which just wants votes and cheap labor, are not only selling out Americans, they are perpetuating the misery for the average Mexican.  Under the current dynamic, everyone loses.        Show links Breitbart Texas: Border agent’s skull crushed in by illegal alien attackers Another case of 9th Circuit stolen sovereignty Rather than dealing with Mexico and the border crisis, State Department celebrates national transgender day
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We Need A Clean Break from this Entire System o...
Steve Deace likes to call us the prophets of lamentation.  Well, if you are in the mood of hearing the ultimate book of lamentations, this show is the one for you.  There is something big happening in our country and culture that is beyond any conventional fix.  We must think broader and outside the box.  We discuss the lack of justice, immoral behavior, the insane social engineering in the military, and the tax bill – all tying together to demonstrate that we will never fix the system with the existing political parties and the same political paradigm. Key quote “The GOP is to conservatives what the Israeli air force was to Egypt in 1967. They preemptively carpet bomb our messaging before we can get off the ground.” Show links US soldiers forced to ignore child rape in Afghanistan Senate tax bill is good but watch for the trap Military paying for castration!    
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My Thoughts on Roy Moore, Pursuit of Truth, and...
In this special episode of the Conservative Conscience, we give the long view of what happened in Alabama and where things are headed.  The important thing now is to just get the truth and put all politics aside.  At the same time, there are so many lessons we can take out from what is going on in our culture and body politic – that until and unless there is a successful reform movement to change the way our political system is working, we are headed for a death spiral between two entrenched sides and false dichotomies.  Everyone is fighting over what to do about a potentially lost Senate seat, but the reality is the entire institution of the Senate is lost.  What is our answer moving forward?  Irrespective of the outcome in Alabama, there is something so much bigger happening in our culture.   “love truth and peace.” Zachariah 8:19
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The VA Elections and the Vicious Cycle of Polit...
When will conservatives stop dying on the sword of a party that sullies our brand by laying claim to it but ultimately does the exact opposite?  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we digest the true long-term meaning of the GOP defeat in Virginia.  This is a long-term problem whereby conservatives are going to incur all of the liabilities of both the GOP and Trump’s persona but none of the benefits of Trump’s intuition.  We go through a number of quiet examples of how this administration is lurching far to the left and so many Trump appointees are antithetical to his stated agenda.  Until we start a new problem, this dynamic will never end.   Show links GOP tax deduction compromise is the worst of all worlds – the trademark of the GOP Why we must break away from the red vs. blue game GOP tax plan raises taxes on entrepreneurs Trump DHS continues another amnesty   Top Pentagon pick promotes “therapeutic abortion” in military Trump DHS pick: we “owe” illegals amnesty
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The Incredibly Dumb GOP Tax Plan Ep.164
Are you a tax policy nerd? You’ll love this episode.  Even if you’re not into tax policy, we break down the clutter and show what others are missing about the GOP tax plan.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we bring out the broad outcome and the individual details of the GOP plan to demonstrate why the GOP is called the “stupid party.”  The GOP is incurring all the worst political liabilities of a tax cut plan and getting none of the policy benefits.  Worse, most middle-income taxpayers will wind up paying more in taxes in the long run.  Meanwhile, these same families are getting hosed with $2,100 premiums, yet the GOP won’t repeal Obamacare.  We delve into how the GOP dealt with deductions in the worst possible way while failing to bring down rates enough to shield people from paying more.  There are also stealth tax increases built into this plan.  In total, it is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  Show links     GOP tax plan too clever by half Socialism Stings: Obamacare Premiums at $2,100
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Why you should care about the judicial war on N...
The Fourth Circuit has literally taken over control of the state of North Carolina.  This is happening around the country and nobody is paying attention.  Lower federal courts are denuding state legislature of basic powers over their own internal affairs. The biggest danger is now coming from the courts mandating that legislative maps be drawn in a way that is most advantageous to Democrats.  The only thing worse than a legislative gerrymander is a judicial gerrymander.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by North Carolina’s LT. Governor, Dan Forest.  He discusses his lonely battle against judicial tyranny and how North Carolina is the canary in the coal mine for what the left will do to other states.   Show notes Fourth Circuit owns North Carolina
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When You Import the Middle East…You Get the Mid...
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled jihadists yearning to slit our throats. This is essentially our motto as a self-immolating nation.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the front line in this war is not in Raqqa, Tikrit, Kabul, or Mogadishu; it’s in communities such as Patterson, Brooklyn, NY, & Minneapolis.  We have let in immigrants from places we should have never accepted and are doing so in record numbers.  We discuss what a sane country would do to rectify the situation and how things will get worse if we don’t wake up. Key quote   “The citizens of America preferred this country, because it is to be preferred; the like principle he wished might be held by every man who came from Europe to reside here; but there was at least some grounds to fear the contrary; their sensations, impregnated with prejudices of education, acquired under monarchical and aristocratical Governments, may deprive them of that zest for pure republicanism, which is necessary in order to taste its beneficence with that gratitude which we feel on the occasion.”Theodore Sedgewick, 1790   Show notes Are we taking in radical islamists that even Muslim Countries Don’t Want Andy McCarthy on importing Sharia supremacism Muslim immigration fastest growing 1.8 million green cards issued to Muslim countries since 9/11 End the diversity visa lottery now   Muslim imam on why it makes no sense to bring in new Muslim immigrants before assimilating
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No Manafort or pedophiles: What you won’t hear ...
The news of the week is all about Boehner’s interview, Manafort’s indictment, and the pedophile Kevin Spacey.  Meanwhile, all conservative media is missing the most important stories of the week.  Which is why we are here… In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how the courts continue to dismantle the fabric of our society and the values of our Constitution by nullifying election law, mandating transgenderism in the military, and ripping down war memorials.  Rather than fight back against it, the administration is obsequiously giving in to the courts and even appealing the one good ruling conservatives got from the judiciary on a labor regulation.  The courts are legislative the continuation of Obama’s lawless or harmful policies beyond his presidency.   The more we are distracted the more the left will continue winning 100-year culture battles over night without firing a shot.  They need not win elections.  The courts and administrative state are doing it for them.    Show links Fourth Circuit owns North Carolina Leftists running Pentagon want to draft women
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Strangers in Our Own Land: Illegals Rule, Ameri...
In this action-packed episode of inside information, Daniel goes through how Congress is focusing on more illegal aliens and guest workers from the third world at a time when Americans need help with their communities overrun by the ill-effects of criminal aliens.  Yet, the courts are criminalizing immigration enforcement and granting more and more privileges to illegals.  A land turned upside down. Illegal aliens are the most powerful constituency in this country.  Almost every corporation, lobbyist, legal foundation, court, and politician has prioritized their demands at the expense of America’s basic rights. We go through recent court cases, new legislation being proposed and rejected, and some failed promises of the Trump administration on immigration to demonstrate why it’s time for a movement that speaks for the forgotten American.      Show links A right for abortion chain migration Illegals rule the roost CIS study on destruction of English in America Why English must be made the official language IRS fines Americans, gives tax credits to illegals  
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The Real Scandal for Families of Those Killed i...
What does our foreign policy and military escapades have to do with the ethanol mandate? We continue failed, harmful policies just because the powers behind them are able to self-perpetuate. In this action-packed episode of the Conservative Conscience, we cut through the hot air and distraction over the Trump-media war fighting over which president offered better condolence calls to families of fallen heroes.  The real question we should all be asking is how to change policies so that we don’t have so many fallen heroes who die because our civilian and military leadership continue doubling down on the wrong engagements with no strategic objectives.  We discuss the need for a complete operational audit of the 140 countries we are involved in so that we can better identify our strategic objectives.    Much of our failed policies overseas stems from the same problems as failed domestic policies.  We deviate from the constitutional method of having the whole of the people through Congress decide the issue and instead allow special interests to perpetuate failure. Finally, we close with an update on Republicans screwing consumers with the ethanol mandate and how they have squandered an amazing opportunity to stand with the free market, the Constitution, and show how liberals are the ones tied to crony special interests.    Show notes U.S. to expand role in Africa  Afghani soldiers brought to our shores go AWOL   Ethanol lobby wins again
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A Week of Unimaginable Judicial Hell Destroying...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we speak the truth about the severity of the judicial crisis, how it happened, what is happening now that makes this issue an emergency, why it won’t be fixed with traditional methods, how conservative legal elites have screwed us, and what we can do about it.  We begin by addressing almost a dozen mind-boggling decisions by the courts recently and how they are shutting down our country and nobody is talking about it.  Next, we address the stratagem and philosophy behind what they are doing and how it will succeed no matter how many new judges Trump appoints. Finally, we conclude with a lesson on the difference between judicial review and judicial supremacy, how “conservative” legal activists are part of the problem and misunderstand this lesson, and what we can do to educate people and change course.   Key quotes: “If god gave me one political wish, it would be to end the constitutional crisis with judicial supremacy.” “This regulation [judicial review] is far from throwing any disparagement upon the legislative authority of the United States. It does not confer upon the judicial department a power superiour, in its general nature, to that of the legislature; but it confers upon it, in particular instances, and for particular purposes, the power of declaring and enforcing the superiour power of the constitution—the supreme law of the land.” ~ James Wilson, Lectures on Law, Chapter XI, 1791. Show links 12 reasons the judiciary is irremediably broken Why “appointing better judges” will not help Why Left will always have super majority on most circuits (here and here) The scam of forum shopping and nationwide injunctions
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Obama’s 3rd Term: Iraq is the Obamacare of Fore...
We kick off this busy week by first discussing why Trump is not really remaking the judiciary, despite some reporting to the contrary.  While all his picks have been solid, the courts are so irremediably broken that we need full judicial reform.  We go through the latest example of judicial tyranny with sanctuary cities to demonstrate why no Republican president will be able to win over the current judiciary as it is conceived.  However, the most pressing issue is that Iraq has become our Obamacare for foreign policy.  We are doubling down on supporting the Iranian-backed government in Baghdad, even though they are now beheading Kurds in Kirkuk.  For today’s show, we bring on Jordan Schachtel, CR’s national security correspondent, to discuss the insanely backwards strategy of supporting foe over friend in the Middle East. Show links Lawless judge declares sanctuary nation policies New CIS report on unprecedented immigration levels WSJ article on Trump remaking judiciary (I disagree) Trump must end support for Baghdad government The good and the bad of Trump’s Iran announcement
49 min
The Two Parties are Closer Together than You Th...
You might have thought there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major political parties.  You were wrong.  There’s not a penny’s worth of difference. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we go through the budget, criminal justice, and executive staffing decisions to show how Republicans walk the ball into the end-zone for the other side on issue after issue.  The people tasked with leading the opposition are the very essence of the problem on those very issues they oversee.  Trump is appointing people who support the other side to lead issue portfolios that are so critical to conservatives.  What about the Iran deal? As we explain, even if Trump decertifies the deal, it’s unlikely he will pull out and his broader foreign policy, along with the personnel placed in charge, are continuing Obama’s policies towards Iran.    Show links Obama’s third term on Iran and the PLO GOP increases spending by $130 billion over Obama’s final year Jailbreak is back!!!
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A Capitulation on Guns? Dems Say Jump, GOP asks...
Republicans could use the general disquiet in the country about rising crime, mass shootings, terrorism, and sanctuary cities to promote a conservative agenda on guns, immigration, and criminal justice.  Instead they cede the field to Democrats and allow them to define the narrative.  They operate solely in the world Democrats present to them.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how Democrats get Republicans to turn the winning issue of guns into a loser. We delve through the disturbing history of the NRA pretending to be strong on guns but actually undermining our efforts to pass pro-gun legislation. The tragic irony is that there are many tragedies on the immigration and criminal justice front that do indeed have redressable public policy angles, yet Republicans won’t use them to promote a conservative agenda.  Later in the show, we go through some new developments in criminal justice and early release for violent criminals.  Yet, not only are Republicans not using the issue of rising crime to fight these new ideas, they are joining with the left in pushing jailbreak. Maybe we should just let all the criminals out of jail and put the guns in jail.  Show links Jared Kushner pushing jailbreak Crime on the rise. Politicians don’t want to address the source…but gun control!   Benjamin Harrison Columbus Day Proclamation
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Why I am Throwing the Red Flag on Gorsuch Ep. 154
This administration and political party is a complete dumpster fire.  They are screwing us on Iran, Afghanistan, and broader foreign policy priorities.  And nobody is giving voice to what’s important to conservatives on domestic policy either. But the one saving grace was…Neil Gorsuch! Except, Gorsuch, as we predicted, is now screwing us on immigration by accepting the core views of the left on judicial review and due process as it relates to deportations.  As we explain in great detail, he is violating national sovereignty with his views on immigration and the role of the courts.  While this was only at the oral arguments stage, when coupled with Gorsuch’s past writings on the issue, it’s time to toss a red flag on Gorsuch.  Immigration is the most important issue in the courts now and we can’t afford to have him be the fifth vote for judicial amnesty.  Show notes 9th circuit: Illegals must get affordable bail Gorsuch is headed in a bad direction on sovereignty Trump generals committed to alliance with Iran U.S. hurting Christians in Iraq, Siding with Iran
44 min
Pelosi: We Win all the Fights without Winning E...
It’s been almost a year since the great election victory and almost 10 months since Trump was sworn into office.  Yet Nancy Pelosi declared that although Democrats lost the election, they have won all the policy fights.  For once, she is actually speaking truth. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into why Democrats always win the policy fights.  It’s mainly because Republicans adopt their premise on any given issue and only operate within the confines of the Left’s worldview.  The entire GOP tax plan is built off the Democrat premise on governance and fairness.  We go through the details of the tax plan and how this will be another GOP interception instead of an opportunity to score a touchdown.   We also explore how the courts are codifying the left-wing world view, even when Republicans control the elected branches.  With the Supreme Court convening for its October session and with the lower courts continuing to win victories for the left on culture and immigration, it’s as if the election never happened.  Without wholesale judicial reform, Democrats will always win even when they lose.  Show links Pelosi declares victory…and she’s right Trump distracting from policy betrayals with fight against NFL There’s no right way to fix a progressive income tax The “Neutral Tax” – a true innovative way of winning the tax debate and restoring federalism Judges now invalidating county flags – secular Jihad on our culture
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The True Significance of Roy Moore’s Victory an...
Don’t listen to any of the punditry from johnny-come-lately, thumbsucking pseudo-conservative journalists on why Roy Moore won in Alabama.  Here at the Conservative Conscience, we’ve been following Roy Moore long before the special election even became a reality.  There’s something much deeper here and by understanding the true significance of the win, we can harness a great opportunity to revitalize a new conservative movement built upon timeless principles. Show links The crime data that blows up every liberal myth on criminal justice Moore’s win was all about God and the Constitution
31 min
America Has Become a Dumping Ground for the Wor...
America has become “a dumping ground for the rest of the world.”  So said Donald Trump during the campaign.  He was right then, but now he is being slow to follow up on his promises to end this phenomenon. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss the severity of our lax immigration policies.  Between endless refugees, asylees, and illegal aliens disappearing into our communities or being let go by sanctuary cities and sanctuary courts, America has become a dumping ground.  While we still have some meritorious immigrants, we have too many public charges or criminals that are allowed to remain in the country.  We delve into the deal to take in Australia’s rejected refugees and how it betrays everything Trump campaigned on.  We also discuss the revised travel ban and how it is woefully inadequate.   Finally, we frame the importance of the upcoming special election in Alabama.  Show links Trump brings in dangerous refugees rejected by Australia Riots, rape, and mental illness being brought in from Australia Another Dreamer charged with rape after being released by immigration judge Trump’s bizarre changes to travel ban
34 min
Just Let the Existing Crony Health System Burn ...
Let it burn! In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we untangle the latest GOP health care bill for those who are perplexed.  There is a way conservatives can secure a positive outcome from this bill, but for very different reasons than those intended by the GOP establishment.  Far from fixing the insurance market, this bill will continue the current trajectory and prices will continue to go up while competition will not be able to materialize.  But at this point, given that the individual mandate will be repealed and we can evacuate from this system, that might be a good thing!  The result might be better than fixing insurance; it might lead to a chain of events that solve the actual health care problem.   In this show, we review the core drivers behind health care inflation and how repealing the individual mandate could open an avenue to use the negative energy from Obamacare against this third-payer system and revitalize direct primary care. This is the discussion the politicians refuse to have, but once we are evacuated from the mandate, the market forces can force this reality.   Show links How to make Graham-Cassidy bill work for conservative outcomes How John Kelly is ensuring no conservatives allowed We will never have U.K.-style single payer, but cartel is fine with hybrid
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230 Years Later, We No Longer have Government b...
As we celebrate the 230th anniversary of the Constitution, we are confronted with the jarring reality that are representative republic has disappeared.  We live in a judicial autocracy. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we delve into the stolen sovereignty of the American voter at the hands of the unelected courts and how they have breached the constitutional firewall of separation of powers.  In a republic, the power must be derived from the people, but in the contemporary practice of our politics, all power resides in the courts or unelected bureaucracies.  Then the elected officials also disenfranchise us by lying to get elected and then doing the exact opposite when in office.  Trump was elected to reverse this trend but in many respects, he is the ultimate force for disenfranchisement.  He feeds us political morphine on twitter while sitting idly when his liberal administration nullifies his campaign promises. We explore the latest news on immigration, the runaway courts, and how judicial amnesty is the greatest threat to consent-based citizenship.  Meanwhile, Trump is bailing out the establishment in Alabama from an impending defeat.  We count a number of other ways Trump is hurting, not helping, our effort to shake up Washington.       Key Quotes We may define a republic to be, or at least may bestow that name on, a government which derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, and is administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure, for a limited period, or during good behavior. It is ESSENTIAL to such a government that it be derived from the great body of the society, not from an inconsiderable proportion, or a favored class of it; otherwise a handful of tyrannical nobles, exercising their oppressions by a delegation of their powers, might aspire to the rank of republicans, and claim for their government the honorable title of republic. -James Madison, Federalist #39 Show links My Constitution Day manifesto Trump called Sessions an “idiot” Trump’s priority focus is now amnesty Trump’s amnesty will give Democrats permanent majority How the people have been cut out from foreign policy, in contravention to the Constitution
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